We’ve got another ECW homecoming match, this time featuring Jack Swagger and rumors suggest we may be looking at Tommy Dreamer’s last ECW match.

Swagger starts the show, saying the show is finally worth watching again. He says there’s eight former ECW stars coming in, but one of last weeks matches was between two of ECW’s stars.

Swagger insults Christian and calls Dreamer fat then gives us a video of his history.

Zack Ryder comes down to the ring for his match before Swagger even leaves the stage, but nothing happens.

Dreamer knocks Ryder down and gets a hiptoss. Ryder comes back but ducks his head and gets a knee. Ryder rolls to the outside and Rosa causes a distraction so he can pull Tommy off the apron.

Chinlock by Ryder. Sunset flip by Ryder but he comes back with the Rough Ryder. Did you know that was the name of Rey Mysterio’s version of the Bronco Buster back in WCW? Facewash by Ryder. He climbs to the top but is caught and superplexed. Dreamer slugs away hits a clothesline, then a powerslam. Dreamer runs into a knee. Catapult by Dreamer. Tree of Woe. He pulls off his shirt and tosses it then goes for the DDT. Ryder slips out, snaps Dreamer’s back on the top rope and then gets the Zack Attack for the win.

Abraham Washington Show is up next. We’ve got Croft and Baretta being interviewed. They’re taking it to the next level. They complain about no drinks.

Swagger is shocked Tiffany is still in charge. She says it’s become much easier and better since Swagger was gone. The Hurricane shows up.

Swagger asks what his superpowers are. Hurricane says his “Hurri-powers” are as limitless as imagination. He can do anything. Except maybe cure Swagger’s speech impediment.

Next up we have Vance Archer vs Goldust in an ECW Homecoming match. Archer backs Dust up, they switch positions, but Dust gets decked. Butt bump by Dust. Hardwhip to the corner and a slam by Archer. He then gets chinlock with a knee to the back.

Axhandle to the back and he puts on another chinlock. Dust fights out and hits a couple of clothesline and his upper cut then a bulldog. Dust can’t get a suplex and Archer rams him into the corner, then hits his finisher for the win. It still sucks.

Christian is checking out the match bacstage. The way they show the graphic for the match it may be some sort of eight man match. Considering the Rumble isn’t until the end of January they have plenty of time.

We get a replay of the breakup of the Roundtable and the beatdown of Kozlov.

Christian is giving Tatsu some advice. Swagger arrives and Christian calls him a dork. At the end Tatsu says “What a… jackass.”

Next week Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy will both appear. Maybe we’ll have a couple of Homecoming match where both are former ECW superstars.

We start off with Swagger and Tatsu locking up. Swagger can’t push him back so he slides into a facelock, drops to the mat and goes into a waistlock even throwing him down a couple times. Several forearms to the chest. Tatsu gets a kick when Swagger ducks his head. Schoolboy off of a attempt at a knee.

Swagger gets him backed into the turnbuckles and hits several shoulders to the guts. Tatsu sent across the ring and clotheslined in the corner. Top wristlock. That fans are getting behind Yoshi. Type of an armdrag by Swagger.

Gutwrench blocked, Swagger ducks the finishing kick but quickly backs off.

During the break Swagger hit a wheelbarrel suplex and takes charge. Back suplex. Belly-to-belly and he does some pushups. Legdrop. Top wristlock.

Yoshi flips out a suplex, hits kick, but Swagger hits a clothesline. Tatsu begins hitting several kicks, then a dropkick. Wheelbarrel bulldog by Yoshi. Double knees to the chest and a rolling snapmare. Tatsu misses a kick but gets a rollup.

Spinning heel kick from the top. Swagger gets a rollup and a clothesline to the back of the head. Oklahoma Stampede Powerslam and a Vader Bomb. Yoshi grabs the rope.

Tatsu hits the kick and hooks both legs.

A decent show I suppose, but not quite as good as it could be. After some of the matches Dust has been in it’s hard to believe Archer finished him off with just the moves he used. Rather low impact.

The other two matches were entertaining but a bit annoying. Both Ryder and Tatsu were pretty thoroughly dominated and ended up winning. Swagger’s match was especially bad since he really pounded away on one of ECW’s most popular guys and is likely to go back to being Raw’s heel representative on Superstars, if he wrestles at all.

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