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  1. RAW 7/1/13: RAW is Half-Ass reviewed.

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    This is my most hated week of the year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, and I love my neighbors to the north in Canada, but in the business I work in outside of BoredWrestlingFan, and in the city in which I work in said business, this is one of the most stressful weeks of the year.  We’re busy early in the week for Canada Day, and then we’re busy later in the week for Independence Day.  On top of that, this week marks 11 years I’ve been in said business, so I face the fact that for over a decade, I haven’t been able to find anything better than what I do.  Oh well.  Let’s go!

    I watch 30 minutes of RAW, leave for work, give you the gist of the first 30, then review the rest of the show with semi-factual information.  Except this week, because I don’t feel like it.  What are you gonna do about it?  Complain?  To who?  This is my site, I do what I want with my reviews.  Plus, I play by my own rules.  Screw you, G’s SmackDown Reviews!