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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio episode 73


    Antonio Cesaro puts the W in WWE. Brock takes the W out of WWE.

    This week on BWF Radio, Doc Knight of Original Stampede Wrestling returns to BoredWrestlingFan to give us a status update on the promotion, and to answer some frequently asked questions regarding OSW, his health, and other topics as relates to Calgary pro wrestling and pro wrestling in general.  Jorge leaves early to see Iron Man 3, and Brian tells him it’s not that great.  Rytman wonders whether he’s tuned into a German porn video as things are constantly “shit on.”  In the news we hear about Paul London and Dolph Ziggler’s concussions, Jay Briscoe’s anti-gay twitter remarks, and Hulk Hogan’s lawsuits.  We also get a status update on Saturday Morning Slam.  Don’t miss the reaction when we find out that Michael Cole is going to climb Mt. Whitney with JBL.  All this, and much more!  Tune in!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 73 (MP3, 2:22:54)

    This week’s break song was “Sin and Bones” by Fozzy.  Buy it here.

  2. RYTMAN’S RECAP – RAW 04/22/2013

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    Let’s start with…


    1.) R-TRUTH DEF. ANTONIO CESARO – This was kind of a weird match.  Cesaro dominates using his strength and wear-down holds on Truth, until Cesaro misses a clothesline.  Truth takes over with fast-strikes, (mostly kicks,) and gets the win with the face-drop.

    Rytman Remark: What is with the R-Truth winning streak?  Are they building him up to challenge Ziggler?  And why R-Truth as opposed to…anybody else?

    Side Note: The less said about Cesaro yodeling the better.

    2.) DAMIEN SANDOW (w/Cody Rhodes) DEF. BRODUS CLAY (w/”Sweet T” and the Funkadactyls) – Team Rhodes Scholars (Sandow/Cody Rhodes,) come out without the Bellas for the second time this month.  Clay tosses Sandow around with ease, until Sandow takes control with a combo of short-range strikes and mat-wrestling.  Match ends with Cody distracting Brodus and Sandow getting a roll-up with a handful of tights for the three-count.

    Rytman Remark: Without a Bellas/Funkadactyls cat-fight, this feud really has no point.

    3.) ZIGGLER (w/AJ and Big E.) DEF. CHRIS JERICHO – First really good, solid match of the night.  The first high point is Dolph faking out Jericho and sliding out to score a kiss from AJ, and Jericho responding w/a drop-kick to the back of the head.  Ziggler dominates until he gets cocky, and Jericho uses his agility and high-flying moves to make a come-back.  Jericho locks in the “Walls of Jericho,” and just when it looks like Ziggler will tap…


    Yup, Fandango’s music hits, and a distracted Jericho takes a Zig-Zag from Ziggler, who gets the pin.

    Rytman Remark: Sorry to see a loss for Jericho, but Ziggy needed the win here.

    4.) “SWEET T” (w/Brodus Clay & the Funkadactyls) DEF. CODY RHODES (w/Damian Sandow)– Pretty much the same match we saw earlier (see Brodus/Sandow,) with the exception of “Sweet T” holding Cody up in the air for a long time (ala Davy Boy Smith’s standing vertical suplex.) Brodus and the Funkadactyls try to get the crowd going with mixed results.  Sandow interferes but Brodus takes him down with a head-butt charge, and “T” catches Cody’s attempted “Beautiful Disaster” kick.  “T” gets a three-count, and we get a dance party.

    Rytman Remark:

    What do you wanna hear?  It was what it was.

    5.) BIG E. DEF. ZACK RYDER – Ryder got in some offense, but this ended with the “Big Ending” by Langston for a three-count.

    Rytman Remark: Let’s face it people, this is the best possible use for Ryder.  At least he’s getting TV time.

    6.) THE SHIELD DEF. THE UNDERTAKER/WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS TEAM HELL NO (KANE/DANIEL BRYAN) – The big match of the night.  Crowd was into this one before it even got started.  Taker makes his entrance alone, and is soon surrounded by the Shield. (See “Angles” below.) Team Hell No run-in just in time and the match gets going.

    Taker’s team took control early w/quick and frequent tags and getting an “old school” spot on Ambrose (second attempt.) They double-teamed Ambrose, then Reigns.  The Shield took over on Kane when Reigns held him for a clothesline/running kick combo from Ambrose/Rollins.  Shield takes turns beating down Kane, but Kane gets Daniel Bryan in, and Bryan has huge crowd support.  He gets the “YES” chants going with every shot he lands until he misses a charging dropkick to Rollins in the corner.

    Shield works over Bryan until Taker gets the hot tag.  Taker is in charge until Reigns gets a spear in.  Kane comes back in and takes over, bringing Bryan back in.  Taker/Kane get into a brawl w/Rollins & Reigns while D-Bry misses the flying head-butt.  Ambrose wraps him up and gets a three-count.

    Rytman Remark: Sorry to see Taker get a loss, but putting over the Shield was the right thing to do.

    7.) FANDANGO DEF. WILLIAM REGAL – Here’s a fun little surprise bonus.  Regal matches Fandango’s hip action w/a little step or two of his own.  The match ends quickly when Fandango catches Regal in the “Dip-DT,” (Copyright, Robert Rytman,) and gets the three-count.

    Rytman Remark: Good to see Regal here in action.  Just now (sadly) realizing how awesome a Regal/Jericho tag team would’ve been.

    8.) DIVA ROYAL – AJ, Layla, Naomi, Aksana, and Tamina.  Diva’s Champ Kaitlyn joins the announce team to scout this match.  The Bellas (according to the announce team) where disqualified from competing in this because of their illegal double team on Kaitlyn last week. (Author’s note: Dafuq?) AJ teases a kissing spot on Tamina, who responds with a kick to the face.  AJ spends the whole match out on her back (Author’s note: SHUT UP PERVS!) while the other ladies eliminate each other.

    Layla is the last girl standing.  She tries to get AJ up and through the ropes while AJ sandbags her.  AJ ‘comes to” and kicks Layla out of the ring to win.

    Rytman Remark: Okay, I get what they’re doing.  They don’t trust AJ to wrestle a whole match, so they book her to win, by making one smart move at the right time.  Not a horrible idea, but they will run out of ways for her to pull it off quick.

    Side Note: The Bellas were “disqualified” from being in the battle royal for their illegal double team last week?  I could go into a dissertation about all the ways that doesn’t work and all the plot-holes it opens, but I wanna get this over with, you wanna get back to your lives, let’s just call it stupid and leave it at that.

    Side-Side Note: I’d be wasting the effort it would take to point out Layla could’ve just rolled AJ over the bottom rope to the floor, right?

    Okay, moving on to…


    1.) BROCK/TRIPLE H: THE SAGA CONTINUES…WEITHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT – RAW opens with a fade-in on a close-up of Paul Heyman.  Heyman introduces himself as a representative for Brock Lesnar, and recaps his decimation of 3MB last week, as well as his subsequent challenge to Triple H to a cage match at “Extreme Rules.” He announces that Triple H is not at RAW, and reads an e-mail from him, saying his injuries have kept him from flying and he will answer Heyman next week.  Heyman knows how let-down we all are.  He feels the same…

    “I have been let down by this gutless coward who didn’t have the manhood to appear tonight… “- Paul Heyman

    At that moment, the music hits and Triple H is out!  He explains the e-mail simply, he lied.

    He asks Paul for a favor…

    “I want you to go back home to Brock Lesnar and tell him I ACCEPT!” – Triple H

    Triple H ends this w/a pedigree on Heyman to the cheers of the crowd.

    Rytman Remark: This has got to be a record, SHORTEST TRIPLE H PROMO EVER!

    2.) ZIGGLER/DEL-RIO/SWAGGER: HEY THIS MIGHT GET INTERES-NEVERMIND – We backstage as Ziggler is making kissy-kissy w/the World Heavyweight Championship.  AJ shows up and jokes about being jealous.  Ziggler remarks how good she’d look with a title of her own, when we notice Big E. looking on…

      “E! This is Dolph-and-AJ time. Please no creeping!” – Dolph Ziggler.

    Big E. walks off as RAW managing supervisor Vicki Guerro and her assistant Brad Maddox enter, informing Ziggler if he loses to Jericho tonight, Jericho gets a spot in the title match w/Swagger & Alberto Del Rio, making it a four-way at extreme rules.  Ziggler wins, (see Match Results, above,) and everyone gets disappointed.

    Rytman Remark: Nice tease job WWE, however I argue that Jericho would’ve brought some BADLY needed heat to a lukewarm angle.

    3.) JERICHO/FANDANGO: SPECIAL GUEST DIVA, SUMMER RAE – Fandango comes out for his match with Regal, with NXT developmental diva Summer Rae as his new dance partner.  After his win (see Match Results, above,) he gets jumped from behind by Jericho, who rubs salt in the wound by offering Summer a dance.  She accepts and Jericho gives her a whirl.  Summer looks flustered (in the good way) as Fandango rolls around in pain.

    4.) SHIELD/TAKER/TEAM HELL NO: AN UNDERTAKING OF TAKING ON, THE TAKING-OUT OF UNDERTAKER – The Shield make their first on-camera appearance of the night, by helicopter, transferring to a black Range Rover to the arena.

    Backstage, Bryan is upset that the Taker hasn’t shown up to go over strategy.  He asks Kane why he doesn’t just call his brother…

    “Give him a call? He doesn’t exactly carry a cell phone!” – Kane

    Bryan insists that Kane look at his diagrams, and asks if Kane is upset about them not hugging in a while.  Kane asks Bryan for a favor when Taker shows up.

    “Do NOT try to give him a hug!” – Kane

    Suddenly, Kane and Bryan go down hard as the camera shakes.  The tag champs are on the floor as three sets of black boots stroll off.

    Later in the night, it looked like the Taker would have to face Shield all by himself, but Hell No made the match in time.

    Rytman Remark: Waste of effort seeing how Shield won anyway.

    5.) CENA/RYBACK: I HAVE NOTHING – We take a look back at the recent bad-blood between Cena/Ryback, and how it’s lead to a match at Extreme Rules.  Mick Foley is interviewed about Ryback’s recent actions.  Foley mentions how it’s not in human nature to look in the mirror and see your own shortcomings.  Ryback responds in his interview later that night…

    “I look in the mirror and don’t see shortcomings. I look in the mirror, and see the next WWE Champion!” – Ryback

    It’s revealed that Foley will confront Ryback later on the show.  A little later, we see Foley talking w/Cena backstage…

    “In a career full of mistakes, this might be my biggest!” – Mick Foley

    I’m just gonna sum this up, Foley calls out Ryback and gives him the speech about character, about how he can have all the tools, but needs heart and guts to get it done, and how letting Cena get beat-down by other people makes it a cheap-win.  Ryback snaps back with how Foley is old and his message is archaic.  It looks like Ryback will kill Foley, but Cena runs out to make the save, much to the disappointment of a crowd that wanted to see Foley die apparently.

    The Shield makes an appearance and Cena teases leaving Ryback at their mercy.  But when Shield attacks, Cena makes the save with a chair and runs the Shield off.  Cena gives the AA to a confused Ryback, and RAW ends w/Cena standing tall.

    Rytman Remark: Why can’t Mark Henry be the #1 contender and just spare us all this?

    Side Note: Why didn’t Ryback and the Shield join forces?  It was the perfect moment and would’ve been easy to explain.  Ryback wants Cena, Shield wants to get rid of Cena, done and done.

    Rytman’s Review: I liked this RAW up until the ending.  It kept things moving and set up the stories nicely, but this FRIGGIN’ ending made no damn sense.  My only guess is the save at the end was an attempted “make good” to Ryback in order to protect Cena’s image.

  3. RYTMAN’S RECAP: RAW 04/16/2013

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    So just a basic recap today, rough morning.

    Let’s start with…


    ORTON/SHEAMUS DEF. BIG SHOW (HANDICAP MATCH) – A pointless rematch from Friday.  Brogue Kick + RKO = Three count.

    Rytman Remark: You know, neither Orton or Sheamus are THAT much smaller than the big show.  The two of them beating him, is like either of them losing to two normal sized guys.

    KOFI KINGSTON DEF. ANTONIO CESARO (NEW U.S. CHAMPION) – Match wastes no time in going into a spot-fest.  Kingston rolls out of a sun-set flip, rolls Cesaro backwards into a standing position and hits “Trouble In Paradise” for the three-count and the title.

    Rytman Remark: Remember when WWE first ventured out into video games? And how they followed the normal 2-D, side-scrolling fighter format? (I’m thinking Street Fighter, Mortal Combat.) This match was like that, entertaining, but no real story.

    WWE TAG CHAMPIONS TEAM HELL NO (KANE/DANIEL BRYAN) DEF. THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS – The PTP’s are almost completely jobbed out here.  Choke-slam/flying head-butt combo wins this for the champs.

    Rytman Remark: The commentator spent this match making jokes about goats in reference to Bryan’s beard, because there was nothing else really to talk about.

    R-TRUTH DEF. WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION WADE BARRETT (NON-TITLE) R-Truth wins it by grabbing Barrett by the head and dropping him face-first to the mat.  (The Little Jimmy?) After the match, Truth looks just as surprised as the rest of us.

    Rytman Remark: There MIGHT be a point to this loss.  WWE has a Battle Royal set up for Main Event this Wednesday, to name a #1 contender to Barrett’s belt.  If R-Truth wins, it’ll cement the seed planted here.

    RHODES SCHOLLARS (Sandow/Cody) DEF. SANTINO MORELLA/GREAT KAHLI (w/Natalya & Hornswoggle)– Santino gets the Cobra on Sandow and chases off Cody.  Horny-dawg (yes, I am going to call him that if I want to,) tries to “cobra” Cody.  Cody gets rough with him.  Khalil comes to the rescue, and Santino gets pinned because he’s not watching Sandow.  School-boy, for the three.

    Rytman Remark: ( face-palm..)

    JACK SWAGGER (w/Zeb Coulter) DEF. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/AJ Lee & Big E.) – A hard fought match with Ziggler picking up some fan support, but Swagger getting the three-count out of nowhere by dropping Ziggler throat-first into the top rope.

    NIKKI BELLA (W/BRE) DEF. WWE DIVA’S CHAMPION KAITLYN – Nikki’s game-plan is to keep taking Kaitlyn’s legs out from under her.  Kaitlyn hits the stomach-breaker, but Bree switches w/sis to steal a three count.

    Rytman Remark: In order…

    1. So, we’re just dropping that whole thing w/Laya wanting a title shot? After like more than a month of slow build? And Tamina? Just nothing? Cena & Bryan’s girlfriends to the front of the line?
    2. Twin Magic? With two girls that look NOTHING ALIKE ANYMORE?
    3. In fairness, this match did not suck anywhere near as much as it should’ve.


    Okay, now we look at…


    1.) BROCK/TRIPLE H: LET’S JUST GET IT OVER WITH – 3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal,) came out first, calling out the Shield, demanding an apology for the beating on Smackdown.  Instead, they got another beating, from BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROCK LESNARRRRRRRR!  It ends w/Slater takes two F-5’s to the barricade.

    Crowd: One more time!  One more time!  One more time!

    Paul Heyman gets control of Lesnar, gets him in the ring, and gets the mike.  He gives Triple H credit for knocking out Lesnar, calling him a “Warrior, worthy of admiration.” Heyman says the score is “one and one,” and it’s “time to get extreme.” He challenges Trips to meet Lesnar in a steel cage match at Extreme Rules and has “two words,” for Trips…

    “Challenge, Issued.” – Paul Heyman

    2.) ZIGGLER/DEL RIO: WHY WASTE TIME BUILDING THE CHAMP? – Dolph Ziggler comes out with the “Dolph-tourage,” (Copyright: Robert Rytman,) to brag about his title win.  Alberto Del Rio comes out with a still hurt Roberto Rodriguez and his left leg taped up.  He gets in the ring and demands his rematch now!  Before the match begins, Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter come out, claiming Swagger deserves the credit for Dolph’s win and deserves the shot more than Del Rio.  Swagger gets on the apron and ADR gets in a shot to Swagger’s face.  Big E. gets between Del Rio and Ziggler, but Swagger grabs ADR’s leg and works it over in the corner, wrapping it around the ring post and pounding away on it.

    Later in the show, we’re in Vicki Guerro’s office.  She and her assistant, Brad Maddox are discussing things, when Teddy Long comes in.  Apparently he’s taken it on himself to book Ziggler vs. Swagger and he’s given Swagger some “extra incentive,” to compete.  Vicki likes the idea.  Maddox tells Teddy to go tell someone.  Teddy says it’s not his job.  Vicki tells Brad to do it.

    After Swagger’s win, (see above,) Del Rio attacks Swagger and goes after the arm.  Officials break it up and Del Rio stands tall.

    Rytman Remark: Okay, I’m thinking this angle is the one getting rushed.  Having Del Rio demand a rematch while he’s still hurt makes him look more like a fool then a fighter.  Why not do a Ziggler/Swagger program and save Del Rio for next month?

    3.) FAHHHN-DAHHHN-GOING-GOING-GONE! – FANDANGO comes out to be interviewed by Lawler.  When Fandango asks Lawler about moving his hips, Lawler decides to move his hips back to the announcers table.  Fandango tries to get the crowd “Fandangoing,” with mixed results.  A few minutes of this and Fandango tells the crowd to go “Fandango” themselves.


    4.)  SHEAMUS/HENRY: IRISH CREAMED! (NOT THAT WAY YOU SICKOS!) – Matt Striker is backstage interviewing Sheamus when Henry bull-rushes him down for the second time since last Friday.

    Later in the show, we get an announcement for Smack-Down this Friday.  Team White-snake (Sheamus/Orton) vs. Big Show and Mark Henry.

    Rytman Remark: And we couldn’t do this match tonight because?…

    5.) C.M. PUNK: PUNK OUT? – C.M. Punk came out with Heyman.  Punk talks about how he could never enjoy what he has at the time, because he’s always looking “around the corner” for the next hurdle, how after holding the title for more than 400 days, he went right after the Undertaker’s streak.  In the middle of the promo, the crowd starts a dueling chant for him and the Taker.  Punk goes flat.  His eyes, his posture, it becomes that of a man crushed.  Punk hugs Paul, gives him the mike, and limps off, bypassing the stage and going right for the exit.

    Rytman Remark: I am aware that Punk is taking the time off to heal up.  However, I’m giving him credit for his performance.  He came off like he really did “lose his smile,” and if you wanted to start retirement rumors (or an angle,) you could easily use this promo.  I’m predicting a HUGE comeback for Punk – maybe even a face turn – when WWE realizes how much they miss him.

    6.) BOOKER T/TEDDY LONG: CLASH OF THE TITANS (KINDA) – Backstage, Booker T is NOT happy with Teddy Long going over his head.  He makes the match at Extreme Rules a three-way for the title and tells Teddy to “handle his business.”

    Rytman Remark: I’m glad Teddy’s getting to assert himself, as opposed to being a constantly put-upon errand boy, but do we need ANOTHER POWER STRUGGLE ANGLE!? GOOD GRIEF!

    Side Note: I heard Michael Cole on one of the shows, talking about Booker T letting the HOF honor go to his head, and how that may be contributing to his problems with Teddy.  Guys, Booker is NOT the one coming off as a heel in this.

    7.) CENA/RYBACK: CONTINUITY! (BOOM) PART 2– All night we’re teased with Ryback speaking out tonight about his actions.  Striker has Cena backstage, where he comes out to almost NO reaction.  Cena says he’ll be in the ring with a yellow shirt and his WWE title and he will confront Ryback tonight.

    Ryback has his say in a pre-taped promo.  Ryback starts by comparing his spot with Cena’s after Mania.  Cena was on top, Ryback was on the bottom.  Only one place each for them to go.  Ryback goes over his past few months in WWE.  He credits Cena as a friend and mentor, even mentioning last October when Cena nominated him for a shot at the WWE title.  Ryback then goes over his feud with the Shield and Mark Henry, pointing out how Cena never came to help him out when he was jumped by the Shield, but he almost always had Cena’s back when he was jumped.

    “I am not an afterthought. I am not a sidekick. … If you were Superman, say hello to Kryptonite!” – Ryback

    He says being Cena’s “friend” meant staying in his shadow, and he’s not staying there anymore.

    Our “main event” for the evening is Cena calling out Ryback.

    “This week, I say you make a move, and see if you have what it takes to EARN a championship!” – John Cena

    Ryback backs down and walks away.


    The Shield come down to the ring and surround Cena.  They hold back, waiting to see what Ryback will do.

    Ryback walks off, and RAW ends with a Shield beat-down on Cena.

    Side Note: We caught a second of the Shield in the “Gorilla” position by accident, which kinda gave it away.

    So, you know someone lost a job.

    Rytman Remark: Best Ryback Promo Ever.  The guy knocked it out of the park, in regards to setting himself up as bitter/jealous.  I commend whoever it was, that figured out how to string Ryback’s past booking together into a cohesive narrative.  If you entertain the notion that this was the game plan all along, it explains why WWE booked him as a choke-artist.  It gives him motive to turn bitter and blame Cena.

    Here’s the problem…

    If you want to call out Cena for not doing a run-in, you’re going to have to call out the ENTIRE WWE for not running in and helping out their “friends.” In the past year, building to Mania, the only person I’ve seen run-in to save someone from a beating was R-Truth helping out Kofi Kingston when he came back.  I’m aware that Orton/Sheamus/and Big Show did run-ins w/each other during their feud w/the Shield, but that was under the premise of a common enemy, not “friendship.”

    Rytman’s Review: Okay, not an earth-shattering RAW by any means, but an effective place-holder-episode. “Auto-pilot” isn’t always a bad idea, if it keeps things moving.  This RAW did it’s job, setting up the next PPV.  And speaking for myself, I appreciate keeping the drama brief.

  4. RYTMAN’S RAW RECAP 03/25/2013

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    Okay, again this week, just a general run down of the show with some of my humble opinions.

    First up, match results

    CHRIS JERICHO DEF. DOLPH ZIGGLER W/AJ LEE & BIG E. – This match-up was booked as a card-change, as Fandango made his way to the ring for what was supposed to be his fifth or sixth “debut” but got beat-down/ran-off by an angry Jericho.  Ziggler made his way out with his entourage as the announcers (Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler) told us this match was scheduled for later tonight.  Jericho gets the win by submission with the walls of Jericho, but gets beat down by Big E. Langston.  Fandango comes back out with his dance partner (the first girl to get a call-back) and picks the bones of Big E’s kill, landing a flying leg drop on Jericho’s neck.

    MARK HENRY DEF. THE USOS – The Usos actually got in enough offense with their double-teaming to get a splash off the top rope for a two-count on Henry, but the match ends with Henry scoring a World’s Strongest Slam and getting the three-count.  After the match, Henry brutalizes both brothers, making it clear he did not appreciate getting splashed.

    U.S. CHAMPION ANTONIO CESARO DEF. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ALBERTO DEL RIO (COUNT OUT) – Ricardo Rodriguez hobbles out on his crutches to introduce Del Rio.  The intro falls flat, although I think it was on purpose to help sell what bad shape he’s in.  The match is just a formality as both men go through the motions for about five minutes before Zeb Coulter comes out.  Ricardo tries to move away, but from out of nowhere Jack Swagger grabs him, and drags him by the bad ankle over to the guard rail.  Del Rio abandons his match to fight off Swagger and Cesaro gets the win by count-out.  Del Rio takes his anger out on Cesaro with the cross-arm breaker.

    WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS TEAM HELL NO (KANE/DANEL BRYAN) DEF. THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS (TITUS O’NEAL/DARREN YOUNG)- “Pancake” Patterson is given one mention and then quietly swept under the rug.  Match is just a warm-up for the champions.  Ziggler and crew show up on the stage to distract the champs and give the PTP’s an opening, but the match ends with Kane choke-slamming Young for the three count.

    THE MIZ DEF. WWE INTERCONTINENTAL WADE BARRETT – Before the match, Triple H came out to do cut a promo about his Wrestlemania match with Brock Lesnar.  When Barrett comes out, he blocks Triple H’s way, and demands he step aside.  Trips responds with a kick to the crotch.  Miz comes out while Barrett is still recuperating.  During the match, Barrett’s crotch briefly becomes the focal point of the match.  Barrett crotches himself on the top rope with a missed kick and Miz gets the win with the figure-four submission.

    THE SHIELD DEF. KHALI, RYDER, GABRIEL – To my knowledge, this is only the third actual match the Shield have officially wrestled in.  The Shield wins this with a flying knee-drop to Justin Gabriel, trapped in a “Bow and arrow” hold.  After the match, Khali takes a “Shield-Bomb.” Orton comes to the ring with Sheamus, and the Big Show comes up from behind, trapping the Shield.  We get a brief fight before the Shield retreat.

    TEAM RHODES SCHOLARS DEF BRODUS/TENSAI – Do you honestly care?  This match is barley more than a pretense for a cat-fight between the Funkadactyls and the Bella Twins.  Team Rhodes Scholars get the win by three-count during the confusion.

    RYBACK DEF. 3MB – This was Ryback’s effort to show-up Henry that almost back-fired.  The Three Man Band actually take control of the match using their numbers advantage, but it ends with Ryback getting two men up for the “Shell-Shock” and a three-count.

    AJ LEE DEF. WWE DIVAS CHAMPION KAITLYN – This match was set up during a backstage segment, where Bryan and Kane were arguing over which of them was still hung up on AJ.  Kaitlyn interjected, trying to get them both to let it go, while running off a list of nasty things to say about AJ, who just happened to be eavesdropping on them.  Now here’s the interesting thing.  AJ sends Kaitlyn head-first into a drinking fountain, or so it seemed.  Kaitlyn sold it as making contact but their was NO sound effect to indicate Kaitlyn hit the fountain.  Kaitlyn comes out to the ring holding her head, and when the bell rings, Kaitlyn goes to town on AJ, dominating the match and getting in all of the offence.  AJ rolls out of the ring, and Kaitlyn goes after her.  Kaitlyn tries a spear, but AJ side-steps her into the guard-rail, head first.  AJ gets a count-out victory, and maybe a title shot at Mania.  Kaitlyn gets a possible head-trauma gimmick.

    So let’s look at the rest of the show.

    C.M. Punk opens the show with a game of toss with the urn, and a promo that starts off by dumping on the Undertaker and his legacy.  He even goes so far as to imply the streak is only important to him as something to break.  He tries to mock the Takers classic pose, but the lights go out and when they come back, Taker is wailing on Punk.  Punk and Heyman run off with the urn.  Seemed a bit odd to me as the first half of Punk’s promo seemed to be Punk trying to convince us that this match wasn’t as important as we might feel it was.

    Sheamus gets jumped by the Shield, during an interview about whether or not he and Orton can get along with Big Show, during their Mania six-man.  Orton comes after them with a chair, but he gets overwhelmed by numbers.  Big Show makes the save and runs off the Shield.

    Now here, I gotta go into weird territory.  If you’re a long time wrestling fan, you’l probably have some idea of what I’m saying here.  Booking Show to come to the rescue seems a little heavy-handed to me.  It’s like WWE is trying too hard to sell us on Show’s face-turn, which is par for the course with pro wrestling in general.  Even if you’re among the youngest fans, you still can’t help but notice how it’s always Show that turns the tide when Orton/Sheamus gets jumped by the Shield.  So I have to ask myself, is this just the same sloppy TV writing wrestling has always suffered from?  Or is WWE trying to swerve me?  I’m thinking maybe they want me to watch for a double-cross by Big Show so that they can swerve me with one by Orton…or Sheamus.  I know Orton’s more likely, what with him reportedly wanting a heel-turn, but you know how wrestling-sorry “sports entertainment” likes illogical swerves.

    Triple H cuts a promo on Brock Lesnar, about how if you don’t expect him to end your career, you’ve already lost.  He makes it clear that he is coming to kick Lesnar’s ass.

    Very generic promo, giving no sense that Trips was seriously concerned that his career was over.  That might’ve been the plan, so that we’re actually surprised if he loses. (Which, if he does, we will be, just not for THAT reason.) And why did he have to bitch-out Wade Barrett on his way out?  (See above.)

    The show ended with an elaborate Q&A with John Cena and WWE champion The Rock, featuring WWE Hall Of Fame members Booker T, Brett Hart, Dusty Rhodes and Mick Foley.  The panel lobs softball questions and both men give big, impassioned speeches about how/why they will win at Mania.  Cena compares himself to Donavon McNabb, the Rock tells the story of how he had to get his first mattress out of a dumpster behind a motel.  Cena blames his loss to Rock last year, on his letting Rock into his head.  Cena tried to finish off Rock in Rock’s home-town, with his own version of “the peoples elbow.” Allowing Rock to catch him in a rock-bottom and getting the three.  Rock borrows a quote from Ric Flair, “To be the man-woo-you must beat the man,” and between the two of them, Cena will never be “the man.”

    I’m sorry to say this but I was underwhelmed.  No new ground covered here, except for maybe when Cena “revealed” why he lost last year.  I’m not a fan of “sports entertainment” trying to go into “deep, psychological,” story-lines, and I’m not moved by Cena’s need for redemption.

    Overall, a pretty “meh” RAW.  It did what it was supposed to do, advance the angles going into Wrestlemania, but it still felt like an auto-pilot show.  That’s not always bad, but not the speed you want going into the biggest PPV of the year.



  5. RYTMANS RAW RECAP (RAW 03/04/2013)

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    Tonight is a special “OLD SCHOOL” edition of RAW, opening with the classic “The recognized symbol of excellence in sports entertainment,” graphic.

    We are in Buffalo, NY at the first Niagara Center on a cold windy night, and the first thing we see is THE UNDERTAKER making an entrance. He stands on stage, raises his arms, and summons forth the WRESTLEMANIA logo. Mean Gene welcomes us to RAW w/a voice over and a montage of classic moments.

    From there we go to the classic RAW opening theme w/sirens and montage. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole are here to welcome us, Cole in an ugly mustard-yellow jacket and Lawler in the Red w/matching crown, as C.M. Punk makes his way to the ring w/Paul Heyman at his side.

    Punk blames the fans for him not headlining Wrestlemania and for his not being champion.  He says there’s no purpose or point in being at Wrestlemania, until he saw Undertaker.  Punk says we stole from him and now he’ll steal from us by beating the Streak.

    Randy Orton is out next, mentioning his win over Punk at Wrestlemania and getting “this close,” to beating Taker 8 years ago as a rookie, now he’s the most dangerous man in the locker-room and asks the fans who they would like to see face Taker at Mania, Punk or Orton?

    Cue Big Show.  He faced the Taker at a Wrestlemania but back then he didn’t have his big right hand punch.  He makes a claim to the streak.

    Cue Sheamus.  He’s the only one who’s never faced or lost to the Undertaker.  It’s going to take more to break the Streak.  It’s gonna take a big foot, all the heart in the world, and a little bit of luck.  Sheamus thinks it’s possible with the luck of the Irish on his side.

    Vicki Gurrero is out. As RAW managing Supervisor, she decides to make tonight’s main event a 4-way for a shot at the Undertaker at Mania, giving the winner a chance to cement their legacy.

    Tonight-Point/Counterpoint w/Rock and Cena, Triple H addresses Brock Lesnar, and Ryback faces Antonio Cesaro NEXT!

    Rytman Remark: It took Big Show 20 years to figure out how to make a fist?  

    We come back to Cole and King offering us the chance to “Tout” about who we think Taker should face.


    We go to an old school Picture-in-picture promo with Antonio Cesaro.  He speaks five different languages fluently while Ryback, like most of us can barely speak one, NEANDERTHAL!  He follows up with a rant in Swiss.


    Ryback makes his entrance as #old school raw trends worldwide.  So far the theme is Cesaro trying to be aggressive and getting bounced around the ring, but a big boot to the face puts Cesaro in control as we go to…


    Cesaro is in control as we come back.  Cesaro put up a strong fight but the match ends with Ryback reversing a Neutralizer attempt into the Shell-shock for a three-count.


    Rytman remark: Would be nice for Ryback to remember to put in a bid for the U.S. title.  Then again it would be nice if ANYONE remembers to put in a bid for the U.S. title.

    The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry comes out for his match.  There’s a stare-down with Ryback as he goes to the ring.


    Apparently, WWE Sat. Morning Slam is looking for its own GM, and will continue the search this Saturday.  Ryder, who wants the job, goes after Henry quickly and – briefly – actually puts up a decent fight before taking the World’s Strongest Slam.


    Tonight – fatal 4-way for the chance to challenge the Undertaker and the debut of FAHN-DAHN-GHOOOO!

    And Dolph Ziggler, w/AJ and Big E. faces the Miz, next.

    Rytman Remark: Saturday Morning Slam needs a GM because apparently WWE superstars can’t be trusted to act like wrestlers for half an hour LIKE THEY’VE DONE FOR ABOUT A YEAR!


    We come back with Miz and Dolph in the ring.  Miz gets the mike (which doesn’t work) and introduces RIC FLAIR!


    Cole claims this makes the odds “more even,” with Flair out to neutralize things.  Ziggler takes it right to Miz but is too concerned with mocking Flair, and winds up getting walloped.  Kick to the face puts Ziggler outside the ring while Flair and Miz both do the strut.


    Dolph is in control when we come back.  We’re reminded that Dolph will face World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on this week’s Smackdown and possibly FAHN-DAHN-GHOO will make his debut tonight.  Miz fights back, gets a near-fall.  Dolph tries a small package and Miz clips the knee.  Dolph fights back w/the leaping DDT and a sleeper.  Miz gets free and hits a few spots before AJ climbs up on the ring.  The Ref is distracted and Big E. clocks Miz.  Flair whips his jacket in Big E’s face and chops him to no effect.  Miz gets a kick to Big E’s head.  Ziggler tries a roll-up, Miz kicks out, and catches Ziggler’s drop-kick attempt.  Miz wins it w/a figure four for the submission.


    Cole and King push the WWE magazine – now with multiple collectors’ edition covers.

    Rock/Cena, Point/Counterpoint next



    WWE champion THE ROCK is in the building tonight!  Rock makes his way out as #old school raw trends worldwide.  Rock tells the crowd about how he just got in from Central America – 95 degrees every single day – and a woman at the airport tried to get him to wear a jacket.  Rock said he had enough electricity in his body to melt anything made of ice.  Then he got off the plane here…

    “Sweet Harlem Shakin’ Honey Booboo it’s colllllllllld out here!” – The Rock

    Rock mentions icicles on the “peoples’ nipples,” and after ten long years… FINALY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO BUFFALO!  Rock mentions we are 34 days away from Wrestlemania… and John Cena takes that as a cue.  On the mike, Cena gives Rock credit for all his conquests.

    “You don’t know what it’s like…to tell the world… you have to do something, and then fail.” – John Cena

    John feels worthless because he needed to win and failed.  The crowd starts a “Cena sucks,” chance.  John talks about Rock being responsible for his collapse and turn-around.  It’s not just coincidence that Cena wins the Rumble the same night Rock won the title, and that he FINALLY beat Punk last week.  It’s a chance at redemption and rewriting history.  This is his second chance and Rock is getting a 34 day heads up.

    “I am not throwing this chance away.” – Cena

    Rock is happy to see that fire and desire in Cena, because Cena is the one man he wanted to face at Mania.  Rock knows what this means to him, the salute, kissing the dog tags with his family’s names on them, his will to win, no one has that… except the Rock.  Rock goes on about the connection he has with the fans in the arena, at home, all over and tells Cena…

    “You ain’t getting redemption Jack, you getting your ass kicked.” – The Rock

    Cena responds with a quote by the great philosopher Mike Tyson, (not the one about eating children…)

    “In order to be the greatest that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living.” Mike Tyson (as quoted by John Cena.)

    Cena will do just that, and at Wrestlemania Rock’s time is up, Cena’s time is now.

    Rock retorts with a quote of his own…

    “Winning is about heart, you just gotta have it in the right place.” – Lance Armstrong (as quoted by the Rock.)

    “He was full of crap and so are you.” – The Rock

    In 34 days, history will not repeat itself, and John Cena will become WWE champion.

    Cena has just crystallized everything about their rivalry.  Cena thinks he can beat Rock, Rock KNOWS he can beat Cena.  Rock leaves promising he will beat Cena again, if you smell, what the Rock is cooking.

    Fatal 4-way later tonight


    Tonight, Triple H Addresses Lesnar, Cole and King give us another look at the Taker’s appearance earlier tonight.

    Jack Swagger is in the Ring w/Zeb Coulter as HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN makes his way to the ring WITH SGT. SLAUGHTER AND DUSTY RHODES!


    Wait-a-minute, Swagger has Duggan’s 2 x 4, and uses it beat down (not off) all the legends.  Slaughter and Dusty are left lying while Swagger locks in the Patriot Act on Duggan’s ankle.  Swagger leaves a pile of broken men behind him.


    Rytman Remark: The six-man team I always wanted, 20 years after the fact.

    We get a quick look at “Marine 3,” staring the Miz, and Team Hell No face the Prime Time Players next.


    We get another reminder of the 4-way main event tonight, and Alberto Del Rio jumps Jack Swagger during an interview.


    The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase is in the PTP corner as a special guest, and potential manager (maybe) for the PTP’s.

    Basic tag without a lot of shenanigans; Bryan looks strong against O’Neal, but is soon overwhelmed by double teaming.  Kane tags in and takes over on Young.  Bryan tricks O’Neal over the ropes and out of the ring.  While Bryan scores a flying knee, Kane ends it with a choke-slam on Young for three.


    DiBiase spots Young a $100, stuffing the bill in his mouth.  Bryan waits until no-one’s looking, and swipes it out of Young’s mouth.

    Backstage, it looks like a legend is returning to Shake, Rattle, and Roll RAW tonight!

    Rytman Remark: Hey, Bryan’s not the idiot tonight.  Nice change of pace.  Also, HONKY TONK MAN!!! HONKY TONK MAN!!! HONKY TONK MAN!!!  


    We’re back with the Funkadactyls leading Brodus Clay and “Sweet T” to the ring.  We get some dancing and the announcer introduces THE GREATEST INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION OF ALL TIME! THE HONKY TONK MAN!  Cole and King mention this is the city where Honky beat Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat for the I-C title.

    Honky is about to address the crowd when Heath Slater swipes the mike from him.  Slater runs him down saying…

    “You need to go back to Las Vegas w/all the other Elvis impersonators.” – Heath Slater


    The time you took to read this is just about all the time Tensai needed to roll up Drew for a three count.


    HTM’s back in the ring to start the party, but Slater’s back in his face.  Slater takes the guitar shot and we get back to the dancing.

    FAHN-DAAAHN-GOH makes his debut against Kofi Kingston next!


    We come back to a look at Wade Barrett in L.A. last weekend for the premier of “Dead Man Down,” a new action thriller starring Clive Owen, in which he has a bit part.

    Kofi Kingston is in the ring and announcer Justin Roberts introduces FAHN-DAAHN-GO!

    Up on stage, we have a lovely little ballroom dancer doing a few steps as…he comes out.  FAHN-screw it Fandango calls Robert’s pronouncing “inappropriate,” and makes him try again.  After this waste of everyone’s time; Fanny refuses to debut until someone gets his name right.

    “Tonight was the night that you ALMOST got to see the debut of… FAAAAAAAAHN-DAAAAAN-GHO.” – Fandango.


    We return to a replay of last week’s Heyman/McMahon “fight” that became the Triple H/Brock Lesnar fight.

    After that, it’s time to play the game…

    “TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!” – Lenny (Motorhead)

    WWE Chief Operations Officer Hunter Hearst Helmsly – Triple H is out of the back and in the ring.  Last time he stood in the ring, it was 8 days after losing to, and getting his arm broken for the second time by, Brock Lesnar at Summer-Slam.  As soon as the cast was off, he was back in the gym, with no real goal.  He went back to the day job, put on the suit, got a haircut, started training, and got into the best shape in years, waiting for a reason.  After Lesnar put Vince – the “crazy old man” – in a hospital bed, after the hip surgery, put aside all Vince has done and the entire family crying their eyes out, Hunter smiled inside.

    He had his reason, and he was ready.  Lesnar thought they were done?

    “Reach up on top of your head and feel those 12 staples, and you know we’re just getting started.” – Triple H

    He calls Lesnar out, making reference to the cut on his head where he split Lesnar wide open, letting him know that the Ass-Kicker, the King of Kings, The GAME is back.

    “Are you gonna show up and fight, or are you gonna sit there and bleed?” – Triple H

    Fatal 4-way tonight


    We come back to a WWE rewind of Randy Orton vs. The Big Show last Friday on Smackdown.  The match ends with run-ins by the Shield and Sheamus, and the Show clocking Reigns with the KO.

    We go to a promo by the Shield.  Everyone wants to make history and face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but in case you’ve forgotten, the Shield has yet to be beaten.  The Eye of Justice is watching everybody, including the Big Show.  Show got in one cheap shot.  It won’t happen again.

    Believe in the Shield.

    WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett is in the ring and Justin Roberts introduces Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, who introduces World Heavyweight Champion ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEL RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIO!


    Swagger and Coulter make their way out to the stage during the match.  Barrett’s brawn and brawling batter down… Berto, while Alberto agitates his adversary with agility.  Every time one man makes a mistake, the other takes over.  Del Rio wins it with a cross-arm-breaker by submission, and stares down Swagger from the ring.


    Del Rio faces Ziggler at Smackdown this Friday and Fatal 4-way tonight



    We come back to a disclaimer, saying that the views expressed in the following video are those of Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter.

    There was a time when if someone came into your house uninvited and stole something, they would call you a thief.  They wouldn’t call you prejudiced.  Real Americans refuse to use politically correct language, because they tell it like it is.  That’s what being a real American is about.  There will always be a group of people to tell it like it is.  WE THE PEOPLE!



    It’s the D-o-double-g!  With the Bad B-A-double crooked letter Billy Gun, telling all the parents to lean down to their kids and tell them they’re the guys who…

    “Wear your granddad’s clothes… we look incredible,” – Road Dogg  


    This is the first match on RAW in 13 years for the outlaws.  Team mo/co gets in a lot of double teaming on Road Dogg, but Billy picks up the win for his team w/the fame-asser.


    After the match, we get another look at the Rock/Cena promo and a tweet from Stephanie McMahon.

    “Brock, it’s time to play the game.” Stephanie McMahon – (via Twitter.)


    We come back to Lawler commenting on his and Coles outfits.

    “You look like mustard, I look like Ketchup, makes me want a hot dog” – Lawler

    We get some Touts from the WWE universe, regarding who should get Taker at Mania.

    Rytman Remark: These guys don’t look like the usual toothless morons that take wrestling seriously.  I’m thinking if they’re not plants, they’re playing along in order to get on TV.

    A dozen or so Superstars are up on stage with a table full of birthday cakes whishing Mae Young a happy 90th birthday.  Mean Gene Oakerlund M.C.’s the festivities as the Divas bring out Mae.  Everybody just starts “happy birthday,” when Punk’s music hits.  Punk and Heyman strut through the party, on their way to the ring, pissing everyone off.  Punk is in the ring as we…


    Rytman Remark: It’s their own fault for having the party on the main stage right before the main event.

    We come back to a promo for Mania.  Big Show, Orton, and Sheamus all make their entrances.


    No one wants to start with Big Show.  Orton and Sheamus chase Punk into the ring.  Show makes quick work of him.  Show takes out Sheamus, Orton fakes out Show, Orton and Sheamus face off with Punk trying to steal a pin when one of them goes down.  Sheamus catches Punk and bum-rushes him w/Orton’s help.  Show back in, takes them both down.  Show stands alone as we go to…


    When we come back, the pattern is quickly established.  We get two guys one-on-one, and when one is down/out another steps in.  Show takes over with a KO to Punk.  It becomes Sheamus on Show with Orton in and out.  Show misses the KO on Sheamus.  Sheamus hits the Brogue kick on Show.  Orton gets the RKO on Sheamus, AND PUNK GETS THE GTS ON ORTON FOR THE WIN!


    RAW ends with the Undertaker on the stage, staring down Punk.


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    We open tonight with a recap of the Rock’s win at Royal Rumble. Tonight is RAW ROULETTE live from Las Vegas.

    Now we’re looking at Vicki Guerrero in front of three roulette wheels. A superstar wheel, a stipulation wheel, and a “Vicki’s choice” wheel. Vicki announces the first match of the night and spins the middle wheel, making it a “special guest referee” match.

    C.M. Punk is out and he is angry. He claims he is the people’s champion and is throwing a tantrum about last night. He berates the crowd for supporting a “cheater,” and says Vince, Rock, and the crowd are all cheaters. Punk coins the phrase “Phoenix Screw Job.” Punk is still the champion and he is here to “crash” our “party.”

    Vince is out. He accuses Heyman of being behind the shield. He cuts Heyman off when he tries to protest, then announces a “performance evaluation,” of Heyman in the ring tonight, featuring surprise video tape “evidence.”

    Randy Orton is out. He is facing Antonio Cesaro in the first match tonight. This is the “special guest ref” match Vicki made earlier. Cesario is out next, swinging the American Flag.

    And now, our special guest referee… THE MIZ!

    And we go to break.


    We come back with the match in progress. Orton gets a two count. Cesaro dominates in the corner. Miz gets between them. Orton in control with a clothesline and a snap-mare. Orton gets another two count with a suplex. Both men trade shots on the outside, Orton drops Cesaro on the guard-rail, and takes control back in the ring with stomps and a catapult into the bottom rope. Both men trade uppercuts, the crowd gets into it. Cesaro takes control, whips Orton into the ropes, Orton backdrops him to the floor.

    And we go to break.

    Cesaro in control when we come back. Both men fight in the corner, Cesaro takes over with a headbut and a turnbuckle shot. Cesaro gets a two-count and takes control with a headlock. Orton fights out, Cesaro hits a slam for two. Gut-wrench by Cesaro for two. Cesaro hits a face-lock. Orton fights out, ducks a clothesline and hits two of his own and a scoop-slam. Cesaro hits the flying uppercut and pummels Orton in the corner, but he gets into an argument with Miz and eats an RKO when he turns back around.


    After the match, Miz treats Cesaro to a Skull-crushing finale.

    Back with the wheels, Vicki spins Ryback into a “make me laugh” match. Ryback gives Vicki a snort and heads to the ring.

    And we go to break.

    We’re back with Andre Aggassi and Stefi Graph in the audience. Titus O’Neal and Darren Young are in the ring with Ryback and Matt Stryker. Stryker explains that the challenge is to make the crowd laugh. Funnest man wins. After two “jokes,” Ryback decimates O’Neal while Young keeps a safe difference. Stryker announces Ryback the winner, Ryback destroys Stryker, and the whole announce team climaxes over an assault on an announcer.

    “What has four eyes, twenty fingers, and is about to be unconscious?” – Ryback’s “joke.”

    Video Package for Bob Backlund’s induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

    And we go to break.

    SIDE NOTE: Will someone PLEASE explain to me what Stryker has done that his being attacked for NO CLEAR REASON warrants such jockularity?

    We come back to Vicki spinning the wheel. It lands on “players choice,” meaning IC champion Wade Barrett gets to pick his opponent. Barrett chooses NXT rookie Bo Dallas, who eliminated Barrett in the Royal Rumble last night.


    Barrett goes right after Dallas, but Dallas fights out of the corner. He hits an arm-drag/dropkick combo, but Barrett takes over with vicious kicks and stomps. Barrett goes for the Bull-Hammer BUT BO DALLAS GETS THE THREE WITH A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!


    Backstage, a spin of the wheel pits Cody Rhodes against John Cena

    And we go to break.

    We come back with the announce team hyping up John Cena replacing Fred Flintstone on the cover of boxes of “Fruity Pebbles.” We even get a “tale-of-the-tape” graphic with Cena vs. Fred Flintstone.

    Yes, that happened.


    Cody and Cena trade shots until Cena hits a suplex and Cody rolls out the ring. Cody takes the mike and anounces he’s leaving. Cena grabs him and sends him back in the ring. Cena hits all “Five Moves of Doom,” and gets the three-count.


    Cena gets the mike and cuts a promo to the crowd, acknowledging the crowd not being in his corner. We get a “Cena Sucks” chant. Cena gives Punk credit for staying champion for almost two years, and besting him every time. He turns his attention to the Rock, recaping their fued, and his loss at Wrestlemania 28.

    “There were times when he couldn’t carry my jock-strap.” – John Cena.

    Cena chooses the WWE champion and the Shield make their entrance. Cena brings it to them, but the odds are against him and the Shield beats him down. Sheamus tries for a save, but doesn’t do much better. Ryback is out next, and he does a little better, but the Shield take him out. Sheamus and Cena try to fight back, but this ends with the faces down and out, and the Shield walking away.

    And we go to break.

    We come back recapping the Shield assault on Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback. We go back to Vicki for another spin of the wheel. It lands on “Lingerie Pillow Fight…” featuring Tensai and Brodus Clay.


    Tensai refuses to do this and stomps off. Vicki makes Brodus spin the “Vicki’s choice” wheel and it lands on a dance off.

    I have a bad feeling.

    We get a look at A WWE fan-event, and then Brodus comes out to the ring.

    And we go to break.

    We’re back with Jerry Lawler in the ring with Tensai…oh dear God…

    Oh God no…


    Tensai is in women’s underwear. He was not told this was a dance off. Tensai IS GOING TO DANCE IN WOMEN’S UNDERWARE.


    Oh yea, King works in a “What happens in Vegas…” reference. Tensai dances and I want to die.


    We go to world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio spinning the wheel and getting a “body slam challenge,” against The Big Show. Vicki wishes him luck. Del Rio reminds her in Vegas, “anything can happen.”

    And we go to break.

    We’re back with Ricardo Rodriguez introducing World Heavyweight Champion ALBERTO DEL RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIO! Del Rio comes out and shakes hands with the fans, giving his scarf to a small boy in the crowd. We get a tiny “Si” chant until the Big Show comes out.


    Show attacks Ricardo and Del Rio right off. Del Rio hits some kicks but Show clocks him with the Big Right Hand. Show tapes Del Rio to the ropes. Ricardo tries to protect Del Rio, but the show just brutalizes him. Del Rio can only helplessly watch. Show wraps more tape around Del Rio’s hand, as Show goes back to beating Ricardo. Del Rio begs for Ricardo’s life, but show gives him the Big Right, and goes back to bullying Del Rio. Del Rio is clocked out, and the Show lumbers off, leaving carnage in his wake.

    And we go to break.

    We come back to a recap of Show’s Rampage and WWE divas in Showgirl outfits.


    This does NOT make up for Tensai.

    I can hardly bring myself to type this. Tamina takes charge with the head-lock of doom and boots Kaitlyn to the floor. Aksana and Alicia Fox jump her. Kaitlyn fights them off and whacks Tamina with a showgirl hat. She hits Tamina with some shoulder-blocks and goes for a pin. Then it naturally becomes a messy cat-fight, that ends when someone hits the music.


    We return to another recap of the Shield beat-down on Cena and friends.

    And now, our NEW WWE champion…THE ROCK!

    One word; FINALLY, as in…


    And finally, the Rock is once again WWE champion. He calls this moment the proudest of his career, and takes a moment to thank all of us. He recaps Punk’s put-downs of the people, and tells us those crap days are over. He makes a remark about Heyman needing a bra for his “Twinkie Tits.” Tonight is the People’s Era,


    Punk is out, accusing the Rock of not earning that title, and the crowd is too stupid to realize he is a genus. Punk says Rock should hand him back the title out of respect for his father and grandfather, and apollogize to him for tarnishing what he’s accomplished. Rock says if he had an ounce of manhood, and “nuts between his legs,” he’d come downthe ramp and take it. Rock gives him the choice of being a man, or a “punk ass bitch.” Punk will stand up on the stage “like a Punk-ass bitch,” because it’s cool to swear, and Punk will do things when it suits him, not Rock. Punk reads off a list of appearences Punk will be making, and offers Rock a chance to face him at anyone of them, if it fits his schedule. If not, he’ll give Rock a rematch in three weeks (at Elimination Chamber.) Rock agrees to face him at Elimination Chamber.

    When we come back, Sheamus faces Damien Sandow in a tables match.

    And we go to break.

    We come back with Sandow in the ring. We see a recap of him spinning the wheel backstage earlier where Vicki makes an obvious statement aout the match being a tables match.

    “How Observant,” –  Damien Sandow

    Sheamus takes over early and sets up a table. Sandow slips out of a slam and leads Sheamus into/out of the ring, where he hits a drop kick. Sheamus tosses a table into Sandow’s face, but Sandow takes over with a shoulder-breaker. Sandow traps Sheamus’ arm in the table and stomps on it, droping both knees on the arm.  Sheamus fights back, but misses a Brouge-kick. Sandow charges but Sheamus hits a flying shoulder-tackle. Sandow takes over and hits the “elbow of distain.” Sandow lays Sheamus on a table and goes up top, but Sheamus cuts him off. Sheamus ends this with “the White Noise” on Sandow, through a table in the corner.


    When we come back, Vince McMahon confronts Paul Heyman with an in-ring “performance evaluation.”

    And we go to break.

    We’re back.


    Zack Ryder and the Great Khali, singing superstars theme songs.

    We’re going to have a Karaoke challenge with Zack Ryder and The Great Khali.


    Heath Slater is out and asks “are you kidding me?” Jinder calls them an embarrasment. Drew jumps in Khali’s face and gets chpped down. It turns into a brawl and ends with Hornswoggle splashing Slater and thank God it’s over!

    Backstage, JERICHO! NEXT!

    We’re back to BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!!!!! Jericho makes his comeback to RAW, in tiny shorts and the sparkly jacket. He talks about being out for six months and his surprise return at the Royal Rumble. He thanks us all for welcoming him back and it’s something he will Never, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEver forget again!

    Ziggler comes out w/AJ and big E, to ask what he’s doing here? Ziggy and AJ recap how they got rid of Jericho last year, Jericho tells him to put his “crazy little dog on a leash before she pees all over the ring.” Big E. threatens Jericho, who responds with a joke about his pec size. Vicki comes up on the screen to inform Ziggler she re-signed Jericho. She spins the whel and it lands on “Strange Bedfellows,” meaning Ziggler and Jericho must team up against WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No.  The champs make their entrance, and Ziggler starts off with Kane.

    And we go to break.


    Well this was quick. Ziggler starts off in control of Daniel Bryan, while taunting Jericho by faking the tag. Ziggler hits a body-slam, and the elbow. Ziggler keeps taunting Jericho until Jericho “tags” Ziggler in the back hard enough to put him down. Jericho takes over on Bryan, hitting a drop-kick n Kane and a lion-sault on Bryan. Bryan hits a flying kick and gets Jericho in a head-lock. Bryan tags in Kane, but Jericho shoves Bryan into him. Kane and Bryan start yelling at each other. Bryan shoves Kane, Kane shoves Bryan down. Jericho tags in Ziggler but cheap-shots Kane in the back before walking out on the match. Ziggler yells at him, before turning into a choke-slam from the p-o’d Kane.


    After that, we get our next HOF inductee high-light video, Trish Stratus.

    And we go to break.

    We’re back…

    BROCK LESNAR JUST KILLED VINCE MCMAHON! I’m leading with this because I want to make sure you have a reason to keep reading.

    We came back to Vince making his way to the ring. Vince called out Heyman and informed him that Punk had been escorted from the building. Heyman came out and offered Vince a handshake. Vince accepted it, then used hand sanitizer. McMahon proceeded to grill Heyman about the Shield and Brad Maddox. He asked Heyman if he ever lied…

    “You know, a long time ago, I remember – in the Madison Square Garden dressing room, I heard your father say the phrase “Adversity defines a man’s character in his darkest hour.” And faced with the adversity of the fact that I have a feeling I know where this is going, I will tell you, I have lied every day of my stinking life because I am a promoter, and that’s what promoters do…” – Paul Heyman.

    Possibly the best answer humanly possible. Heyman goes on about how he’s lied to stay alive and still have a business and a job the next morning. He promises to be an honorable man if that’s what it takes to stay. Vince seends the camera into Heyman’s face and asks the crowd if this is an honorable man with an honorable face, they say no. Vince shows footage of the “Brad Maddox experience.” Heyman has Maddox in a dark tunnel, orders the cameraman to shut it down. He then makes the same mistake EVERY VILLIAN WRITTEN BY A LAZY WRITTER EVER MAKES AND ADMITS EVERYTHING ON CAMERA. He tells Maddox that the Shield gets paid more than him because they are worth more. He sics the Shield on Maddox and the cameraman. We come back to the ring where the same crowd that chanted “ECW,” now chants “You got busted,” and the “goodbye” song. Heyman claims that wasn’t him. He claims it was a bad Vegas impersonator, and goes into a rant about his sucess with Punk and ECW. He denies being the man on the tape. Vince gears up the catchprase, wishing him well in his future endevors, we get to “YOU’RE…”

    Here comes the pain.

    Lesnar’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Heyman begs him not to do anything, Lesnar orders him into the corner like a dog. He gets in Vince’s face, Vince warns him not to do anything he’ll regret later. After a pause, Lesnar HITS THE F5 ON VINCE MCMAHON!

    RAW ends with Heyman begging Lesnar for Vince’s life, and leading him out of the ring.

    Well, THAT was something.  To you the good readers, I apollogize if this report was less than “real time.” I’m still trying to get the hang of it.

    That’s about it for me peep-holes. See you next week (maybe.) Ryt-place, Ryt-time!



    Been a while hasn’t it?

    Tonight I Rytman will be recapping RAW in real-“RYT”-time. This is my first attempt for BWF, as well as my first attempt period. (<- see? Right there.)

    Bear with me folks…

    Well we’re off to the best start as I’ve missed three minutes so far.  We have Heyman and Vicki in the ring, recapping the “Rock” concert from last week. Heyman is not thrilled with Vicki calling for a replay of Rock’s remark about his penis, Heyman responds calling for a replay of Rock’s serenade to Vicki. We’re getting the whole song.


    Vicki confirms Rock is here tonight, but announces he is banned from the building and will be arrested if he tries to enter. Vicki is told the Rock is here and we go live to the Rock tyring to get in.  The police warn him he will be arrested if he tries to get in. Rock says arrest C.M. Punk, for impersonating a champion, Heyman for not wearing a bra in public, and ask Vicki Guerro what her intestines are like because she has her head shoved straight up her @$$. He also compares Punk’s scrotum to Manti Teao’s girlfriend, (imaginary.)

    Back in the ring, Vicki makes it clear if Rock tries to get in the arena, he WILL go to Jail…

    “If you smell – EXCUSE ME! – What the Vick is cooking” – Vicki Guerrero


    We’re back with U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro in the ring, and Randy Orton comming out.  This is going to be the first in a series of “Beat The Clock” matches.  Whoever wins their match in the fastest time, gets to pick their number of entry in the Royal Rumble.

    The match so far is odd, it seems slow-paced, however at the same time, neither man is wasting a lot of time setting up moves.  Match starts with an exchange of headlocks with Cesaro dominating for two minutes. Orton gets a shoulder-block and the match becomes a slow-brawl, spilling to the outside.  Both men gather themselves as we go to break.

    Back from break, a brawl in the corner ends with Orton outside to the floor.  Cesaro takes over with a gutwrech, a stomp, and chin-lock. Orton fights free and hits two clotheslines and a scoop-slam. He tries for the middle rope ddt, but Cesaro escapes. Cesaro sends Orton up and hits the bicep uppercut. He sends Orton shoulder-first into the post and Orton spills to the outside. Cesaro goes out to get him and tosses him back in the ring, however his mind is on the clock and not Orton.  RKO out of nowhere for three.


    TIME: 11:36

    Next up is a highlight reel for Mick Foley’s Hall Of Fame induction, followed by a Shield promo, showing their past attacks on WWE superstars.  And we go to break.

    Back from break, out comes The Big Show. We get a replay of Show losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Alberto Del Rio two weeks ago. Michale Cole announces Big Show gets his rematch at the Royal Rumble, in the same match


    Brad Maddox invades the announce table to put himself over as the new star of the broadcast team. Show ends this with the big right hand in less than two minutes. Show tries to give us an example of what will happen to ADR at RR by counting out Ryder. The crowd gives him two “WHAT” chants, and he gets so angry he just leaves.


    Up next, Ryback vs Heath Slater. We go to break.

    Back from break, Brad Maddox interrupts Paul Heyman’s phone call to make him an unwitting guest on “The Brad Maddox Experience.” Heyman admits he was wrong about Maddox and agrees to make him famous. Segment ends with a handshake, and Brad leaving while Heyman gives him a weird look.


    After the match, Ryback cuts a promo about entering the Royal Rumble.

    “Damn, my job is fun.” Ryback

    We go back with the Rock trying to talk his way into the show. Vicki interrupts and demands he be arrested. The officers can’t until he does something illegal. Vicki offers to lift the ban if Rocky apologizes to her. Rock makes it clear that won’t happen, and reminds her she still looks horrible tonight. Vicki storms off, and the Rock tells the cops he has a plan, as we go to break…

    We come back to an announcement about RAW in Las Vegas next week, featuring RAW Roulette.

    Paul Heyman and WWE champion C.M. Punk enter to address the people.

    “What I have here, I hold more dear to my heart, then most men hold their families. This is my life’s work and for 428 days I have proven that I am the man. But 428 days is just a faction of the time it’s taken me to get to this point. I’ve worked half my life to attain this, the most prestigeous title the WWE has to offer, and I will not allow the Rock, or any man to take this from me. The Rock is here to entertain, the Rock is here to electrify, to sing songs and tell jokes. I am here to hurt people and be the champion. I will not allow the Rock to leave the Royal Rumble as WWE champion because this is why I am here, because this is important. It’s important because I have made it important, it’s prestigeous because I have made it prestigeous. What is prestigeous to the Rock is the most meaningless, insignificant thing imaginable. It’s you, the people. The people, the cheers, the chants, the signs, the adulation. The Rock is proud of being the people’s champion, almost as proud as I am of being a real champion. I will not allow the Rock to become WWE champion because I’ve been in the ring with him, I’ve looked him in the eye. I’ve seen all the way down into his soul and I’ve seen why he’s so proud of the people and being the people’s champion, it’s because he knows he cannot be this. A long time ago, I was forced to make a choice between hypocritical humility and honest arrogance and I chose honest arrogance. While the Rock foolishly chose all of you. You can call him electrifying, you can call him the Brama Bull, you can call him the great one but what you cannot call him is champion, because this… this belongs to me, and this you earn with blood and sweat and tears and for 428 days I have done just that. I have earned this. I have earned the right to be called champion. I have earned the right to be the man. In six days Rock, this is what you’re on a colission course with, so for six days please, by all means, enjoy being the peoples champion, enjoy the cheers, the chants, the signs, I want you to slap every hand, I want you to wink at every hopeful look your sheep-like fans give you, cause I realized something a long time ago, that the people do not matter. This is all that matters, and in six days at the Royal Rumble, it doesn’t matter if I smell what the Rock is cooking. All that matters is that what these people cannot give you, will remain rightfully around the waist of your undisputed WWE champion, best in the world, C.M. Punk.” – C.M. Punk


    Pretty much the opposite of the first match, as both men go right for the fall. Ziggler hits a flurry of spots, but Miz takes over, matching Ziggler’s aggression and going after the knee with a VICIOUS shoulder-tackle. Miz goes for the figure-four, but Ziggler sends him to the outside. Big E. Langston shoves him hard into the apron and Ziggler gets a two-count, as we break…

    Back from break, Miz makes his comeback with fists, charging clothesline, axe-handle off the top rope.  Miz goes for a skull-crushing-finale, Ziggler rolls him up and holds the tights for two, Miz reverses it, and grabs the tights for two, almost pulling them off Ziggler. Ziggler hits the flying DDT for two. Miz gets a reverse face-lock-knee-drop combo, Ziggler shoves off a neck-breaker, Miz catches Dolph’s legs and gets the figure-4. AJ distracts the ref as Big E. pulls Dolph to the ropes. Miz jaw-jacks with him and Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag from behind for the three count.


    TIME:  (10:56)

    After a break, we have a recap of WWE tag champions Team Hell No (Kane & Bryan Danielson) punking out team Rhodes Scholars at Dr. Shelby’s command last week.

    In the ring, Dr. Shelby introduces Team Hell-No as the first graduates of his anger-management course. Kane and Bryan come out in graduation robes. Shelby congratulates them on how far they’ve come (with a few well hidden cheap-shots,) and Shelby asks them which of them deserves to be valedictorian, and get the chance to talk about their feelings. Kane and bryan both try to pass it off on each other. Shelby suggests they hug. This eventually leads to Dr. Shelby, Kane, and Bryan leading the whole arena in a huge “hug-in,” that includes Lawler and Cole, the ringside doc and Justin Roberts, and members of the audience. It ends in a huge group hug with all three men in the ring.

    It is truly a glorious train-wreck, as we go to break.

    Back from break, we get a recap of Kaitlyn winning the Diva’s championship and Eve Torres quiting WWE.

    Alicia Fox is in the ring, as Kaitlyn makes her way to ringside.


    Kaitlyn wins this with a spear. In fairness, Alicia didn’t look horrible here, but then again, she didn’t do that much to botch.

    Backstage, Heyman walks with Punk, telling him that he’s earned something special. Heyman promises a “Paul Bomb,” later tonight while Punk chills in a fully stocked, private skybox. We go to break.

    We come back to Heyman in the ring.

    “Champ, this one’s for you.” – Paul Heyman

    Heyman is here to act as an interpreter for Punk, seeing as the crowd can’t keep up with someone as articulate as Punk. He promises to “keep it simple.” He calls the Rock “stupid,” just like the people, for focusing on him instead of Punk.


    Rock is out the back and in the ring, apparently getting around the ban by buying a ticket off one of the cops. Rock calls Heyman “Twinkie Tits,” and chases him out of the ring. The Rock addresses Punk, saying he’s earned the right to be called the best in the world, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Rock is a man who will rip his face off. Rock goes on to compare himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, saying he has a dream, to make it to the mountain top, the promised land, and be WWE champion.  Promising that when he beats Punk, we will be “free at last.”

    Then the lights go out.

    The lights go on and the Shield is beating down the Rock. Rock fights back, but it ends with the Shield laying him out. Punk gets the mike and tells Rock he has to pay a price for his freedom. He tells Rock there’s only room for one man on the mountain top, and that eventually, you have to wake up from your dream.

    We come back from break with a quick tribute to MLK, and a recap of the Shield assault. During the commercial, Rock was able to walk out under his own power.

    Sheamus is out, he or his opponent must beat Ziggler’s time of 10:56 seconds for the chance to pick their number in the Royal Rumble.


    We start with some stomping and punching. Barrett pulls the arm of Sheamus over the rope. Sheamus hits a kick to the gut and runs to the ropes, but Barrett hits a clothesline, sending Sheamus over the ropes and out to the floor. Here we go to break…

    Back from break, Barrett is in control kicking Sheamus off the top corner, hitting a suplex for two, and hooking an arm-bar. Sheamus punches his way out and its an axe-handle. He ties Barrett up in the ropes for ten forearms and hits a suplex. He goes for white noise, but Barrett elbows out and tries a pump-handle. Sheamus slips out and misses a brogue-kick attempt. Barrett hits two back kicks, one to the gut and one to the head for two. Barrett hits the elbow of the second rope and makes a wasteland attempt. Sheamus elbows out of it and hits white noise. AJ Lee runs out with Ziggler/Big E. in tow. She runs in the ring and skips in front of Sheamus, blocking him. She leaves, and Barrett hits a spinning side-slam for two. Barrett misses a clothesline, and Sheamus hits the Brogue kick but the time is up.



    Ziggler, AJ, and Big E. are in Vicki’s office, braging about their win. Ziggler ribs Vicki by singing Clapton to AJ. Vicki informs Dolph he didn’t win the right to pick ANY number. He won a choice, of one… or two.

    Punk and Heyman walk backstage, Vince McMahon confronts them and threatens to strip Punk of the title if anybody interferes in his title match with the Rock.

    Back from break, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces World Heavyweight Champion ALBERTO DEL RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIO! Tensai is in the ring.


    Tensai starts off strong with big right hands and forearms. He has Del Rio pinned in the corner with headbutts. Tensai with a hard whip to the corner AND MY PICTURE FREEZES. I MISS EVERYTHING up to Del Rio hitting a moonsault for the three count.

    After the match, Del Rio cuts a promo on Big Show, saying there will be a ten count IN SPANISH. He leads the crowd in a ten count in Spanish.

    Promo package for the second inductee for the Hall Of Fame – BOB BACKLUND!

    As he makes his way to the ring, we are promised that John Cena will address the WWE universe after the break.

    Cena makes it to the ring. He starts talking about Sundays. He finds a kid in the audience and starts in on how great Sundays are. No, school, playing video games, he asks the kid if he’s the one keeping him in noob status on Call Of Duty 2. (He reveals his gamer-tag as skidmarks187.) He turns his attention to a lady in the crowd, asking her about how Sundays are about reliving Saturday night and surfing YouTube, thinking she might’ve hooked up with someone special. He turns to a guy in the front row, and says his Sundays are about waking up surrounded by bodily fluids, a recite for two blow-up dolls, (one missing.) And posting embarassing photos on Twitter. Cena promises that on Sunday, he will win the Royal Rumble.

    This leads to Sheamus coming out to refute that, followed by The Prime Time Players, Randy Orton, The Miz, eventually the entire locker room comes out to claim they’re going to win the Royal Rumble. This leads to an impromptu battle royal as we close out.

    Okay, needles to say; you’d have to be generous with the definition of “real-time” in regards to what I’ve done here. There were rough patches and interuptions. I hope I gave you guys some idea of wha was going on, and that you enjoyed it.

    For now, I’m Rytman and I’m out.