Tonight’s main event is Christian teaming with Kane to take on Ezekial Jackson and William Regal.

We start with William Regal introducing Jackson as he comes down to the ring. Zeke talks about having Christian sprawled at his feet last week. He promises that image will repeat itself at the Royal Rumble.

Christian comes out responding. He tosses out a quote from the book of Ezekial, and admits he hasn’t faced anyone like Ezekial. He says he’s defended his title against All-American Americans, ECW Originals and creepy pasty British dudes. He points out that last week was a two on one. This time Christian has evened the odds.

As Kane walks to the ring Josh Matthews calls him a walking Doomsday.

We comes back with Regak and Christian in the ring. Christian gets a monkey flip and Regal tags out. Kane comes in too. They hit the ropes and collide mid ring. Kane gets a headlock. Ezekial fights out. Kane hits shoulderblock but Zeke doesn’t budge. He trash talks so Kane hits an uppercut to the throat, a boot to the gut and takes him down with a clothesline.

Christian comes in with a shot to Zeke’s arm. Slide under and he slaps Ezekial. Zeke gets a slam but misses an ekbow. Kane comes in and works the arm.

Regal tags in and starts working Kane’s leg. Zeke’s back in and does some shoulders in the corner then a corner avalanche. Front facelock. Matthews gets on Saxton’s case for crowning Ezekial the new ECW champion.

Ezekial tries a corner clothesline but misses and Kane tags out. Christian hits a second rope missle dropkick after Zeke runs into both books. Reverse DDT after a Killswitch block. Christian nails Regal and throws Zeke through the ropes then he leaps to the second rope and dives over the top.

Kane his a low dropkick on Zeke. Christian tags in and hits an axhandle on Jackson. Zeke throws him over the ropes. Christian goes at Regal but Zeke nails him from behind. He throws Christian in and tags in Regal, who puts on a chinlock.

Second rope sunset flip. Regal brings Zeke back in. Backbreaker. He steps on Christian’s head. The champ fights back but is knocked down with a shoulder. Double team in the corner. Butterfly suplex. Zeke in after Regal does some taunting. He hits some forearms and then chokes Christian on the ropes.

Double underhook submission hold. Regal in with forearms and knees. He sets Christian on the second rope, but the champ fights him off. Diving Euro uppercut.

Kane is in and pummels Regal. Backdrop. Corner clotheslines. Sideslam. He goes up top and hits the flying clothesline. Zeke from behind. Christian tags in, and Kane throws him onto Jackson. He and Kane go outside. Killswitch on Regal is blocked, knee trembler misses. Christian hits the Killswitch. But Kane was sent into the ringpost and Jackson made a blind tag. He hits the Uranage and gets the win. He ends the match stepping on Christian and flexing.

We’re also going to have a six man tag match. The Hurricane, Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu team against Zack Ryder, Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta. Curt Hawkins former partner with his current partners. And this isn’t the first time Dust and Hurricane have been on the same team. They teamed up a couple times back during the Bookdust and Hurri-Kane days.

We get a Royal Rumble promo. Then Shelton Benjamin talks about the Royal Rumble until Vance Archer attacks him.

TIme for the six man match. Rosa looks good tonight. She also gives Savannah a dirty look as she does the intros.

Dust and Croft start, I think. Croft gets catapulted into the corner, and Dust takes shots at the heels. Croft gets an inverted atomic drop and Dust works the arm. Croft misses a charge in the corner and Dust gets an armdrag. Hurricane in with a leg lariat.

Zack Ryder in and Hurricane gets an armdrag. He rolls over pulls up Ryder and attempts a Hammerlock but Ryder fights out. Hurricane tosses Ryder over the top rope and things break down as we go to commercial.

Tatsu gets an armdrag on Croft and Dust comes in. Armbar, he flips Croft and drops a leg on the arm. He rams Croft’s arm into the rinpost but Croft tags in Baretta. Hurricane gets in. Second rope Hurricane-rana. He doesn’t get the shining wizard but he hits a baseball lside when Baretta rolls out. DIve over the top.

Ryder casues a distraction and Baretta sweeps Hurricane’s legs. Ryder in. Rough Ryder. Croft in with a stomp. Full nelson on the mat. Hurricane fight out and gets victory roll but gets taken down with a clothesline after the kickout.

Baretta in, goofing off. Hurricane punches away but Baretta gets a dropkick. Ryder in, stomping and choking away. He hits neckbreaker and then goes into a chinlock. Hurricane with a sunset flip. Ryder hits a clothesline but doesn’t get all of it. Croft in with a knee drop, then a legdrop. Baretta in with a kick to the gut. Croft slaps on a front facelock.

Hurricane backdrops out, Croft tries a rollup, but ‘Cane rolls through and hits the Shining Wizard.

Tatsu in and hits a dropkick and spinning heel kick on Baretta. Series of kicks after he knocks the others off the apron. Spinning heel kick off the top. Ryder breaks it up. Dust tosses him outside.

Baretta and Croft try to backdrop Goldust. Dust hits his uppercut on Croft and Baretta gets the finisher kick giving Tatsu, Dust and Hurricane the win.

Quite a show. Only two matches in an hour but I’d say we got close to forty minutes of wrestling action and they gave fans the faces winning at the end of the show despite the first match having bigger names. Two consecutive beatings by Jackson seems to suggest that Christian would win at the Royal Rumble. But Jackson has been very dominant. Still the way they’ve happened I’d be perfectly happy if Christian ended up winning or even losing by DQ just to keep the title off him.

I wonder if Vance Archer is even in the Royal Rumble? He’d kind of a no name currently.

I really enjoyed the six man tag match, except the heels actually tagged a little to often. It got a little monotanous. There was some good fast paced with ‘Cane and Tatsu and Goldust has looked great in recent weeks.

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