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  1. Power Poll 5/5/12

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    The power poll is a weekly poll conducted between a whole bunch of IWC sites, including ours, though we rarely – ok, never – vote anymore.  Here’s this week’s results!

    1. John Cena (NR)

    The win over Brock Lesnar despite an injured arm is enough to catapult John Cena back into the Power Poll and knock Brock out of the number one position.

    2. Brock Lesnar (1)

    The pain has arrived in the WWE as Lesnar injures Cena and Triple H in back to back nights, but have we seen the last of Lesnar?

    3. CM Punk (2)

    The WWE Champion once again proves that he’s the best in the world by defeating Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules, but his Over The Limit opponent may have a claim to that title as well.

    4. Sheamus (6)

    A grueling two out of three falls match at Extreme Rules with Daniel Bryan allowed the Celtic Warrior to prove that his WrestleMania win was no fluke.

    5. Daniel Bryan (NR)

    Despite not regaining his World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, will the answer to the question, “Is Daniel Bryan the next WWE Champion” be “YES!?”

    6. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (NR)

    While the WWE might be holding off on making the t-shirts after the Air Boom fiasco, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth walked out of RAW with the WWE Tag Team Championships.

    7. Randy Orton (8)

    After defeating the monster in a falls count anywhere match at Extreme Rules, has Orton gotten rid of his Kane nightmare for good?

    8. Cody Rhodes (NR)

    It wasn’t the prettiest victory, but Cody Rhodes took back his Intercontinental Championship in a tables match at Extreme Rules to jump back into the Power Poll.

    9. Ryback (9)

    Two may be better than one, but nine is equal to nine, and that’s where Ryback winds up once again this week.

    10. Layla (NR)

    Were you expecting somebody else?  Layla returns at Extreme Rules to take the Divas Championship from Nikki Bella, then beats BOTH Bellas the next night on RAW, showing the twins the door in the process.

    Fallen Out Of The Top 10:

    Chris Jericho, Edge, Lord Tensai, Big Show, Nikki Bella

    (Last week’s Position)

  2. WWE Superstars


    Why,  hello everybody.  I am actually getting Superstars done on the actual night Superstars airs.  No time like the present!

    Match 1:  Ted DiBiase vs Evan Bourne

    TD2 comes out and dedicates the match to Cody Rhodes.  Ted pounds on AirBourne at the start of the match.  Evan kicks DiBiase out of the ring and hits a high-flying move off the top rope to the outside.  Bourne goes to the well one too many times and DiBiase catches him and throws him into the barricade as Superstars goes to commercial.  Back from commercial, TD2 has Bourne in a headlock on the mat.  Ted continues to issue a beating on the much smaller Evan Bourne.  DiBiase lands a picture perfect dropkick…ala Randy Orton.  As Bourne fights back, DiBiase hits a clothesline that sends Bourne airborne into a flip…pun intended.  Evan Bourne keeps fighting and hits his usual offense and as he goes for a flying kick, DiBiase ducks and hits DreamStreet for the win. 

    Ted DiBiase needs to figure into the title picture at some point.  This guy is Randy Orton 2.0!

    Ask the Divas segment.  God…Jillian is so ugly!

    Match 2:  Sheamus vs Shelton Benjamin

    Shelton comes out with his shoulder wrapped.  Sheamus starts out focussing on Shelton’s injured shoulder, but Shelton forces the action outside and is baited into the ring post.  As the action re-enters the ring, Sheamus rams Shelton’s shoulder into the post again and again.  The match turns technical, as Sheamus applies an armbar and arm DDT.  Sheamus rips off the wrapping and continues to work on the Gold Standard’s shoulder.  The crowd is absolutely dead during this match.  Shelton gets to the ropes and Sheamus continues the beating, resulting in a DQ and win for Benjamin.  As the ref is aiding Shelton back to his feet, the Celtic Warrior nails him with a big boot.

    Josh Matthews interviews the Hard Dynasty in the Locker area. 

    Main Event: The Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme

    Eve is hot but she needs to quit dancing when she comes out with Cryme Tyme…she looks really idiotic.  JTG and Tyson Kidd start it off and Kidd mocks JTG.  Very nice athletic chains and counters are applied until tags bring in Shad and David Hart Smith.  Here come the power punches and high impact spots.  DH tags in Kidd and Shad fights out of the double team and sends Tyson Kidd out to the floor.  Shad jumps off the mat and hits a clothesline on both members of the Hart Dynasty, as we go to the last commercial of the evening.  Back from commercial, JTG attempts a pin on Kidd and gets a twoooooooooo.  DH gets the tag in, but cannot overpower the smaller JTG.  With the refs back turned, Tyson Kidd comes out of nowhere to dropkick JTG into the outside ringpost.  This allows DH to get his power spots in.  Respective tags get Shad and Kidd into the ring and Shad gets his power spots in on Tyson Kidd.  Kidd makes the tag and goes for the Hart Attack, but JTG grabs the leg and trips him.  Shad then hits the Thugnificent and Cryme Tyme gets the win.

    This was a rather entertaining show for a Superstars airing.  Come back next week and join me again for another WWE Superstars!



  3. WWE Superstars ReViEw

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    Ok… Raw sucked (read the results, didn’t watch) and ECW was very mediocre this week, so let’s see what Superstars has in store for us.

    Match 1:  John Morrison vs David Hart Smith

    WWE is Canada is always ass backwards.  David Hart Smith and Natalya get the huge pops in their home country.  John Morrison is one of the few bright spots in WWE right now.  Hell of a main event for Smackdown as Morrison takes on CM Punk.  Little Bulldog is massive!  He pounds on the Shaman of Sexy for a lot of the match.  He hit a terrific suplex off the top rope.  Morrison eventually hit all of his spots (Pele kick, standing moonsault, spinning kick, etc.)  The Guru of Greatness gets the win with Starship Pain.

    Match 2:  Goldust vs Sheamus

    The Celtic Warrior is huge, but looks smaller than he is because of his almost transparent skin.  Dude is ghostly.  How many times in a row are they going to do this match?  Shouldn’t Sheamus be taking on other people to gain experience?  This is just another example of WWE’s lazy booking.  Anyway, Goldust wins with a rollup for some reason.  Sheamus didn’t look weak, but shouldn’t they be booking him better than to lose to Goldust? 

    Random main event time:  Mickie James and Kofi Kingston vs Rosa Mendez and Carlito in a Mixed Tag match

    Alrighty then.  This does nothing to enhance any feud.  What’s up with Carlito’s hair?  He look’s like a shi tzu who hasn’t been groomed in a while.  I guess its part of his new dark and gloomy persona.  This match was dominated in time by Kofi and Carlito.  I think Mickie and Rosa were in the ring for about 15 seconds.  Carlito gets the win after a backstabber off the top rope. 

    Random Random Random.  I get that Carlito should be in the mix for the US title, but shouldn’t he also be dealing with his brother?  Isn’t Gail Kim the number one contender for the Diva title?  Why wasn’t she in that match?  Sheamus should be booked to be taking people out…not losing to Goldust.  John Morrison is great…nuf said.

    Remember to check out Smackdown, which is obviously the best show WWE has to offer right now.  See you next week.