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  1. Alex Riley- What’s Next?


    I hope that we are on the verge of watching the emergence of Alex Riley as a superstar. He seems to be strapped with a rocket to the Oort Cloud (nerd reference #1) and back. Part of me thinks that he can fly limitless space with his God-given talents (if he chooses to use them). And there are still days I wonder if he might be a “work-in-progress.” I tend to have faith that if the WWE is patient with creating him, he will go very far.

    But there’s a problem. Who is Alex Riley? Why do I care about him? What exactly has he done before wrestling? He looks exactly like Rob Conway, Sylvan Grenier & Rene Dupree. Why is he different than those guys? He wore a letter jacket? He carries a briefcase Miz won? He used to be Miz’ manservant and now is not? I need a reason to cheer for him that goes beyond his hatred with Miz. It’s not a coconut to the head. It’s not a fork in the arm. His feud with the Miz will not be enough to extend to other wrestlers after he’s done.

    WWE, give me a reason to cheer for him. Give him a t-shirt. I’m assuming he must have a personality. Use that. I need to know the time I spend cheering him will be well-used.

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