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  1. Impact Wrestling: 06/16/11: Canucks Fans Riot Better than TNA


    After a break from the Thursday product, I’m back to review another episode of Impact Wrestling. I won’t lie to you, I’m a wee bit tired having stayed up late watching a bunch of idiots in Vancouver riot after the Boston Bruins won game 7 to capture the Stanley Cup. As a hockey fan, and a possibly former supporter of the Canucks, it’s embarrassing. So before I get to reviewing the show, I want to let any non-hockey fan out there know that this is not a normal activity or outcome… albeit some argue that the riots were going to happen regardless of who won that game.

    Wrong show… the Saint’s do no go marching in… just the SWAT.

    It’s the fallout (New Vegas?) from the Slammiversary IX PPV last Sunday are more or less smarks the 9th anniversary of the TNA/Impact Wrestling’s debut on June 19, 2003. Coincidentally enough, my birthday it that day. Check out Pintnoir’s fantastic review of the event here. Pintnoir covered Impact for the last two weeks and will be resurfacing on Friday for Smackdown! Be sure to check back for all things wrestling on the other blue show.

    Now, onto the wrestling! I hope!