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  1. iMPACT 12/16/10


    The title of tonight’s episode is “Head Games.” Ok, obviously there is psychological side of angles and storylines, but this title ALSO implies the punditry of Mr. Anderson’s concussion storyline. Because head trauma is funny. We get it… Credits and whatnot roll… I hope you’ve got your suffering boots on, friend. Because we trek through the mire and fens together as you read the experience of watching iMPACT with me…


  2. The Randomness 1 Year Anniversary Randomtactular


    Well Here it is, the 1 year anniversary of  this very article, man where does the time go.  Well actually the first edition didn’t go under the mane Random Randomness but “Thoughts on this week in wrestling” and can be found here: http://boredwrestlingfan.com/2008/11/09/thoughts-on-this-week-in-wrestling/.  Well instead of doing my usual give you my thoughts on the week, I figured that I would take a look back at what has happened this past year: (more…)