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  1. BWF Interview: Johnny Gargano


    He’s the Bee’s Knees.  He’s the Cat’s Pajamas.  He’s The Whole Shebang, Johnny Gargano.  The current Dragon Gate USA Open The Freedom Gate Champion joins BoredWrestlingFan’s ThinkSoJoE and Justin Ruff to talk about his career.  Johnny talks about his thoughts on Vince McMahon, the independent wrestling scene, what he would like to do for a living if it were possible, Daniel Bryan, Gregory Iron, Brodus Clay, and a whole lot more in this 41 minute interview.

    Download the full Johnny Gargano interview here.

    Gargano – If he’s not kicking you, he’s spearing your sorry self from the outside.

    DGUSA Wrestling:  DGUSA.TV

    WWN Live:  WWNLive.com

    Johnny Gargano Twitter:  @JohnnyGargano

    Johnny Gargano Facebook:  Johnny Gargano

    Gargano – Hurts Donut! You’re finished, dude.

  2. BWF Forums tonight!


    Don’t forget!

    If you haven’t already, sign up on the BWF forums and join us tonight as we run our weekly “Impact” thread right here! Considering how it usually goes with the Triumvirate of TNA-wesomeness, you don’t want to miss this. If we can get enough action going on the forums here, show threads will become a regular occurrence. See you tonight at 8:00 pm Central time (and whatever the hell time it is that New York people use)! 


    (I’ve installed new forums. Unfortunately your current BWF usernames and passwords won’t automatically work and you’ll have to re-register for the forums, but I think they’ll give you a better user experience than the old forums. Click here to go to the new forums! – ThinkSoJoE)

  3. ECW on DVR review – 12/02/08


    Well, we know that MVP is in action against Matt Hardy tonight.  Saves me watching a match, because we all know that MVP is not going to come to ECW and beat the champion on his current streak.  Hopefully I’ll get to see that DX ShopZone ad that I missed last night.  I’m sure it was hilarious.  Other than that, I’m not sure what to expect (ok, I’m lying, I read the spoilers last night after RAW), so let’s get started with ECW on SciFi on DVR!

    DVR review after the jump! (more…)