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  1. My Wrestling Christmas List

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    I don’t do awards shows, so you’ll have to forgive me for the lack of Raw coverage. Instead, I bring you the following Christmas list:

    John Laryngitis-an off-screen role (ONLY)

    John Cena-intensity

    Alberto Del Rio-a promo that does not use the word “destiny”

    WWE Creative Team-creativity

    Divas-real women wrestlers and more than two minutes for matches (must be both; don’t do one or the other)

    Dolph Ziggler-a main event push

    Goldust-likability on Twitter

    Jack Swagger-a role where he never has to talk and where he is pushed like a monster

    Rey Jr.-new knees

    Sin Cara-a new guy behind the mask

    Hunico-a gimmick not currently being used by Impact’s Hernandez

    Jim Ross-never to be humiliated in Oklahoma on TV again

    Kevin Nash-relevance

    Mick Foley-see Kevin Nash

    Hogan & Bischoff-a repeat of Bash at the Beach where he’s given his walking papers

    Impact-stop pushing the old guys at the expense of the new generation & a product that I consider watchable

    All Night Xpress-a tag title run

    Kyle O’Reilly, Tommaso Ciampa, Caprice Coleman, El Generico, Grizzly Redwood, Willie Mack-pushes to the moon

    Matt Palmer, ACH, Athena-a chance on a national stage

    Gregory Iron-a shot in the WWE; there are so many stories to be told there; unlike Eugene, you could have a bonifide handicap wrestler that the WWE fans would genuinely go for

    Ring of Honor-a show in Dallas… please

    Sara Del Rey, Cherry Bomb, Eric Ryan, Rickey Shane Page, Façade, Marion Fontaine, Tim Donst, Johnny Gargano, Aeroform, Portia Perez, Mad Man Pondo, Sugar Dunkerton-a match in the Dallas area