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  1. WSU-An Ultraviolent Affair

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    This is episode 2 in the new era of WSU, which can be found here. I remember that nature did not smile on this show as it faced a horrible blizzard. We headed right into the action. It would have been nice to get a little bit of characterization to prepare ourselves for the night.

    Jessie Brooks w/Sammy Geodollno vs. Nevaeh

    The last WSU show found Jessie Brooks teaming up with Sammy Geodollno. I think they are a good pair on paper. I am intrigued how they will mesh as a team. And I’m not sure how this has never happened before, but this is my first chance to see Nevaeh wrestle. Sammy provides a lot of energy which counteracted with Brooks’ slow, methodical entrance. It reminds me a lot of Mark Henry in that an inevitable beating is about to arrive. (And there is no comparison between body types there so please do not kill me.) Brooks just looks mad and pissed-off, which I think is a great place for a leading heel to be. As the match started, the crowd was a little dead, and Nevaeh listened to the crowd and tried to get them moving. I’m not sure that these two have worked together very often. There were some awkward moments in the match. Nevaeh wrestled a heel style so I really wasn’t sure who I was supposed to go for. The ending came out of nowhere for me, so that’s pretty positive. I’m not really sure about the booking of the first match. The crowd was quite dead during this match, so that might have affected me enjoying this match as much as I could have.

    Kimber Lee vs. Christina Von Eerie

    Kimber Lee is the quintessential “girl next door” and Von Eerie is the antithesis of everything Kimber Lee is. This would be a very interesting feud should it ever happen. Kimber was wearing her Moolah tights. We started off with some exciting mat wrestling. We got to see a good showcase for Von Eerie. I think she really shined here. Von Eerie is one of the best athletes in women’s wrestling (with respects to Athena). I would have liked to see more offense from Kimber.

    Niya vs. Veda Scott

    I really like Niya, and Scott is one of my favorites to watch in the ring. One would have to call Scott one of the best all-around workers in wrestling. She is such a good heel. Niya had a lot of sassiness in her entrance. I liked it. We started out with an “at-the-bell” attack by Scott. We had Jana as ref, which was great to see. Niya really got the chance to fly around. Veda got the chance to bump and do her thing as only as she can. She plays the despicable heel role so well. This was easily the best of the first 3 matches. This match had a story and a reason to care.

    Cherry Bomb vs. Kalamity

    So we have my very favorite vs. one of the most unique wrestlers in the indy scene. Kalamity didn’t do a lot to get the crowd on her side. Cherry Bomb is a very over heel in CZW so she fit right in. If you like Grumpy Cherry, there were plenty of great facials. There was some good entertainment to start off the match including the greatest insult of all time-“You look like an Oompa Loompa.” Cherry Bomb kept the crowd hating her. Watching her during the opening minutes is a clinic on how to get the crowd to hate you. If you like a stiff SHIMMER-style match, this is your match. Cherry Bomb also kept the crowd engaged, never giving up on heckling them or yelling at them. This crowd was as dead as can be. However if there was any life up to this point, it awakened during the Cherry match. I found this to be a really good match, my favorite up to this point. (Pretend I’m not the biggest Cherry Bomb fan but) I would definitely recommend this DVD for this match.

    Addy Starr vs. Chris Dickinson

    I love Addy Starr, but why is there a guy here? I’ve never seen Dickinson so I will be happy to see him, but why is he wrestling in Women Superstars Uncensored? Dickinson took the mic and cut a really good heel promo. I love Addy’s energy. She brings so much to a crowd. This wasn’t my favorite intergender match, but Addy flopped around like a rag doll. She took a powerbomb that I wowed out loud for. The near-fall portion was really good.

    Spoiler alert: I hated the finish. Why is this on Women Superstars Uncensored? It just seemed out of place. Dickinson won and got the pin. How does that help out THIS company? I just don’t see where it’s going yet.

    Athena vs. Jessicka Havok

    Would I be out of place to say my expectations for this are sky high? You have two of the top female wrestlers on the planet going at it here. This match got the time it needed. Up to this point, I didn’t feel the matches had gotten the time they needed to tell their stories, other than Cherry-Kalamity. There isn’t a lot to say. It was nearly twenty minutes of two of the top talents in wrestling doing their thing. This match alone would have been worth the price of purchasing it.

    LuFisto vs. Mercedes Martinez

    This first meeting between these two was my choice for 2012 Match of the Year. So you can imagine my expectations for this are pretty high too. Plus, this was Falls Count Anywhere. If I’m correct, this was in a hockey arena. This match took place in an ice skating rink. This was a match where you bumped on ice. I played broomball once in high school. I fell smack dab on the back of my head and haven’t been on the ice since. These women fought on the ice on purpose. There were some snap suplexes that made me hurt watching them. What an epic follow-up. I dare say this match topped the first. This match alone is worth the price of the DVD.

    All in all… I know that circumstances were way against WSU when trying to put forth this show, and no one would have blamed them for cancelling. But they put forth a really good show. Not every match was epic, but I’m not sure they were given the time they needed. I would like to have seen more character development. Just give me a minute for Havok to tell me why she chose Athena, postmatch of Mercedes explaining her actions, why the Dickinson-Starr feud.

    I liked Cindy Rogers on the mic. WSU needs a consistent color commentator so I’d like to hear more of her there. You had three really strong matches (And the Starr-Dickinson match was good; I just hated the story.), one of which bordered epic and another was the poster child of epic. I would definitely recommend this DVD.

  2. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 65

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    Bone Chilling….

    This week on BWF Radio, the Randy Orton robot problem strikes home as G becomes “one of them.”  Meanwhile, Rytman loses his mind in the Mixlr comments, revealing an obsession with lemurs.  Meanwhile, ThinkSoJoE, JT, and Jorge talk wrestling.  Joe reveals what you didn’t see at Old School RAW on Monday, JT tells us what we didn’t see (because we didn’t watch) on ROH this weekend, we give you the WWE Main Event results, and a SmackDown review so hilarious Joe almost cried from laughing so hard.  We pay our respects to William “Paul Bearer” Moody, and read a story from a woman whose life was changed by his generosity.  We also reveal the whereabouts of Zack Ryder, debate whether the @VinceMcMahon twitter account is real, and ponder what his WWE Legends contract will mean for Sean Waltman.  What does the future hold for Rey Mysterio?  Why does Billy Graham really want out of the WWE Hall of Fame?  How much has DDP raised thusfar for Scott Hall’s medical bills?  We answer all of this here on BWF Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 65 (MP3, 2:03:13)


  3. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 61

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    Bray’s facial expression seems to say, “I’m related to this fuckwad?”

    Jorge takes the week off, and things go so smoothly that the show ends slightly early for once.  Joe, JT, and G discuss the week in professional wrestling television, play a song in honor of BoredHockeyFan.com’s That Damn Double C, and we discuss this week’s wrestling news, including an in-depth investigation of the state of Hart Legacy Wrestling.  We talk about the great Hall of Fame class that WWE is presenting at MSG this year.  And of course, we pay our respects to the late, great Curt Hennig, who passed away 10 years ago today.

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 61 (MP3, 1:52:55)


  4. RAW 5.23.11


    I know what you’re thinking: Doth mine eyes deceive me?  Am I correctly seeing that the fair maiden, AlyKat, hath indeed written another compelling and entrancing review for Monday Night RAW?!  Your eyes do not deceive you, my dear friend, and I have indeed.  I have been working a lot of Monday nights in a row, but tonight I am not, thus I am back.

  5. What’s in the bag?!? RAW 8/11/08


    This review of Monday Night RAW on BoredWrestlingFan.com is dedicated to the memory of reader JT’s cat, Bandit (1995-2008).  Tonight’s episode features a rematch for the World Tag Team Championship, as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase try to win back their titles from John Cena and Batista.  JBL has a challenge for CM Punk that Punk “can’t win,” and GM Mike Adamle says we’re going to find out what’s in Kane’s bag.

    The results and analysis, after the jump! (more…)