We’re at the final ECW of the year, and if rumors are to be believed we may be nearing one of the last ECW’s ever. We’ve got more ECW homecoming matches with Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne making their returns.

We’re opening this week with Christian coming to the ring.

And our first match features Matt Hardy. You’ve got to figure their history makes him a favorite. And his opponent is Finley. Quite a surprise there.

Finley gets a shoulderblock and a headlock then picks the leg.

Finley blocks a moonsault attempt by Matt slamming Matt’s knee into the mat. He continues the working the legs. Matt gets a modified neckbreaker to start a comeback.

Finley ducks a clothesline and attacks the leg. Matt drops Finley into the second rope then hits the Side Effects. And another. Twist of Fate blocked, Finley goes to the second rope. Matt pulls him off. Misses the moonsault though. Finley tries to get him off the mat and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate.

During the commentary we found out that the finale of the ECW Homecoming an over the top rope battle royal. A little disappointing for an month long tournament.

The other match is Evan Bourne vs Mike Knox.

Zack Ryder runs into Tommy Dreamer, surprisingly. Dreamer calls Ryder a catchphrase and a haircut. He says if Ryder wins tonight he’ll leave ECW forever.

Knox starts off with a kick to the gut and rams him into a turnbuckle. Knox shrugs off some kicks and sets Bourne on the top rope. Evan manages to pull Knox over the top. Knox slams himinto the barricade. Bourne barely gets back in.

Short clothesline. Rear chinlock. Bourne fights out a suplex, but Knox hits a crossbody. Bourne has to grab the ropes to escape. But Knox misses a knee drop. Bourne snaps Knox’s neck across the top rope and then hits the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Next week CM Punk, Chavo Guerrero and Mark Henry all come back. Looks like either Shelton Benjamin or William Regal will be left out of this, which is a surprise.

Yoshi Tatsu is looking sharp in a suit and trying to teach Goldust some Japanese. He’s not having much luck. Croft and Baretta show up and ask what’s Japanese for future WWE tag team champions. They say the answer is Croft and Baretta. They proceed to wish that Dreamer loses and that Dust and Yoshi leaves because there’s to much dead weight around. Dust gets pissed and says something in Japanese. Yoshi laughs, smacks him on the shoulder and says good one. Croft says he speaks Japanese. It means that Dust and Tatsu are afraid of them.

Time for Dreamer/Ryder. Ryder gets side headlock takeover then Dreamer does the same. Tommy with an armdrag. Forearm by Ryder. Bulldog by Dreamer. Powerslam by Dreamer. Pumphandle suplex(that’s a move someone should adopt). Ryder rolls out and Dreamers hits a rolling senton off the apron. Rosa causes a distraction and Dreamer gets the advantage back.

Ryder with an armbar. Dreamer fights out, but Ryder hits a single arm DDT. Dreamer goes shoulder first into the post. He gets hung upside down and Ryder hits a low dropkick, with no mention of it mocking Dreamer. He misses the facewash. Neckbreaker. Sky High Powerbomb. Dreamer’s going up top, but Ryder catched him. Ryder catches him with a kick to the gut. Zack attack is blocked and we go into a series of pinfall reversals. Rough Ryder. Ryder gets caught going to the top. Tree of woe and a low dropkick. DDT butRyder gets his foot outside of the ring. Elbowdrop. Ryder reverse his cover but only gets two. Dreamer goes for a back superplex but Ryder turns over and gets the three.

Kind of underwhelming way to end a career. I mean Dreamer seemed happy to retire after a brief stink in WWE after the closing the old ECW. It seems strange to go back into the indies or even TNA, giving up a spot backstage despite the fact I’m sure WWE would take him back backstage.

Dreamer finishes the show with a heartfelt speech. They show his family. The fans give him an ECW chant and he takes off his shirt to close the show. He hugs his daughters and he’s going to take them backstage apparently. He does his pose one last time and tells his daughters to wave bye to the fans.


  1. I hate over the top rope battle royales, particularly for a show like this one. Everybody seems to assume that Tommy is TNA-bound (and re-enacting his feud with Raven) because of his history with Taz, the Dudleys, Raven, and Stevie. I personally think that he's done. I may be proven wrong in no time, but I honestly think that he's through with this chapter in his life. He may have another plan about which we know nothing. At least he got a relatively decent good-bye, unlike some.

  2. I don't mind battle royals – but back in my day there were never less than 20 people involved. I agree with Jason on this one – there's no need for single-digit participant battle royals – particularly in the month of January with the Royal Rumble coming up in a few weeks. Royal Rumble, of course, is one of my favorite PPVs of the year, and I for one can't wait.

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