This is it. The last episode of ECW and this time it’s unlikely there will be another revival. We’ve got a Unfied Tag Team Title Match featuring Yoshi Tatsi and Goldust challenging Show-Miz and Christian will defend the ECW title against Ezekial Jackson.

We start off with a voiceover saying after 20 years it’s all over. That’s a stretch. Fifteen is closer to the truth.

We’re also getting a preview of NXT. Apparently there will be eight vets on the show as well as the rookies.

We start off with the unified tag titles. Yoshi comes out wearing an ECW shirt, whish is a nice touch. Dust and MIz start up. Miz gets backed to the corner, reverses but gets shoved down. Headlock then a shoulderblock by Dust. Dust catapults Miz into a shot by Tatsu, which goes into a backbreaker, then Yoshi leaps in and hits flipping senton. He hits several crossbody blocks, a double chop then he brings Dust back in who gets the butt bump. Miz heads outside and gets chased. Blind tag to Show as they come back in and he hits Dust with a headbutt.

When we come back Miz has hijm in a rear chinlock. Hot tag to Tatsu who hits rapid fire kicks until Show hits a chop to the chest then another. He steps on his stomach, then delivers a headbutt and a shot to the ribs. Miz is in as Show steps on Yoshi’s head. Choke by Miz. Chinlock but he elbows out. Show tags in and rams Miz into Tatsu’s gut. Headlock on the mat. Yoshi chants from the crowd. Show assisted corner clothesline by Miz. Yoshi with a kick to the head then several more shots. Yoshi with a roaring elbow as Miz hits the ropes.

Hot tag to Dust, and he gets several clotheslines. Uppercut when Miz drops his head. Inverted atomic drop. Bulldog, and a powerslam. Show tries to come in. Tatsu attacks him but is tossed. Show hits Dust in the ribs while the ref is distracted and Miz gets the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Chris Jericho will be mentoring someone named Wade Barrett. Matt Hardy will do the same for Justin Gabriel.

Tiffany talks about NXT but is interrupted by Zack Ryder and Rosa who wants into the ECW title match. She says no, no matter what language they ask in, because Rosa starts yelling at her in Spanish. He reminds her that this is an extreme rules match so if he wants to make his presence felt she can’t stop him. I smell a show stopping brawl.

We get a final ECW Abraham Washington Show, this time in the ring. Tony isn’t stopping laughing. Washington says they’re in Kansas City rather than St. Louis then claims he only remembers the important cities. He talks about becoming a free agency and plugs NXT. He says he told Vince McMahon that he needed the biggest star in the WWE today. His guest is himself. Shelton Benjamin is apparently not happy about that. Washington calls him Goldilocks but gets warned to check his attitude. Shelton says the show is unwatchable with him and a guest let alone him alone. He talks about becoming a free agent. Vance Archer comes out and tells Shelton that if his future involves them on the same show then he won’t have a future. Croft and Baretta come out, then Kozlov. Kozlov speaks Russian. He stares at Archer who tells him no one can understand him, then gets a shove. During all this Washington is worried about his furniture. The ring is cleared by Shelton and Kozlov, including Shelton sending Baretta into Kozlov’s headbutt.

Carlito will be working with Michael Tarver. Well considering Carlito isn;t doing much that’s a decent idea. I hope Finley is working with a rookie too. They should pair up guys who don’t get a lot of TV time with the rookies in my opinion.

CM Punk will be mentoring Darren Young.

Chrisitna and Zeke tie up and the champ gets shoved down. He takes a few shots then starts running the ropes. He throws Zeke out of the ring, but his baseball slide is caught and he’s pulled out. Zeke rams him into the announce table and tosses him back into the ring. He throws some weapons into the ring but Christian gets them and Zeke in knocked off the apron with a shot by a kendo stick.

Ryder interferes but gets flapjacked into a trash can. He’s tossed. Rosa slaps Christian. Tiffany runs down and tackles her then throws them out.

Zeke with a back elbow. Sends Christian to the corner, but runs into an elbow. Christian goes up but is thrown off the top into the barricade. Zeke adjusts the steps and rams Christian into them. He tries to hit him with the garbage can, but Christian avoids it. He gives a missle dropkick into the can off the steps. He tries to ram Christian with the cart but misses. Christian is thrown inside the cart.

Zeke misses with a garbage can lid in the corner. Pendulum kick knocks it into him. Crossbody off the top. Zeke rams him with a garbage can. Zeke and Regal get a table but it’s baseball slide into them. Jackson slams the champ down onto the table.

Christian chant. Jackson has him set on the ropes as he sets up the table. He’s going for a superplex. Blocked into a tornado DDT. Christian is thrown over the table. He hits Zeke with a kendo stick then goes after Regal.

Unfortunately Regal comes back and though his attacks is blocked and Christian gets the Killswitch on him. But Zeke hits the Uranage through the table to becomes the new ECW champion.

R-Truth will be mentoring David Otunga.

A disappointing end to ECW. On the final show both heels win their matches with Ezekial winning the ECW title. I almost wonder if they’ll keep the belt around, maybe give Christian a rematch.

Overall, I’ve loved this show. I only saw some of the old ECW, and I was never impressed. To much violence and the small arenas never seemed homey they seemed, well, cheap. So for me this is a much superior ECW. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in regards to NXT yet. I’ll probably watch next week just to see what it is.

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