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  1. BWF Radio Episode 59: Royal Rumble Roundtable

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    Don’t bother me, I’m dancin!

    It’s a BWF Radio of Royal Rumble sized proportions!  Joe, Jorge, JT, G, Hornsby of BotchedSpot, Brian Muller of Buffalo’s Scarlet Embrace, and Brian DeVille and Frankie Feathers of Empire State Wrestling battle to get a word in edgewise as the 8 men give their thoughts and predictions for the WWE’s annual Royal Rumble  Pay Per View event.  Plus, all the wrestling news of the week, including Chris Jericho’s desired new wrestling name, The Rock’s “Teddy Bear,” an update on Superstar Billy Graham’s health, and much, much more.  Tune in for this supersized edition of BWF Radio!

    BWF Radio Episode 59 (MP3, 2:29:56)

  2. SmackDown on DVR review – 11/28/08

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    I like doing these “On DVR” reviews.  I get to watch a WWE show, give you my thoughts on it as I watch, and be done in like an hour and a half.  It’s much easier to enjoy the shows this way than trying to write them in real time as the show is actually on.  Anyways, SmackDown’s been my favorite show of the week on a consistent basis, and I get to do a review of SmackDown, which features the new WWE Champion, Edge!  It’s been a while since Edge has been seen on SmackDown, and since he’s one of my personal favorites, I’m glad to have him back, as I feel as though it can only make the show better.

    Enough of my ranting and raving about the Rated R Superstar, my thoughts on this week’s WWE SmackDown are after the jump! (more…)