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  1. PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics: Bad News Allen (Brown) vs Owen Hart.

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    Welcome to another episode of classic wrestling here at Wonderpodonline.com. As usual, we will travel back in time once again to our destination of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The home of Stampede Wrestling! This time its Owen Hart, the future WWF tag team champion, “slammy” award winner and the man destined to become the “king of Harts” in the WWF. His opponent in this match is a famous Stampede Wrestling veteran by the name of Bad news Allen. You will likely know Bad news Allen as Bad news Brown from his time wrestling in the WWF in some great matches, including Wrestlemainia moments against Owens very own brother, Bret Hart. This match showcases young Owens early talents in the ring as he spends much of the match dominating Allen in the technical aspects of pro wrestling. However, this match will also show off the toughness, experience and never die attitude of Bad News Allen that made him a star and a multi time champion both in Calgary and around the world.  Worth noting near the end of the video is the appearance of Owens greatest rival in Stampede Wrestling ,Makhan Singh, who was also known as Bastian Booger in the WWF ( I still feel so, so ,sorry for him about that terrible gimmick). Enjoy the fun, excitement and action of this match and I will return with another PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classic next week! In the mean time and in between time ,check out www.wonderpodonline.com for more PatMan picks PC classics and also wonderpod videogame podcast!

    [youtube xMK0jnIUpFw]

  2. Top 5 Wrestlemania Moments

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    Ahhhhhhh Wrestlemania. The very name conjures up countless images which have both thrilled and entertained millions upon millions of people, never failing to lose its appeal in almost 30 years. It’s actually scary for yours truly to think that the very fist ‘Mania I can recall was way, way back in 1990 – when the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan was set to square off with the lunacy that was The Ultimate Warrior. Title for title, muscle-bound behemoth versus muscle-bound behemoth. It’s surely an iconic moment in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment and serves as a welcome reminder of just how much excitement Wrestlemania can cause.


  3. RAW 2.7.11


    Hello everyone!  I know RAW is a little late today, but last night was full of internet frustrations and homework.  So, that’s why it’s up now, and that’s why it’s shorter than usual.  As you can see, I did still track Tweets for this review, so, yeah.  Here we go!

    Look busy! The boss is comin’!

    I actually missed having the opportunity to say that.  I missed Mr. McMahon.  He comes out onto the stage and says that now that the SuperBowl is over, there’s one thing left that supersedes the SuperBowl, that has more grandeur, more excitement- Wrestlemania!  Each year, something special separates one Wrestlemania from all the others.  Next week, we’ll be introduced to a man who embodies that.  No one has hosted an event in front of 75,000 people before, not at the Grammys or anywhere else!  Next week, we’ll meet the guest host for Wrestlemania 27!

    I hear voices in my head…

    As Randy makes his way down to the ring, Vince heads out.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week, Randy Orton delivered a punt to Husky Harris and took him out of action.>

    Randy comes out and says that if Punk thinks they’re even, he’s delusional.  Orton is only JUST getting started, and it’s going to cost Punk a helluva lot more than just Harris.  He starts to go on, but Punk interrupts.  Punk sits on the stage and says he’s surprised they agree: it’s not over by a long shot.  And, because he knows Randy is dying to know, Punk tells us the reason he cost Randy Orton the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble:

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Unforgiven 2008: Randy Orton injures CM Punk and forces him to forfeit the World Heavyweight Championship.>

    Punk says that now Randy knows why.  Randy really doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and that night, CM Punk had to forfeit the title.  Punk hasn’t forgotten and has waited this long.  The difference between their actions is that Punk’s are defensible.  As long as they’re on the same show, Punk vows that Randy Orton with never be WWE Champion again.  Punk says that he’s not going to wait until the Elimination Chamber; he’s going to eliminate Randy Orton right now.

    The New Nexus comes to the ring and attacks Orton, who fights back for a while before the numbers game becomes too much.    Punk gets in Randy’s face, and Randy manages to get a good solid hit on Punk’s nose.  So solid, in fact, that Punk starts pouring blood.  Nexus gets Orton still, however, and lifts him up on Punk’s shoulders, and Punk hits the Go to Sleep.


    @seraphalexiel Strangely enough, it looks like if Mason Ryan, Otunga, and Mike McGuillicutty all went to school with Punk, they’d bully the shit out of him

    @ThingsColeSays Punk is bleeding! Stop the segment!

    @Niki_Sushi Punk should be thanking Randy. He’s the one that was breathing Hasky’s ass at the Rumble. #BWF #RAW

    @Rack_Flair Vince got out of a coma yesterday to catch the Superbowl #wwe #raw

    @TKeep123 Vince McMahon out to save the #RAW ratings…….and hype #WrestleMania !!!! #RAW #WWE #BWF

    @CMPunkSays In case you wonder what I think of Punk’s tactic of making #WWE’s top faces look like total pricks… I FUCKING LOVE IT.

    @JonHexLives Wow. CM Punk has legit beef with Randy Orton. That’s hilarious. #WWE #RAW #BWF

    During the commercial, we learn that the RAW General Manager has put the members of the New Nexus in action against each of the members of RAW’s Elimination Chamber match, which will come to a head tonight when John Cena faces off against CM Punk.

    Mason Ryan vs R-Truth

    Truth comes out and says Green Bay, Wisconsin instead of Milwaukee, and the Milwaukee crowd lets him know that he fucked it up, via a Milwaukee chant.  Ryan basically latches onto a knee and starts targeting that before be puts Truth in a submission that Truth taps out of rather quickly.

    Mason Ryan wins via submission.

    However, after the match, Mason Ryan doesn’t let go right away.  He continues to hold it, and then gets out to grab a chair.  The ref stops him, so Ryan just puts him back in the submission.  However, the ref has seen enough, and reverses his decision.

    R-Truth wins via disqualification.

    Later on tonight, John Cena will take on CM Punk, and the WWE Champion The Miz wants to say a congratulations to the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, Jerry “The King” Lawler!



    @HitTheRopes I’m going to have FAITH and hope that Mason Ryan destroys R-Truth as much as Truth destroys the English language. #WWE

    @KeepItFiveStar LMAO!! MILWAUKEE IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE CROWD! What a mistake by R-Truth! How dare he hurt that crowd’s feelings

    @CMPunkSays Holy crap, that’s a BROCK LOCK! #WWE

    @kickoutblog Oh R-Truth, you can’t screw the cheap city pop, especially when it’s Milwaukee, which is an Indian word meaning “The Good Land.”

    @TKeep123 Mason Ryan needs an “I am NOT Batista” t-shirt ! #RAW #WWE #BWF

    Punk, Otunga, and McGuillicutty are backstage, and Punk is pacing, holding a towel up to his bloodied nose.  Mason Ryan joins them backstage and Punk looks upset before he gives Ryan a ‘Well done’.  He says that tonight, he doesn’t care if they win or if they lose, so long as they hurt people.  He wants all of his Elimination Chamber opponents hurt so that he can have the advantage.  R-Truth and Randy Orton are already hurt.  Ryan says something in Arabic before saying two down, three to go.  Otunga worries about taking out Sheamus, but Punk says that he always has a plan.

    WWE Diva’s Champion Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and Tamina vs Melina, Nikki, and Brie Bella

    Natalya’s ringside for commentary, and says that next week, she’s going to get her rematch against Eve for the Diva’s Championship.  Her constant bickering with Cole was more annoying than anything else.  As for the action in the ring, the early momentum went to Melina and the Bellas, but Tamina cleaned house of the Bellas and Eve pinned Melina for the win.

    WWE Diva’s Champion Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and Tamina win via pinfall.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: The 2.21.11 image returns, preceded by the shack in the rain.  A close up comes to the door this time, and it swings open, only for the mysterious man in boots to walk in.  Johnny Cash’s Ain’t No Grave plays as the image of 2.21.11 appears in fire on the side of the door.>


    @TKeep123 Gail Kim in a match? Hell must be freezing over…. #RAW #WWE #BWF

    @KeepItFiveStar Also this is Gail Kim’s third consecutive week on RAW. Tamina – 4. Bare feet- 39. And Eve is still a dude.

    @Niki_Sushi Damn it all. Tonight can only get worse if Daniel shows up. #BWF #RAW #knockonwood

    @WWE_Creative Thanks @NatbyNature for burying Just For Men while mocking MIchael Cole. It’s not like they’re our SPONSOR or anything. #RAWTonight

    @JonHexLives Is that white gold, Michael Cole? #Divaschampionship #WWE #RAW #BWF

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: The Elimination Chamber facts.>

    John Morrison makes his way to the ring.


    @dasharpshooters When WWE uses a Johnny Cash song in their video, you know its serious. 2-21-11 is gonna be huge. #wwe #raw

    @kickoutblog I predict we’ll see that Elimination Chamber hype vid about 437 times between now and Feb. 20

    @TKeep123 Ain’t No Grave “Gonna Hold This Body Down” by Johnny Cash … nice touch to the #WWE 2-21-11 promo… #RAW #WWE #BWF

    John Morrison vs Michael McGuillicutty

    McGuillicutty tries to send his focus to Morrison’s arm, holding it out of the ring and about to crush it between the ring and the steel steps, but Morrison moves it out of the way before he can.  Morrison picks up the pace of the match, and McGuillicutty literally walks right into a flash kick.  Morrison hits Starship Pain (and doesn’t miss it this time) for the win.

    John Morrison wins via pinfall.

    It starts to look like Morrison’s going to be uninjured, but Punk comes down as Morrison is celebrating and pulls a Maryse, spraying Mickie Morrison in the face with something before kicking him in the head.


    @Niki_Sushi Did Punk just pull a Maryse there?! #BWF #RAW


    @KeepItFiveStar OH NO! ANTI-PARKOUR SPRAY! Damn you Punk!

    @lovehateRIOT i’m pretty sure that punk just used jomo’s own hairspray on him. rofl #raw

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week, the RAW Rumble was won by Jerry “The King” Lawler, with Cena giving an assist.>


    Miz comes out with Alex Riley in tow.  He says that as he watched the RAW Rumble last week, one thought was going through his mind: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!  He says he was pulling for King the whole time.  He asks King to join him in the ring and tells Riley to get out so that King doesn’t feel uncomfortable.  King enters the ring, and Miz asks if King has any idea why he was rooting for him.  King says that he figures it’s because Miz thinks he’s the weakest.  Miz says that’s not it at all, and he could have beaten anyone who won the RAW Rumble for the WWE Championship.  No, the reason he was rooting for King is because he feels that they’re mirror images of one another.  King had the biggest mouth and the power to incite riots with just his words.  People would listen when King spoke.  Miz says that, in a way, he patterned his career after King’s, and now everyone’s wondering what he will do next.  King says that first of all, they aren’t mirror images of one another and says something about how he wouldn’t want to look in the mirror every morning and see his haircut like Miz’s.  He then says that he’s always had a big mouth, but he can back it up.  He says that if Miz thinks he’s a modern King, he doesn’t know King as well as he thinks he does, and that King didn’t pattern his career after anyone: He’s an original.  Miz then calls him an original cheap shot artist.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week, King attacks Ted DiBiase after DiBiase tries to get his spot in the RAW Rumble.>

    Miz says that that was equivalent to a sucker punch.  King says that he thinks that Miz is a sucker, and that he speaks for the entire WWE Universe, both in Milwaukee and all over, when he says the Miz sucks (oh, but I disagree, sir!).  King says that Miz is right: he’s never been WWE Champion or been to Wrestlemania.  No one has any idea what it would mean to him to do both, and that it was his lifelong dream.  King says that he will win at the Elimination Chamber, and he will say he’s going to Wrestlemania.  Miz says that he’s wrong, and after their match at the Elimination Chamber match, the whole world will hear, “I’m the Miz, and I’m-“  But King interrupts and starts up an ‘awful’ chant.

    Miz, Alex Riley, and King all start to brawl.  When it looks like King has the upper hand, Ted DiBiase comes out to help Miz out, but Daniel Bryan comes out to join the fray to help King out.

    “King and Bryan versus Miz and DiBiase NOW.

    WWE Champion The Miz and Ted DiBiase vs Jerry “The King” Lawler and the United States Champion Daniel Bryan

    Is it just me, or has Bryan not been wearing the US Championship lately?

    Ted and Bryan start out, and Bryan starts with some hard kicks.  He gets DiBiase in a pin, but DiBiase kicks out, only for Bryan to do it again.  DiBiase kicks out again and King is tagged in.  Miz comes in and is thrown back to the mat a few times before Miz throws King out of the ring.  While Bryan is distracting the ref, DiBiase comes out and attacks King outside the ring.



    @Lunna1969 Bad Teddy! Go to my room!

    @KeepItFiveStar Ted DiBiase with revenge #ForTheFuture !

    @KeepItFiveStar Yes. The Miz is awful. AWFULLY GOOD at being AWESOME!

    @kickoutblog The Miz is killing it, would be nice if he hit Lawler with a Piledriver at Elimination Chamber, just to really sell the “mirror image” idea.

    Maryse is ringside now, and Alex Riley has been on commentary since the match started.

    Bryan is in with Miz when we come back, and Bryan dominates.  Ted helps Miz out and Miz turns the momentum in his favor.  Miz hits the swinging corner clothesline before going and tagging DiBiase in.  Bryan fights back, but DiBiase goes for a cover, only for Bryan to kick out.  DiBiase gets the momentum before tagging Miz in.  Miz trash talks Bryan, who takes advantage, and tags King in.  Miz tags in DiBiase, only for King to get momentum.  King hits what I think was a DDT.  Miz breaks up the cover, and Bryan attacks him to get him out of the ring.  DiBiase starts to get some momentum on King, but King gets him down, lowers the strap, and punches him straight in the face.

    United States Champion Daniel Bryan and Jerry “The King” Lawler win via pinfall.

    Alex Riley vows that he will not let The Miz lose at Elimination Chamber.


    @KeepItFiveStar Hey Maryse showed up! Gail did not. She’s being stomped out by The Bellas somewhere

    @HitTheRopes I would feel bad about DiBiase always losing but he comes down to the ring with Maryse at his side.

    Sheamus vs David Otunga

    Before Sheamus can make it all the way down to the ring, Josh Matthews follows him and asks for his opinion on Mark Henry’s comments.  Sheamus asks what comments, and Josh says that Mark Henry said that Sheamus didn’t deserve to be in the Elimination Chamber match, and Mark Henry should replace him.  Sheamus says that Mark Henry never won, doesn’t know if he can fit, and that Mark Henry should shut his mouth before Sheamus shuts it for him.

    Otunga makes his way to the ring for the ma-

    Mark Henry makes his way out and is pissed.  He had Sheamus duke it out for a bit, with Otunga watching, before Otunga tries to get up on the top turnbuckle to do something, only for Sheamus to send him outside the ring.  Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick, and is rewarded with two World’s Strongest Slams right in a row.  Mark Henry yells at him to shut his trap before leaving.  Otunga crawls in the ring and stands over Sheamus like he actually did something.

    Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto del Rio.


    @HitTheRopes Mark Henry wasn’t about to lose that brawl during Black History Month. Not to the well-tanned Sheamus. Otunga stands tall too.

    @TKeep123 I didn’t think Sheamus could look any whiter…but now as he stands next to Mark Henry….I was wrong. #RAW #WWE #BWF

    @ThingsColeSays SHEAMUS = BURIED

    @KeepItFiveStar Wow. The crowd has gone mild for this one. They’re still mad at R-Truth for fuckin Milwaukee and they’re taking it out on all black people

    @Niki_Sushi Dark Chocolate, interrupts Milk Chocolate to kill White Chocolate. It’s not Valentine’s Day yet. #BWF #RAW

    @kickoutblog Sheamus getting punked by Henry was incredibly stupid.

    @kickoutblog All that did was make Sheamus, ya know, the guy who’s actually IN the Chamber, look bad.

    Alberto del Rio tells us his name is Alberto del Rio!… but we already knew that.  He says that Santino Marella really thinks that he almost got del Rio.  It was del Rio’s destiny to win the Royal Rumble, just like it’s his destiny to be the next World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania.

    Santino Marella vs Alberto del Rio

    Santino gets fired up before the match even starts and throws del Rio out of the ring.  Del Rio gets back in the ring, and the ref starts the match.  Del Rio tries to do something to Santino, but Santino moves last second and del Rio is sent between the top and middle ropes.  The match continues on, and Santino nearly hits the Cobra, but del Rio ducks it, focuses on the arm, and then locks in the cross arm breaker for the win.

    Alberto del Rio wins via submission.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: The New Nexus (and Mark Henry) take out Randy Orton, R-Truth, John Morrison, and Sheamus.>


    @KeepItFiveStar LOL I love that. “My name…My name is Alberto Del RRRRRRRRRIOOOOOOOOOOOO >.< OOOOOOOOO!!! 😀 “

    @kickoutblog Alberto Del Rio vs. Santino Marella, even more logical storytelling from WWE tonight… but you already knew that!

    @StrikerSays You know, @RRWWE didn’t seem quite as EXCITED for that win as he usually does. Then again, his Royal Rumble performance set the bar HIGH.

    Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler come out, and Vickie says that she has something to say: in two weeks, Dolph will not be in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match as a challenger, but as the new World Heavyweight Champion.  She knows for a fact because Dolph will beat Edge-


    One of them asks what Cena’s doing out there, and Cena responds that he’s putting a stop to this, because it’s more offensive than Christina Aguilera butchering the National Anthem at the SuperBowl, and then says he’s just kidding.  He says that he’s come to apologize for Truth, who may have celebrated a little too long and thinks he’s still in Green Bay, but they’re in Milwaukee, in case you didn’t know from Cole shouting it like his brain was going to explode earlier.  And, also because the last time the three of them were in the ring together, it was awesome.  He says that he and Vickie had a sweet… sexy, passionate make out session, and then says, “You remember, Dolph.  You were there and cool with it.”  Vickie says that this is not how you respect that acting General Manager of Smackdown and if they don’t show her some respect, she’ll leave.  So, they don’t show her respect, and she leaves.  Cena then basically says that he will kick Punk’s Elimination Chamber in the Elimination Chamber and Elimination Chamber a bunch more times.


    @KeepItFiveStar Don’t apologize on behalf of Truth! Are you serious? If anyone else did that, they’d either be released or depushed immediately.

    @HitTheRopes Wonder if Cena will apologize for Truth just being a sad example for us blacks? #wwe

    @Niki_Sushi ‘I’ll kick his elimination chamber’ – that sounds SO damn dirty. I twitched, for real. #BWF #RAW

    @kickoutblog See, it is possible to have an awesome segment, teasing Vickie Guerrero, without calling her fat.

    CM Punk vs John Cena

    Punk and Cena go at it for a while, with Cena repeatedly looking toward the ramp for the interference for New Nexus.  Apparently, he gets sick of waiting, and low-blows Punk to get himself disqualified.

    CM Punk wins via disqualification.

    The New Nexus makes their way down the ring, and Mason Ryan stops by CM Punk, who is outside the ring.  McGuillicutty and Otunga stand in the ring with Cena before they attack him, but King gets up and gives Cena a chair.  Cena then proceeds to clean the ring out, and Nexus backs away.

    So, it wasn’t the most impressive RAW ever for me, but there you have it.  I admit that I kind of lost interest toward the end there, so I’m not 100% sure what exactly happened.  Hopefully, next week will be more interesting!