I like doing these “On DVR” reviews.  I get to watch a WWE show, give you my thoughts on it as I watch, and be done in like an hour and a half.  It’s much easier to enjoy the shows this way than trying to write them in real time as the show is actually on.  Anyways, SmackDown’s been my favorite show of the week on a consistent basis, and I get to do a review of SmackDown, which features the new WWE Champion, Edge!  It’s been a while since Edge has been seen on SmackDown, and since he’s one of my personal favorites, I’m glad to have him back, as I feel as though it can only make the show better.

Enough of my ranting and raving about the Rated R Superstar, my thoughts on this week’s WWE SmackDown are after the jump!

We kick things off with a video package detailing the events of Survivor Series, where Edge took Jeff Hardy’s place in the WWE Championship Triple Threat and won the WWE Championship.  WWE has a tendency to do cool things with video packages involving Edge, and this one was no exception.  It was a nifty little thing with Hardy’s music playing then turning into Edge’s.  I like those.

Anyways, Vickie Guerrero is in the ring when the package is over.  There is security surrounding the ring as she welcomes the WWE Champion, Edge!  Edge is still sporting the beard, and this is the first time I’ve seen Edge’s entrance in HD (well, except for SNME back in August, but that doesn’t count), and it just looks awesome.  The two embrace in the ring, apparently having reconciled their marriage.  I’m surprised Edge didn’t bring back his Rated R spinner belt in place of Cena’s belt that became the official version of the title.  Edge says he’s not 100%, but when he heard what happened to Jeff Hardy, he knew he had to come back, because Jeff Hardy has a history of letting people down.  Edge cares about more than the WWE Championship though.  He came back because he didn’t want to let Vickie down.  Vickie thanks him for being his hero and saving her from Jeff Hardy’s irresponsibility.  After a bit of trash talk about him from Edge and Vickie, Jeff hits the ring, but is restrained by security.  Triple H knocks Hardy down on the way to the ring, but is also restrained by security.  Vladimir Kozlov slips in through the crowd, and he says that he wants his one on one shot at the title.  Vickie says not to worry, because there will be three beat the clock matches tonight.  Whoever wins their match in the shortest time by pinfall or submission will go on to face Edge at Armageddon in my hometown of Buffalo.  By the way, Jeff Hardy’s up first – and NEXT!


Jeff Hardy is still all painted up in an EXTREME manner.  He’s facing a guy wearing a brand new red jacket – The Brian Kendrick!

Jeff Hardy def. The Brian Kendrick in 12:13 in a Beat The Clock Challenge

Jeff Hardy may not be the smartest guy in WWE.  I say that because he doesn’t really aggressively go after The Brian Kendrick in the first 30 seconds of this match.  He does start going for quick pinfalls after that, but Kendrick gets out of the ring and wasts nearly a minute of Jeff Hardy’s time.  On the other hand, if I were The Brian Kendrick, I’d be attempting to win instead of attempting to waste time.  Even if he takes an hour to beat you, Hardy’s still got a chance to win the Beat The Clock Challenge.  If Hardy doesn’t win, he doesn’t go to Armageddon, simple as that.  That said, this match is all Hardy, when he can catch Kendrick that is.  Even when Kendrick takes Hardy down, he doesn’t bother to capitalize.   Maybe he’ll do so during the…


When we come back, we find out that Kendrick did indeed go on the offense, kicking Hardy in the back of the head and getting a two count of his own.  Of course, now that we’re back on TV, it’s Hardy’s turn to get some offense in.  Not much though, because Kendrick goes for a chinlock, wrenching back on Hardy’s head with the clock in Hardy’s plain view.  Hardy battles out of the chinlock and nails a stun gun, or whatever they’re calling it now, at around the 10 minute mark.  Hardy hits an awesome modified pendulum dropkick, hitting it with Kendrick tied to the Tree of Woe.  He hits a Whisper in the Wind at 11:35, getting only a two count on a lax cover by the ropes.  Big Zeke tries to pull Kendrick out of the ring, but Hardy dropkicks him for his troubles.  He hits a Swanton at 12:08 and sets the time to beat at 12:13.


Hardy doesn’t look too thrilled about his time, and we find out that Vladimir Kozlov will face Matt Hardy in his Beat The Clock Challenge tonight, and Triple H will face Shelton Benjamin in his.

Speaking of Matt, Eve’s standing by with him right now.  He says Jeff’s a screwup, but he knows that Edge and Vickie are responsible for what happened to Jeff in Boston over the weekend, and he’s going to do everything in his power to give Jeff that opportunity to challenge for the title again.


We then get a video package about The Undertaker and his current feud with The Big Show.  I was interested at first, but then I fast forwarded the rest of it.  Next week though, it’s going to be ‘Taker vs. Show in a Steel Cage, which happens to be hanging up above the ring this week.  We then get a preview of the match, courtesy of SmackDown vs. RAW 2009.

The Bella Twins make their way to the ring for six Diva action!  Hint on how to tell them apart – Brie has tattoos – but you can only see them when they’re wearing low cut pants.  Anywho, they’re teaming with Michelle McCool to take on Maryse, Victoria, and Natalya.  After this…


Maryse, Natalya, & Victoria def. Michelle McCool & The Bella Twins

Michelle is wearing matching colors to the Bella ladies in this one.  Natalia is wearing an outfit closer to the traditional Hart family attire this time around, and also utilizes one of Uncle Davey Boy Smith’s submission holds to perfection.  One of the Bellas attacks Victoria, and while the referee is trying to break them up, Michelle rolls up Maryse in the ring.  After another miscommunication due to the short fuse of the Bella Twins, Maryse hits her finisher and picks up a pinfall on the Diva’s Champion.

After the match, Michelle argues with the Bella Twins, prompting Maria to come out to try and get her to calm down.  Michelle shoves Maria down to the canvas and backs up the ramp with her title in tow.


Linda McMahon was named one of the most powerful women in television.

DX is shilling for WWEShop.com.  It’s actually pretty funny, I watched it Tuesday.  So I’m going to fast forward it tonight.

The Moscow Mauler is already in the ring.  Matt Hardy gets a full entrance.  Normally, that spells doom for the guy already in the ring.  Probably not the case for the big Russian, Vladimir Kozlov.

Hurrapop:  Hurricane Helms will be returning NEXT WEEK on SmackDown!

Vladimir Kozlov did not beat the clock vs. Matt Hardy in a Beat The Clock Challenge

The clock starts at 12:13, it’s the time that Jeff Hardy set earlier tonight.  Unlike The Brian Kendrick earlier tonight, Matt Hardy locks right up with Kozlov. He looks over at the clock and starts playing a little… well, I was going to say “stick and move,” but JR just said “cat and mouse,” so we’ll go with that.  Matt actually controls this match for the first couple minutes, but it’s more of a defensive control as brother Jeff watches on in HD backstage.  Matt rolls outside for a 7 count, rolls in, and rolls right back out.  He finall gets back in with 9 minutes left, and the ECW Champion is in no hurry to lock back up with the Moscow Mauler.  There’s a guy in the crowd with a sign that says “Sign Guys Suck.”  Kozlov takes down Hardy, but he preens to the crowd instead of trying to pin his opponent.  Hardy rolls outside again, and gets Kozlov to chase him.  When Kozlov finally catches Hardy with 7:30 to go, he hits a few capture headbutts and a boot to Matt’s chest.  It was so hard, in fact, that it sent us into a…


We come back with 3:30 or so left on the clock, and Kozlov in control.  It’s not an aggressive control, like an “I must win in the next 3 minutes” control; more of an “I win when I want to win” control.  It doesn’t help his cause that Matt Hardy, like he’s said so many times before, will not die.  No matter what Kozlov throws at him, Hardy kicks out.  With 48 seconds left, Matt somehow hits a Side Effect and dropkicks him to the outside.  Kozlov doesn’t get back into the ring until there is 21 seconds left.  Hardy tries for a Twist of Fate, but Kozlov shoves him.  Hardy dives out of the ring, and manages to cause Kozlov to not Beat The Clock!


Matt takes off with the ECW title in tow, and Triple H stands face to face with Jeff backstage.


Jesse and Festus are in the ring when we come back.  John Morrison and The Miz make their way to the ring in their new matching outfits.

Jesse & Festus def. The Miz & Morrison via disqualification.

Jesse’s tights kinda sorta match Miz and Morrison’s too – they’re all wearing red and black.  The only difference is that Jessey has a lot more white on his.  Miz and Morrison dominate Jesse as Festus anxiously paces on the apron as the announcers continually talk about the effect the ring bell has on the Corn Fed Colossus.  Festus gets the hot tag (and SvR 09 has made it ok for me to use that particular insider term).  He sends Morrison to the outside, but Morrison grabs the bell and rings it.  Jesse clotheslines him, tosses him back in, and rings the bell again, sending Festus into a rage.  Miz takes out Jesse and rings the bell, sending Festus back into his catatonic stage.  Miz aned Morrison assault Jesse on the outside of the ring and the referee calls for a disqualification.

Miz and Morrison continue their assault on Jesse, then enter the ring with the bell in hand.  Miz makes Festus make the “L” for loser sign on his forehead.  Morrison rings the bell, sending Festus into a rage, but then quickly rings it again to save Miz.  Miz takes the bell and does the same to Morrison.  They then come up with an idea.  Morrison takes the bell, and Miz mocks Festus’s metamorphisis as Morrison rings the bell.  They knock Jesse out with the bell and celebrate, but Miz drops the hammer on to the bell inadvertantly, awakening Festus, who chases them out of the ring.


RAW REBOUND: John Cena beat the crap out of Jericho

Mr. Kennedy shills “Behind Enemy Lines.”  Then he interviews Triple H.  Does the Game think he can beat the clock tonight?  The Game says watch him.  He’ll see Edge at Armageddon.

Oh and that match, it’s up next!


Triple H and Shelton Benjamin broke the trend – they both got entrances tonight.

Triple H def. Shelton Benjamin in 12:13 in a Beat The Clock Challenge

Triple H goes with the strategy I said would be wise – he went for a Pedigree with 11:50 left!  Benjamin got out though, and tried to kill time on the outside of the ring.  The Game went right out after him, and tried again for a Pedigree with 10:47 left, again to no avail.  He locks in a Crippler Crossface with 10:35 left.  Benjamin finally reached the ropes with 9:46 left.  Benjamin reversed a suplex into a neckbreaker with about 9:30 left, and sent us into a…


There’s only 5:35 left when we come back, and things aren’t looking good for Triple H.  Shelton Benjamin has him trapped in a reverse chinlock.  The Cerebral Assassin battles out with around 5 minutes left, but then eats a Benjamin DDT, but it only nets the US Champion a two count.  Benjamin goes right back to the chinlock, which The Game battles out of with 4:15 left.  He can’t capitalize though, he’s down and trying to recover.  A glance at the clock rejuvinates the King of Kings, and he hits the Harley Race knee with 3:41 left.  Benjamin again attempts escape from the ring, but Triple H again catches him.  With 3 minutes left, Benjamin rolls away from The Game again, and gets slammed face first into the announce table.  With 2:25 left, Triple H tries to roll him back in the ring, but Benjamin rolls right back out again.  He finally gets him back in the ring at 2 minutes, and hits that Double A Spinebuster with 1:57 to go.  He goes for the Pedigree with 1:45 left, but again is reversed.  With one minute left, The Game goes after Benjamin again, but Benjamin hangs on to the ropes for dear live.  When Triple H finally manages to get him loose, he inadvertantly knocks out the ref.  With 30 seconds left, Triple H hits a Pedigree and gets the cover.  The referee finally crawls over with 3 seconds left, and his hand slaps the mat a third time as the clock hits zero.  The referee says yes, Triple H has won the match!

Charles Robinson comes down to discuss the decision with Mike Chioda.  Chioda talks to the time keeper as we see a split screen that shows that Hardy and Triple H tied.  Justin Roberts informs us of exactly that fact, and Jeff Hardy hits the ring.  Who will face Edge for the WWE Championship at Armageddon?  We’ll probably find out next week!

I’ll tell you, I like the idea of a tie finish in a Beat The Clock Challenge.  It’s new.  I’ve been watching since 1988, and I’ve never seen anything like it.  The execution was great as well, with Mike Chioda barely able to make the count in the Triple H – Shelton Benjamin match.  Tonight’s show was great – definitely the best show I’ve watched this week.  What did you guys think?  Drop a comment and let me know!

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