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  1. Smackdown: 12/16/11.


    Let me level with you, there IS a PPV this Sunday. Seriously. I know what you’re thinking, but I assure the TLC PPV is this Sunday. This might seem baffling if you have been watching WWE programming lately, because you’d think they’d make you care and want to tune in to see it. But they didn’t book much, or do much, and as a result… meh. Let’s just hop to it, shall we? I’m too tired.

  2. Smackdown: 6/4/10. Who does Kane think he is? HHH?

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    What’s up PW/BWF IWC brother dude brothers? It’s suffering time! Without much further ado…

    – We’re told that during the Memorial weekend, the Undertaker was found by Kane in a vegetative state. Hence, he’s hurt and will be off TV for some time. He broke his orbital bone…. not a good thing to sustain. Thanks Teddy Long!… and away we go!


  3. SmackDown in Sort of Real-Time 11/27/09


    In a bit of a rarity, I’m actually home, awake, and parked in front of the TV on a Friday Night.  That said, this review is in sort of real-time (sort of because it’s 8:16 right now and I’m just getting started.  I figure I’ll catch up after a couple commercials), so make sure you hit refresh every couple of minutes to make sure you’re up to speed!