Welcome to the Penultimate Episode of ECW.

We open with everyone backstage and Tiffany gets everyone’s attention. Tiffany talks about ECW going off the air but says it’s “not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Everyone’s a free agent so use the next two weeks to impress everyone in the WWE universe and have a good time. She puts on some Mardi Gras beads and grabs a drink. When Zack Ryder questions her about this, ECW’s going off the air and she’s just going to party? “Woo Woo Woo, You know it.”

The first match is a tag team match for a Unified Tag Team Title shot on next week’s show. Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust take on Croft an Baretta. Dust starts off with an armbar on Baretta, they trade punches, Dust flips him with an armbar. Tatsu in with a double chop. Trent gets a schoolboy. Baretta forces him into the corner and Croft comes in. They do some double teaming. Running back elbow. Rear chinlock. knee to the gut. Tatsu toss Baretta into the corner face first and tags in Dust. He gets an advantage and Baretta takes a dive outside. He rushes back in and tags in Croft quickly. Croft with a chopblock when Goldust isn’t looking.

Baretta and Croft are working Dust’s leg and constantly tag in and out. They make a wish. Baretta slaps on a modified figure four. The crowd’s chanting for Dust. He gets out of the hold but takes a leg whip. Croft sandwiches the leg between his knees. Choke in the corner. Baretta does the stupid thing where he leaps into the ring then just shoves his foot in Dust’s face. Baretta with a front facelock. He knocks Yoshi off the apron. Dust backdrops him then rolls through a shoolboy and hits a powerslam and makes the tag.

Yoshi hits Croft with a spinning heel kick, several kicks, then the rolling snapmare and a kick. Spinning kick off the top. Croft tries rollup, Tatsu holds on and hits the big kick for the win. Croft is bleeding from the nose.

Next up we have Ezekial, accompanied by Regal. He’s just taking on a jobber though, Perry Wallace. Zeke tells him he shouldn’t be here, then tosses him across the ring. He takes a couple of punches then rams him into the corner and pummels him. Clothesline. Uranage for the win. Josh Matthews said he figures Zeke will be the hottest free agent in WWE. I’d figure that to be Christian. And his finisher is named as Saxson says it’s called the Book of Ezekial.

Regal says he hopes Tiffany isn’t to far into her debauchery. He complains about being ejected at the Rumble. He insults her work as GM and asks for her to give Ezekial a rematch next week. Jackson tells Christian that if he chooses to accept that his reign as ECW champion and the show will come to an end.

Christian accepts the challenge, but says it’ll be an Extreme Rules match.

Shelton Benjamin is about to take on Vance Archer in a No Countout, No Disqualification match. You know what I hate about heel announcers? They’ll try to justify cheating by saying things like “he utilized his environment, which is the definition of cheating. Shelton grabs a mike. He starts by saying “Who dat?” in reference to the Saints. He talks about how he wasn’t happy to be in ECW at first, because he was to good for ECW. His first week, Yoshi Tatsu kicked him in the head and pinned him in ten seconds. He says the young guys in the back showed him a lot of fire and earned his respect. He made some friends. He’ll miss everyone in the back, except Vance Archer. Archer is the kind of guy who smiles to your face and shakes your hand then stabs you in the back. He wants his last ECW moment to be wiping that smile off Archer’s face.

Shelton gets a headlock and a shoulderblock. Waistlock. Back into the headlock. Another shoulderblock. Archer heads out. Archer backs him into the corner and pounds him down then tosses in a couple stomps. Shelton fights out and hits a back elbow. A knee is blocked and Shelton rolls him into a single leg crab. Archer grabs the ropes, then pulls himself out. He starts to go up top but Shelton climbs up top and kicks him in the head.

Archer has a kendo stick. He got in a shot, but Shelton blocked another with a chair. He hits Archer, misses and hits the steps, then Archer picks him up and delivers a gutbuster on the barricade outside. Let’s go Shelton chant.

Back inside, Archer gets two.. He starts kicking and stomping. They stop the match to see in Shelton can continue, apparently they’re checking blood. This isn’t live, I’m surprised they didn’t take it out. It’s a minor thing and they stop the bleeding. Shelton calls Archer over, they trade blows. Shelton takes charge and sets him on the ropes. But Archer blocks the move and spinebusters him off the ropes.

Archer exposes a turnbuckle, then moves Benjamin over there, steps onto the apron and pulls him shoulder first into it. He starts pummeling him, then slaps on an armbar. Transitions to a front facelock. Stomping awa and gives him a kick to the ribs when he stands. Side bearhug. Benjamin elbows out, leaps to the top and hits a flying forearm. Shoulderblock, I believe with the bum arm, and a Dragonwhip. Release German Suplex. Shelton goes for the Stinger Splash into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Archer moves, but lands on the ropes, climbs up and hit a blockbuster off the top. And he finishes him off with the Paydirt.

Very good show all around, I will miss ECW. I just hope WWE decides to allow Christian to be the last ECW champion.

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  1. Thx for the post! I envy you so much! Ecw is no longer airing in indonesia.m huge thanks for your post! Well done,mister!

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