Its’ the first ECW of the New Year and the last week of ECW Homecoming qualifying. CM Punk is taking on Mark Henry 1 on 1.

And if last week is to be believed Chavo Guerrero will also be involved in a qualifying match.

We open with Christian coming out.

He runs through the premise of Homecoming and is interrupted by CM Punk.

Christian has a big grin on his face. Punk calls him on it and wonders what’s so funny. Christian mentions Bret and Shawn hugging as something he never thought he’d see. And CM Punk back on ECW is nothing he wanted to see.

Punk plans on being a role model for ECW’s stars after he wins the ECW title. He’ll show them the straight edge way.

“Does the straight edge way mean you have to look like you haven’t showered in two weeks.”

Christian predicts Punk will be squashed. He won’t smoke, he won’t drink, he won’t do drugs, and he won’t be facing Christian at the Royal Rumble.

The first match up for tonight is a qualifying match with Shelton Benjamin facing Chavo Guerrero. Next weeks finals are apparently not a “battle royal” it an “over the top rope challenge”.

Chavo started pummeling Shelton with punches and forearms, but Shelton turns it around. Back elbow. He misses a charge in the corner and gets two amigos, but Shelton reverses into a German suplex

He then applies a front facelock. Chavo onto the apron but he gets a kick to the knee them starts working it. Chavo with punches to the head. Rolling senton onto the knee.

Dragon whip by Shelton. He beats Chavo to the punch then gets a backdrop. Presses Chavo up and lets him hit the mat face first. Chavo rolls in a half crab. Benjamin rolls through. Chavo with a nice headscissors then goes up top. Shelton tries to stop him so Chavo sommersaults over him but runs into Paydirt as he charges.

We get a replay of Tommy Dreamer’s fairwell, which is a nice touch.

Ryder and Rosa come out. Ryder says to forget about the past. TOmmy Dreamer is dead and gone(which strikes me as very inappropriate.) He stopped the heart and destroyed the soul of ECW. As far as he’s concerned from now on ECW is all about him.

Next up, it looks like Kozlov and Jackson are giving it another shot.

Jackson has Regal with him. I still think his music is best suited for a face. Armdrag by Kozlov out of a tie up. Waist lock and tokeover into a facelock.

Jackson gets the ropes. He cheap shots Koz, but Vladimir kciks him out of the ring. Zeke charges back in, Kozlov hits some kicks, but Jackson counters with a single leg, then starts working the knee. He rams it into the ringpost. Chopblock. A series of elbows to it, but Kozlov kicks him off. Jackson hits a rather unique kneebreaker then applies a submission.

Kozlov elbows out. Jackson looks to be going for a figure four, Kozlov kicks him out. Bodyslam. Corner clothesline. Shoulders in the corner.

Big clothesline by Jackson. Vertical suplex. Regal tells Jackson to finish him. Uranage and Jackson gets the win. I’m a little suprised. I thought he’d kick out the first time. Regal and Jackson the slam him face to the mat.

Apparently Mark Henry ran into TOny Atlas, but I missed it.

And our main event. CM Punk vs Mark Henry. Gallows is in Punk’s corner, and he’s still carrying the Slammy, so that’s bad news for Henry. Fans are loving having Henry back.

Punk tries a waistlock. Henry easily powers out and hiptosses Punk. Punk starts working some kicks. But Henry catches one, then tosses him over the top rope easily.

Gallows is checking Punk when Henry decides to come out. Punk drop toe holds him into the steps. Punks starts dropping knees to the head. Elbows to the back of the neck. Neckbreaker. Neck scissors by Punk. Adds in some elbows to the head. He hits a couple of kicks to the chest. Henry starts “hulking up” and hits series of headbutts. Corner splash. He misses a second. Knee strike, but he’s shoved off the bulldog attempt.

Gallows hits him with the Slammy, Punk gets a kick to the side of the head and the pin.

I wonder if it was nice for Chavo to get to put on a high quality match on TV.

Our final eight qualifiers are Punk, Benjamin, Jackson, Vance Archer, Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Matt Hardy and Kane. I’m going with Benjamin as the winner, last eliminating Punk. For order of elimination I’d say Bourne by Archer, Tatsu by Jackson, Kane and Archer by Jackson while tied up with each other, Jackson by Punk, Benjamin and Hardy while distracted by Kozlov attacking Regal, Hardy by Punk, Punk by Benjamin.

I was a little surprised fans didn’t get more into Kozlov vs Jackson, which was over all a very good match.

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