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  1. The Final ECW

    This is it. The last episode of ECW and this time it’s unlikely there will be another revival. We’ve got a Unfied Tag Team Title Match featuring Yoshi Tatsi and Goldust challenging Show-Miz and Christian will defend the ECW title against Ezekial Jackson.

  2. An Extreme eulogy

    Tonight, the very last remnants of a company that I truly loved a decade ago will finally be laid to rest.  The letters ECW, which truly meant something to so many wrestling fans before the WWE got it’s hands on them, will finally be put out of their misery at 11:05 PM following a battle […]

  3. ECW 2/09/10

    Welcome to the Penultimate Episode of ECW. We open with everyone backstage and Tiffany gets everyone’s attention. Tiffany talks about ECW going off the air but says it’s “not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Everyone’s a free agent so use the next two weeks to impress everyone in the WWE universe and have […]

  4. ECW 2/02/10

    ECW’s got Vince McMahon making some announcements. And we open with Abraham Washington having ECW champ Christian on the show, fresh off his successful defense against Ezekial Jackson.

  5. ECW 12/29

    We’re at the final ECW of the year, and if rumors are to be believed we may be nearing one of the last ECW’s ever. We’ve got more ECW homecoming matches with Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne making their returns.

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