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  1. Smackdown: 09/23/11

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    Since my DVR selectively chose not to record Impact last night, I opted to give Smackdown a chance. Did it record? I hope so, but you wouldn’t be reading this sentence if it did not.

    Probably the biggest story, or strongest, is that Mark Henry won the title from Orton last Sunday. It took him fifteen years to do it, and he has no inclination to accept praise from the fans. They never rooted for him before, so why should he care now? Let’s see how this episode unfolds, shall we?

    Got my ducks in a row this week… I hope.


  2. Random Randomness


    Hello, and welcome to another edition of Random Randomness for yet another week.  As we come closer and closer to the 1 year anniversary of this very article (and I have something planned for it) let’s see how things are going on right now: (more…)