Well, we know that MVP is in action against Matt Hardy tonight.  Saves me watching a match, because we all know that MVP is not going to come to ECW and beat the champion on his current streak.  Hopefully I’ll get to see that DX ShopZone ad that I missed last night.  I’m sure it was hilarious.  Other than that, I’m not sure what to expect (ok, I’m lying, I read the spoilers last night after RAW), so let’s get started with ECW on SciFi on DVR!

DVR review after the jump!

ECW gets it right where RAW got it wrong last night.  They’re playing the opening video at the beginning of the show, not after somebody already cut a promo.  I’m looking at you, Chris Jericho.

Tonight, as I’ve stated already, Matt Hardy takes on MVP.

Jack Swagger makes his way out to the ring.  This kid’s got potential, and unlike my opinion on Ricky Ortiz, I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Anyways, Swagger gets on the mic and introduces himself.  He also reminds us that he’s never been pinned.  Not in college wrestling, and not in ECW.  Last week he beat Tommy Dreamer in an EXTREME RULES match.  So he’s inviting Teddy Long to the ring to name him the number one contender for Matt Hardy’s ECW Championship.

You know it’s the Mack Militant!

T-Lo and Tiffany make their way out to the ring.  He says he’s not sure he wants to name Swagger the number one contender.  Swagger wonders who else there could possibly be.  Tiffany suggests Ricky Ortiz.  Swagger says there is no way…  Then Ortiz comes to the ring.  He thinks Tiffany has a good idea.  He’s a part of the new Superstar initiative, and he’s also undefeated.  Unlike Swagger, he doesn’t have a lisp.  Swagger guesses that T-Lo is going to make a match between the two for later tonight.  T-Lo says no.  He’s going to make that match for RIGHT NOW!

Jack Swagger def. Ricky Ortiz

Somebody is going to get their first loss tonight.  Unless there’s like a double count out or double DQ or a no contest or something.  The crowd sounds like they couldn’t care less about this match.  Ortiz has the upper hand early, Swagger exits the ring to regroup and to allow us the opportunity to watch some ads in the middle of a match.  They’d never go to break during a match back in the days of WWF Superstars (or WWF Wrestling Challenge, for that matter.)


Ortiz has Swagger in a headlock, but Swagger gets out of it and takes over this match.  Apparently tomorrow is Swagger’s birthday.  Since this show was taped last night, does that mean that today is his birthday?  (Wikipedia note:  Swagger was born December 3, 1982.  He’s a year younger than me, and is a baby compared to JT [Just kidding, JT is only 3 years older than me.].  We’ll leave Drowgoddess’ age up to your imagination.)  Ortiz misses the Big O splash, and Swagger hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb and gives Ricky Ortiz his first loss.

Backstage, Tiffany is upset about Ricky Ortiz’s loss.  MVP comes in and wants to discuss his contract, since Teddy Long was the one who signed him to his original contract.  Long goes off about how easy it should’ve been for MVP to earn his incentive bonus.  MVP says that he doesn’t have any problem that can’t be fixed with a win tonight over Matt Hardy.  Long says he’s looking forward to the match.


We come back to a video package about Mr. Kennedy’s new straight to DVD film, “Behind Enemy Lines:  Columbia.”

Finlay comes to the ring, and talks about his family history in the business.  He says he wants Mark Henry to come out and pick on him, then they’ll finish what they started last week.

Somebody gonna get they ass kicked.

Henry says he didn’t start anything, Finlay did.  Every time they’ve had a match, Finlay hit Henry with the Shilleglagh.  Finlay’s cost Henry some big matches, including his chance at the ECW Championship.  Wrestling is Henry’s life, and now that Finlay’s messed with his life, Henry’s going to mess with Finlay’s.  He makes a thinly veiled threat at Hornswoggle, and points out that Finlay can’t watch Hornswoggle every second of every day.  Henry proposes a tag match – Tony Atlas and Mark Henry vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle.  Finlay says no, and that it’s between him and Henry.  Henry trash talks some more until Finlay finally accepts.

Hooray, that DX ShopZone commercial that I missed last night is on!  Again, I would seriously reccommend the Elimination Chamber Real Scale Ring Playset.  I have the WrestleMania 2 Real Scale ring with the old school steel cage.  Damned thing’s huge.  If you’re wondering, yes, this commercial is as funny as I thought it would have been.


Alicia Fox and Das Wunderkind Alex Wright DJ Gabriel are dancing.  I thought we were done with this stupid dancing crap on ECW after Layla and Kelly went to RAW.  Ugh.  He’s wrestling some local guy who doesn’t even get a name plate.  His name is apparently Josh Daniels.

DJ Gabriel def. Josh Daniels.

Are you serious?  This jackass uses the giant swing?  I don’t like the guy, though I’m pretty sure that 98% of that is his gimmick.  He gets the victory with a spinning elbow from the top rope that looked pretty weak.

Then he dances with Alicia Fox.  This actually makes me miss Disco Inferno.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK>  (Looking for Chrismas ideas?  I don’t yet have the History of the Intercontinental Championship DVD yet.)

MVP makes his way out to the ring, sans tunnel.  Maybe Hurricane Helms was right – maybe he lost that too.  Matt Striker theorizes that MVP is cutting costs.  The ECW Champion makes his way to the ring, and we’re set for our main event of the evening.

Matt Hardy def. MVP

You know, until the commentators started talking about the history between these two, I actually forgot about it.  Now that it’s been brought up, I remember it fondly, including the two of them being WWE Tag Team Champions together before MVP turned on Hardy after losing the titles to John Morrison and The Miz.  I digress.  They had great matches back then, and I’m looking forward to another good match.  Matt hits a Side Effect early, but MVP kicks out at two.  MVP goes out for a breather, but Matt hits him from behind and sends him right back into the ring.  On an interesting note, Matt Striker mentioned MVP’s first rivalry that culminated at WrestleMania 23.  He didn’t mention who that rivalry was against.  I’m surprised he was even allowed to say that much, as it alludes to somebody the WWE doesn’t want to mention.  If you know who it is, you know.  If not, look it up.  I’m not giving you-know-who a mention at this point.  Again, I digress.  This match is going Matt Hardy’s way, and MVP had to step out for a breather.  Much like Jack Swagger earlier, he’s also giving us the opportunity to watch another…


MVP is trying to take control when we come back, but Hardy won’t let him.  MVP finally takes control by kicking Matt in the head and knocking him out of the ring.  MVP takes the momentum in this match, but, as he’s said many times before, Matt Hardy will not die.  Hardy finally battles back, hitting his usual repertoire of moves.  MVP manages to boot Hardy in the face, but still can’t put him away.  MVP tries for the Playmaker, and Matt hits a second Side Effect, followed by a Twist of Fate for the victory!

My DVR cut out during the post match replay, but I happen to know that the show ends with Matt Hardy celebrating a hard fought victory.

ECW’s been an alright show, on the backs of Matt Hardy and Jack Swagger.  When Evan Bourne comes back, this show should be pretty solid, but we’re probably a couple months away from that.  I’m not a fan of DJ Gabriel.  I don’t like his look, and I don’t like his gimmick.  Not to take away from his in ring abilities, but I haven’t seen anything worthwhile out of the guy.  Of course, he’s only had three matches, and I didn’t pay any attention to the second one.  I’m tired of Finlay and Mark Henry wrestling each other.  Give those guys something else to do already.  Whatever.  What did you guys think of the show?  Leave a comment and let me know!  By the way, guys, if you want a little icon next to your name on the comments section, get a Gravatar or sign up for an IntenseDebate account!

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