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  1. Smackdown 12/28/12: The Score Drops the Ball, Again.

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    Once again, the Canadian carrier of Smackdown has dropped the ball. Or fumbled it. Either way, this did not air on Friday in lieu of a random college football game. This article may or may not have gone up on Friday as well. Who can know? Not me, because this part of the review was written on Friday morning. Put on your time-travelling boots, folks. Let’s see what happens….

  2. BWF’s Half-Time Show


    Here we are again, that one day of the year where that game called Gridiron or American Football as it’s sometimes known, is having it’s biggest day (I refuse to mention the particular name of said event, as I’m going to do the whole show without mentioning it. But, if you don’t know what it is, watch ESPN, they’ll be talking about it for the next week), and at BWF, we choose to celebrate by bringing you our own half-time show. Who would you rather see, us or Madonna? I thought so..



  3. iMPACT: 12/23/10



    ‘Ave a Olli Jolli Christmas! Man, for those not in the know, Toronto Maple Leafs fans FINALLY did something to endear them to me. They started the waffle meme.

    Often cited as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, December 23rd is one of madness in the malls. How better to celebrate the insanity, than to delve into the inane booking that is iMPACT? Furthermore, it’s the holiday season, and with that, I’ve invited a particular TNA talent to express his sentiments for merry times and jovial festivities! AJ?

  4. Conspicuous by his absense…


    I’m sure you guys may have noticed that, aside from my usual Sunday afternoon post, yours truly has been absent from BWF this week. Truth be told, I’ve been fighting an uphill battle with New York State over boring, non wrestling related stuff for the past two weeks, and I’ve just been burnt out. I’ve not only taken a few days away from BWF, I haven’t even watched ECW this week, nor have I watched the last 30 minutes of RAW.  I promise you a SmackDown review this week, which will either be posted before the show even airs in the US, or sometime this weekend.

    Anyways, while I’ve been slacking around here, a new columnist (who still owes me for the window he broke when he hurled that brick with the mysterious note attached last week) made his debut.  Legend Killer is a wrestling fan from Australia who will grace us with his presense every Wednesday with his new column.  As far as I know, he is not Nathan Jones.  Though how awesome would that be?  We could ask him questions like, “how does it feel to see that the fact that you were technically The Undertaker’s tag team partner at WrestleMania XIX be completely ignored?”

    There’s yet another new skin available for BWF.  It’s an nWo inspired theme called “Back In Black.”  Not only is the name also the title of an awesome song by AC/DC, it’s also the title of the WWE released nWo DVD back in 2002.

    Finally, starting next Monday, it’s WrestleMania 25 week here at BoredWrestlingFan.  There will be a new WrestleMania themed article every day starting Monday and leading right through the event on Sunday.  Drowgoddess will be checking in with reports of the festivities around Houston leading up to the event as well.

    That’s all for right now, if you still need your RAW fix, check out James Guttman’s RAW Insanity, and for ECW coverage, check out Mike Rickard’s Real Time Review, both courtesy of WorldWrestlingInsanity.com.