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  1. MPX One-Year Anniversary Show 4-23-11

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    Tonight was a solid show. Everything worked well and gelled together. Quick warning: Iwill talk about my segment, but I really shouldn’t be the one to critique myself. It seemed there were a lot of people there. More and more people are beginning to show up. I’m seeing MPX get more buzz. There are wrestlers leaving comments on people’s Facebook about looking for bookings there. Wrestling promoters are coming there scouting talent. I talked to a fan afterwards who had been there for the first time and liked it. MPX has survived a lot of difficulties, and it’s nice to see them celebrate one year.

    They began the night with the recap. It would be nice to have a voiceover. Kate walked out sporting a new haircut (the consensus was positive from the Ruff family). And she was rocking the obligatory bunny ears. She gave the thanks for all the responsible parties. And the action started, and it started quickly.