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  1. Random Randomness


    Well it seems to me that the world is on fire and I just saved a bunch of money by not switching to Geico, I concur that reality is just something and nothingness is everywhere, but as we all know none of that really made any sense (except the Geico part) we shall take a look at the world as only the Random one sees it:


  2. Why I hate: WWE Judgment Day

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    This is part three of what should be a ten part series on WWE Pay Per View events.  If this is your first time reading this series, please check out part one – “Why I  hate:  No Way Out” and part two – “Why I hate:  WWE Backlash

    Having already stated my case against No Way Out and Backlash, two events that I feel strongly about because of their placement on the calendar in relation to WrestleMania, it may be difficult to write about Judgement Day.  Started as an In Your House event in October of 1998, the annual May Pay Per View event almost seems pointless to me.

    I present my arguments against WWE Judgment Day, after the jump! (more…)