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  1. WWE Superstars

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    Hey everybody.  It’s your favorite WWE Superstars reviewer.  I am here this week with actual thoughts this week instead of the generic results.  Enjoy!

    Match 1: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs William Regal and Primo Colon

    In the opening minutes of the match, Santino pulled off a Primo cartwheel and started power-walking off the ropes as William Regal just watched in confusion. Fear the Cobra!  If he wasn’t funny, he would have been released a long time ago. I think this might be a last ditch effort to do something with Kozlov. Everything else has failed, so why not put him in a tag team. Primo has seemingly found a home on Superstars and lucky to still have a job. Regal is being underutilized.  He was perfect as the GM on RAW. 

    As far as the match goes, the end comes when Primo goes for high flying cross body off the top rope and Kozlov catches him and drops him with the Iron Curtain. The winners of the match are Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella.

    Match 2: Chris Masters vs Caylen Croft of the Dudebusters

    Why haven’t they done more with Chris Masters? He’s the type of guy who should be in the Mark Henry role or chasing the US Title. I can’t stand the Dudebusters. They suck hard!  Croft spends the majority of the match getting beat down like the jobber he should be, but he gets the victory after hitting a chop block and a DDT. The world is in complete disaray now as Caylen Croft picks up the victory over Chris Masters.

    Main Event: MVP w/Percy “Oh Yeah” Watson vs Chavo Guerrero

    Once upon a time there was a heavily hyped new superstar on Smackdown. He was pushed and eventually became a multiple time US Champion. He then was moved to RAW and is now lost on Superstars most weeks. That superstar is MVP.

    Once upon a time there was another superstar who was part of a great wrestling family. He was a very good Cruiserweight, but then he became Kerwin White. After tragedy struck, he re-adopted his God given name and became the WWECW Champion. He lost in 8 seconds to a Big Red Monster, became a forgotten member of another family (La Familia), and then became a forgotten member of the WWE roster. He is now a staple of Superstars too. His name is Chavo Guerrero.

    MVP picks up the win with the Play of the Day. Let this be a lesson; If you have a heavily hyped debut on Smackdown, you will probably end up on Superstars eventually. This means you, Alberto Del Rio. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon enough on WWE Superstars. And I’m hoping to see all of you again next week for another exhilirating show.

  2. Smackdown: 06/09/10


    Up here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we kicked off the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – The Calgary Stampede today. Well technically it starts on Thursday, and technically, it’s not that great, rather just a midway that travels throughout the Great White North and a big rodeo competition. I wonder what happened on Smackdown subsequently… (more…)

  3. WWE Superstars Review

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    What the deuce?!  It’s me, tharvey1, again with a review of the latest WWE Superstars.   I think this show belongs in the Random Randomness weekly column, but I guess it might be too random for even that.  Anywho…off we go!

    Match 1:  Its a he…Santino!  He has a message for Chavo.  He says that chavo must be so lonely now that his Aunt Vickie has gone wee wee wee all the way home.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Chavo then makes his way to the ring.

    This match is one of the very few matches that makes sense for this show.  Santino is very funny in the ring.  At one point, Chavo attempted to throw Santino into the corner and Santino did a cartwheel to avoid it.  Santino blocks the third of the Three Amigos and turns it into a Jackhammer.  He then gets greedy and goes for a frog splash, but catches a boot to the face.  Chavo pins Santino 1..2..3.

    Match 2:  Woo Woo Woo!  Zack Ryder against a random jobber (Mike Williams).  This must be a nice change of pace for Ryder, as he is usually the random jobber.

    I hate those half pants that Ryder wears.  Woo Woo Woo….you know it!  It’s just a matter of time until he is future endeavored.  Okie dokie.  Ryder wins with his Zack Attack.  His entrance music should be Friends Forever by Zack Attack.

    Match 3:  The lovely, beautiful Maria is the guest referee between Eve and Layla.

    Maria is the most important part of this match.  Eve hits a cartwheel backflip splash onto Layla for the victory.  That looked really nice too.  Other than that, it was your standard diva match.  After the match, Maria convinces Eve and Layla to shake hands.  OK???

    Main Event time:  The All-American American Jack Swagger and the Hart Dynasty against Captain Charisma and the Tag Team Champs, The Colons

    David Hart Smith starts the match with Carlito.  There are alot of quick tags to start the match.  I would not mind seeing the Hart Dynasty and the Colons for the Tag Titles…of course we probably won’t see that, as Legacy will most likely win the titles.  Carlito hits the backstabber on Tyson Kidd for the win. 

    This show was actually pretty good and made sense for the stories that are going on at the moment.  Very different than the random mess that has been thrown out there in past shows.  Remember that RAW is commercial free on Monday.  See ya next week!

  4. SmackDown results – 10/10/08

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    * LIVE from Spokane, WA

    – Special Thanks to readers Adam Halverson and Brad Laird:


    – Vicky and Chavo Guerrero begin the show in the ring in her wheel chair wearing the neck brace. The crowd is drowning them out as they are talking about Undertaker’s loss to the Big Show. Big show comes out and talks about beating taker, and a video is shown from No Mercy. Big show talks about facing Triple H, Vladimer comes ou saying he should get a shot. Big Show threatens him and Vladimer leaves.

    – Brie Bella defeated Natalia (with Victoria) with help from Hornswoggle.

    – R Truth interview with Funaki, we learn Funaki’s real name.. cut to Triple H texting – Hardy comes in says he wants winner of Triple H vs. Big Show.

    – R Truth defeated Shelton Benjamin in a short non-title match.

    – Jeff Hardy defeated MVP with a swanton bomb but Kozlov came out and delivers a head butt of doom on him then stands over Hardy.

    – Special ring announcer Maria. Carlito and Primo Colon and Jesse and Festus defeated Curt Hawkins, Kurt Ryder, Kenny Dystrka and Ryan Braddock. Fetus with the flapjack for the win.

    – The Great Khali vs. 3 jobbers. They aired a video about the Jackass encounter. Khali wins. Khali does kiss cam. He picks a bigger girl from the audience and asked her how much she weighed.

    – Triple H brought back the kiss cam girl and brought her in the ring.

    – Triple H vs. The Big Show ended in a no contest. Lights go out and taker shows battles show to the back. Kozlov comes down attacks and head butt of doom on Hunter. Jeff Hardy comes to make the save and they take out Kozlov. Hardy then delivers a twist of fate on Hunter.