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  1. 2008 WWE Supplemental Draft coverage

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    Due to the length of today’s post, I have edited it to better suit the front page.  The draft picks will be listed here by brand at the top of the post, and the in-depth analysis will be found after the jump.


    1. Jamie Noble
    2. Deuce
    3. Chuck Palumbo
    4. Matt Striker
    5. Layla
    6. Kofi Kingston


    1. Trevor Murdoch
    2. Big Daddy V
    3. DH Smith
    4. Brian Kendrick
    5. Maria
    6. Shelton Benjamin
    7. Carlito


    1. Mark Henry
    2. Hornswoggle
    3. Super Crazy
    4. Finlay

    Full analysis of the 2008 supplemental draft picks, after the jump!