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  1. WWE SmackDown results 10/30/09

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    I just saw a mouse run by.  Seriously.  That’s my intro for tonight’s SmackDown review.  “I just saw a mouse run by.”  Actually, I wanted to try and catch it and put it outside (I’m a humanitarian, I guess.  Or I just have a soft spot for rodents, since I used to have pet rats.  Hey, just like Bad News Brown when he was feuding with Jake Roberts!), but I couldn’t find him by time I bothered to get up to look.  Anyways, if you guys like Michael Jackson, “This Is It” is not only a great movie, but it’s the reason I’m doing this review after SmackDown airs here in the United States instead of before like I usually do.

    Ok, enough stalling.  SmackDown episode number 232:  “I’ll give you something to brag about.”