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  1. Matt B. Wrestle – Comments and Complaints on iMPACT

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    So I just finished iMPACT¬† and I’m at a loss for words.¬†Was the episode bad? No but it didn’t make much sense, that major glare of course was the reveal of Dixie and AJ. But first lets go over earlier parts of the show one being the Knockouts. Brooke Hogan is having a meeting with the talent in her dad’s office. I look around at the talent present and all I see is people who have already won the belt or are stuck in asinine story.

    1. Madison- In Love with someone hopefully not Garett Bischoff
    2. Velvet- who has had numerous chances to wrestle Gail and failed for the Women’s title
    3. Mickie- who has been used to prop up Velvet
    4. ODB- another ridiculous in love/jealously story with Eric Young with the Knockout titles no less