ECW’s got Vince McMahon making some announcements. And we open with Abraham Washington having ECW champ Christian on the show, fresh off his successful defense against Ezekial Jackson.

Abe claims he hasn’t be around because NBC wanted him on the Tonight Show. He asks Tony if he knows why he turned down the job? “Because you’re not that good?”

Washington says he didn’t take it because of the WWE universe. So they owe him 40 million dollars.

Christian pulled out another win. Abe says he wants to be the first to congratulate him, and reminds everyone he’s the longest reigning champ in WWE. He talks about turning away all the challengers and looking for more challengers, but Ryder interrupts in.

He wants to talk about Hurricane getting into a brawl, in real life, last week and shows his mugshot. Christian wonders if he’s jealous cause Hurricane got on TMZ. Ryder mentions he was in the Rumble, Christian says that he must have blinked and missed it.

Christian says everyone makes mistakes. Tiffany giving Abe a talk show, him agreeing to be on Abe’s talkshow, Ryder thinking his hair looked good and hooking up with Tila Tequila.

Our opening match is Shelton Benjamin and Vance Archer. Matthews gives him a new nickname, the Gamebreaker. Vance starts with a shoulder to the gut, then Shelton powers him to the corner and starts pounding away till Archer takes a powder. Shelton comes over the top but when they go back in Archer gets a kick then a headlock. Archer tries a sleeper but gets back suplexed. Shelton dives at him, running down the steps but hits barricade.

Vance is working an armbar and hitting him in the ribs. During the break Archer threw Benjamin into the steps. Hard whip to the corner, that hits chest first. Archer with a vertical suplex. Back to the armbar. Shelton fights out, but runs into a side slam. Knee drop. And back to the armbar. Shelton gets out. Archer misses in the corner. Shelton runs him over. Shelton does some sort of leg DDT. Runs into an elbow, but turns a suplex into a neckbreaker. Roll up in the corner and Archer grabs the ropes for the win.

We get a replay of the Bret Hart situation and Smackdown will have footage from the post show brawl with Batista and Cena.

Next up we’ve got Yoshi Tatsu, accompanied by Goldust, he’s taking on Trent Baretta, who’s got Caylen Croft with him. Tatsu starts with an armbar. They do some running the ropes, Tatsu hits dropkick and an armdrag, back into an armbar. Tatsu is tossed but is in so quick he gets a spinning kick attempt. Baretta nails him. Euro uppercut in the corner and a choke. Dropkick. Rear chinlock. He does some weird thing where he releases it then slams his arm back into position hard. Tatsu backs him ino the corner. Trent gets boot up, but Tatsu with a backdrop. Yoshi gets a series of kicks and then the rolling snapmare, after some effort. Tatsu is caught going up top. Superplex blocked. Hurricanrana off the top by Baretta, Tatsu rolls through. Baretta rolls through that and gets two. He argues with the ref and turns around into a kick that he sells like death. Tatsu picks up the win.

Vince McMahon makes an announcement on the future of ECW next.

He struts out, mike in hand. Is he not even going into the ring for this? In three weeks time ECW will be going off the air. He wants to thank everyone who made ECW the success it was.

And who will make the next show the same success. He mentions the word evolution or evolve a couple of times.

Gregory Helms is in the ring. He welcomes Big Zeke and William Regal to the ring. Jackson is selling the announcement. He asks Jackson about his loss and how he’ll get past it. Regal asks if Helms has had a trying week. Helms says he has but he’s going to get past it. Regal says it’s about to get worse. They proceed to beat him down, till Christian comes out with a kendo stick and clears the ring.

Christian is still in the ring waiting for Ryder and the main event. Ryder with a headlock and a shoulderblock. Christian returns the favor. Ryder ducks between the ropes. Forearms and a kick to the head by Ryder. Choke on the ropes. Christian ducks his head and gets a forearm to the back then gets a spinning heel kick. Christian runs into Ryder’s guts but blocks a suplex. He slides under the ropes and yanks Ryder off the apron. Then hits baseball slide.

Ryder with a catapult into the bottom rope, then grabs a rear chinlock. Christian fights out. Rough Ryder by Ryder. Kick to the gut by Christian. Ryder catches him up top. He fights out and hits a flying crossbody. Running forearm. But he runs into an elbow. Christian wil a flapjack. Choke on the second rope, then he dives over the top and decks Ryder. Missle dropkick. Second rope sunset flip. Ryder sits down. Christian with a pendulum kick after dodging a corner charge. He hits the diving Euro uppercut and the Killswitch.

Jackson and Regal hit the ring and beat him down.

Kind of an off show tonight. The Abraham Washington show was pretty decent, and most of the in ring action was good. But a lot of the storyline stuff didn’t work.

Vince’s announcement that ECW was going off the air didn’t set off the shitstorm it should have and people quickly went back to business as usual. Couldn’t Christian have been shown looking longingly at his belt? He doesn’t know if he’ll be champ of whatever takes it’s place.

And the timing of Jackson’s run in actually made him look pretty weak. I’m disappointed we haven’t seen more of Kozlov trying to get revenge on the Roundtable.


  1. And now, a question. Do I change the ECW category and graphic to the new show, or add a new graphic and category? I'd venture to say the latter, but I'll accept opinions on the subject.

  2. the latter. After all, someone may want to talk about the old old ECW, or even the old new ECW and keeping the catagory around will help keep things organized.

    • That's what I was figuring. I'll make the new category as soon as they reveal a graphic for NXT or whatever they're going to officially call it.

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