Tonight is the finale of ECW Homecoming for a shot at Christian’s title at the Royal Rumble.

We open the show with Rosa Mendes for some reason. She brings out Zack Ryder, randomly interjecting some Spanish into his intro. Ryder says he’s the man in ECW, with the look and the hottest girl, among other things. He’s above the ECW title. He is ECW.

That brings out the Hurricane. It makes sense for these two to feud. They did forcibly eject the guys they last feuded with.

Hurricane addresses him as “Citizen Woo Woo.” Apparently Hurricane has been sent from a galaxy far far away to tell him to shut up. Ryder is the rear end of ECW.

Rosa chews him out in Spanish. The crowd chants “What,” appropriately for once and Hurricane wants to press 1 for English. Rosa slaps him, Hurricane decks him and tosses him over the top.

Tiffany made it a match during the break. Hurricane hits a couple clotheslines. Ryder tosses ‘Cane into the steel ringpost and hits the facewash. Ryder with a chinlock. He hits couple of elbows to the chest, but misses an elbow drop. Hurricane hits some kicks but eats one when he ducks his head. Ryder choking him on the ropes. Rough Ryder. Hurricane sent hard into the corner. He almost goes over the ropes. Ryder back to the chinlock.

Hurricane jawbreakers out, then hits a neckbreaker. Punching away. Second rope missle dropkick. Thesz press. Ryder hits headbutt to the gut but runs into an European uppercut. Ryder knocks him off the top and gets the Zack Attack for the win. A very disappointing ending in my opinion.

CM Punk has a promo on why he;s going for the ECW title. He’s going to replace ECW with his Straight Edge Society.

Next up we’ve got Goldust. His oppoenent is Trent Baretta. Last Thursday Croft faced Yoshi Tatsu and lost. Figure those four in a tag match next week. Dust with a couple of shoulderblocks and an armdrag. Inverted atomic drop. Dust then catpults Baretta into the ropes and back into a neckbreaker. A brief comeback ends with the buttbump and Dust tosses Trent outside.

Dust tries to charge him on the apron. He misses through the second rope and Baretta does a legdrop to the neck. Barretta knocks him down on the outside. Camel Clutch by Baretta. A couple of elbow drops. Reverse chinlock. GD fights out. Backdrop. Baretta runs into a powerslam. Dust with a couple of clotheslines and a bulldog. A series of reversals ends with Dust getting an elbow to the head and Barretta hits a running high knee.

Regal and Jackson hype him in the ECW Homecoming finale, talking about how his name is biblical.

Tiffany comes out to introduce the ECW Homecoming finale. Christian will be the guest commentator. He gives Matthew and Saxton a list of questions they can ask because they asked him some pretty dumb ones last time.

No Gallows with Punk. Vance Archer gets the next to the last intro. Benjamin attacks before the match even starts officiall. The refs pull them apart. Kane apparently insists on no action as he approaches the ring. Archer is still down which I think means he might win. Uppercut to Tatsu by Kane. Boot to Shelton. Bourne tossed over one handed. Kane goes to work on Punk. Hardy is working on Tatsu. Tatsu goes after Archer briefly. Jackson and Benjamin fighting. Zeke with shoulders in the corner. hardy and Tatsu double teaming Archer. Kane goes at Archer. Jackson works Hardy but Tatsu interupts. Punk to the apron but back in. Knee in the corner by Punk. He’s working on Benjamin. Hardy is trying to get Zeke over. Kane with a sideslam on Tatsu. Kane with an uppercut to Hardy. Archer and Benjamin fighting. Kane sets Hardy on top. Punk tries to suplex Tatsu but he fights out. Punk is flipped over the top but lands on the apron and holds the ropes.

Looks like Punk might win it with all these false eliminations. No eliminations during the break. Kane and Hardy fighting. Zeke’s going for Punk. Archer and Shelton still fighting. Punk gets another near miss. Archer on the apron. Shelton gets him off but is pulled off himself. They’re still fighting outside. Kane is working on Tatsu but Hardy intercepts him. Doesn’t Hardy hate Punk? Why isn’t he avoiding him? Side Effect on Tatsu. Jackson eliminates Matt. Christian looks a little worried. Punk gets an uppecut from Kane after kicks to the other guys. Jackson clotheslines Punk and Kane. He tosses Punk and the crowd loves it. Double knees by Tatsu but Kane tosses him when he tries the rolling snapmare.

Zeke shoves Kane backwards in a tie up and flexes. Kane gets backed to the ropes but he comes back. Jackson picks him up slam style and tries to put him over. Uppercut by Kane. Powerslam position but Jackson fights out Kane runs into an elbow. Jackson fights out of a chokeslam but gets a big boot. Misses the flying clothesline and Ezekial sends him over. Regal comes out to raise his hand. Saxson says we’ll have a new ECW champion. That kind of surety does give Christian a better chance.

A surprisingly heel dominated show tonight. About the only time they got the advantage was when Shelton eliminated Archer but he lost himself.

With Ryder talking about how he’s bigger than ECW they might switch him off soon. Send him to Smackdown and bring Ziggler to ECW, since he seems to be in the midst of a depush.

I suppose Baretta’s win tonight makes the inevitable tag team match between him and Croft against Tatsu and Dust into the rubber match.

I’m surrprised they didn’t have more Hardy/Punk interactions during the Homecoming finale. More as in any at all. I suppose with Jeff showing up in TNA they may decide to scrap that though.

Jackson is really looking to be a monster right now. He’ll probably end up ECW champion but I can see them booking some sort of screwjob finish to allow Christian to keep the title.

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