Last week Ezekial Jackson won the ECW Homecoming to become number 1 contender for Christian’s ECW title.

We’re starting off with the Abraham Washington Show, but Santino Marella is the guest host. His guest is Vladimir Kozlov. Santino tries to teach Tony Atlas some Italian. Kozlov comes out in a T-shirt and jeans with kind of a half grin. HE’s ramrod straight in his seat until Santino tells him to “chillax. “Like an American,” Kozlov says. Kozlov says he was part of bad crowd. A Ukranian biker gang. He had to leave when someone ran over his face. Tony laughs but he says it was not a joke. Kozlov talks about people being scared of him and wonder if he’s Ivan Drago. He says “I must break you.” at Santino’s request. Santino bugs him to be part of a tag team until he pissed Kozlvo off and Santino decides to end the show.

We see Yoshi Tatsu and Santino heading to the ring.

They come out together to Yoshi’s music. Naturally they’re taking on Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft. Dust starts off with Croft I think. Goldust gets an armdrag and a slam then armbar. Eye gouge and Baretta comes into a hiptoss.

Tag to Tatsu, Dust catapults Baretta into a shot, then Baretta is knocked back onto his knees. Yoshi comes in and hits a rolling Senton.
Tatsu with Japanese armdrags and a dropkick sends Baretta to the floor. Yoshi to the apron and a kick to Baretta but Croft causes a distraction and Baretta takes advantage then tags out.

Croft with a chinklock. Tatsu elbows out. Croft stops a hot tag. Kick to the gut by Baretta. Standing dropkick. Another chinlock. Baretta sends him into his corner and squashes him into the corner, tags in Croft and throws him into a dropkick. Front facelock. Doubleteam in the corner. Baretta steps on his head. Then he slaps Tatsu who comes back wioth chops but is cut off. Baretta with a knee lift but Tatsu hits a spinkick.

Hot tags. Dust with clotheslines and his uppercut then a boot to the side of the head. Powerslam after a couple reversals. Dust gets rollup while the ref is distracted by Tatsu and Baretta hits Dust to reverse it.

Ryder and Rosa on the way to the ring. Ryder has a major announcement. He couldn’t be propos… no he’ll just be announcing he’s in the Royal Rumble.

He talks about Hurricane and says that he’s the “heart and soul superhero of ECW” he calls up Savannah to introduce him. She doesn’t do it good enough for them. Rosa curses her out. The Hurricane comes out and sends Ryder running. He kisses Savannah’s hand.

We get a history of the Archer/Benajamin feud. They’ll have a rematch on Superstars.

And now it’s time for the main event, Christian against Willaim Regal. Jackson accompanies Regal. Regal rolls Christian to the mat in the lockup but they both get up. Regal does some sort of odd armdrag then gets wristlock. Christian rolls through and flips Regal. Regal flips Christian out of an armlock. Monkeyflip out of a test of strength position. Headbutt by Regal.

Picks the leg but is kicked offf. Armbar by Regal. Christian gets the ropes then slides under and decks Regal. Backdrop. Baseball slide. Christian has a staredown with Jackson.

Christian has a headlock. He got a crossbody in the break. Shoulders to the corner. Runs into an elbow. Regal sends him into the second rope and hits some kicks then goes into a chinlock. Full nelson. Christian elbows out. Regal blocks the Killswitch then hits him in the back of the head. Choking Regal on the bottom rope. He covers Christian with his knees on the head. Christian ducks a short clothesline and hits some punches and runs into a forearm. Headlock.

Christian gets out with a knee. Killswitch blocked, exploder suplex. Regal kicks Christian’s head into the ringpost. Kneedrop. Christian rolls Regal up off a Tiger Driver attempt. Christian hits a series of punches and a running forearm. Tornado DDT. Dropkick off the second rope. Missle dropkick misses. Knee Trembler misses and Christian gets a jackknife. Regal rolls through a sunset flip and kicks the champ in the head. Regal runs into both boots and hits Euro uppercut off the second rope. Regal tossed over the top rope and Ezekial comes in for the DQ. Knee trembler. Uranage.

A disappointing end to an otherwise good show.

The opening segment did a good job humanizing Kozlov and he’s actually a pretty good talker. Considering there’s no technical flaws with his wrestling maybe this will lead to some improvement in the crowd reactions to him.

I look forward to more between Ryder and the Hurricane and wouldn’t be surprised to see Savannah become his new sidekick.

A pretty decent tag team match between Croft, Baretta, Tatsu and Dust but with ECW’s limited roster there’s not much else they can do unless the faces get another win. I suppose they could do a six man match, with Ryder and Hurricane teaming with the four of them.

The main event was technically sound and very entertaining, I think the crowd even got into the technical stuff, but I question the decision not to have anyone run in to help Christian. Like Kozlov.

Byron Saxton’s announcing is horrible. Even Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan never called faces stupid for not being cowards. He was fine as a generic announcer.

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  1. Disappointing end to the show? WWE was just hyping up the ECW Title Match at the Rumble a little more. Sure having a clean finish BEFORE Zeke got involved would be a better move, but I had no problem with it.

    Also one can only hope the crowd starts to like Kozlov because last night's segment BOMBED. It was just awkward.

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