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  1. A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…

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    The following is a repost of A Celebration of Professional Wrestling: Thank you!. We are about to kick things off again this year in celebration of WrestleMania 28, which occurs on April 1st, 2012… unless of course Vince McMahon is secretly planning on the biggest April Fool’s Day joke ever played on wrestling fans.

    This post includes all of the content posted at both BoredWrestlingFan.com and Wonderpodonline.com for the week leading up to WrestleMania 27. Click below for all of last year’s content before we begin our online barrage of wrestling-themed content!

  2. BWF Audio Roundtable: Survivor Series


    Joe, Drow, JT, and G all gathered round the old roundtable to discuss the 2011 edition of Survivor Series.  We also revealed a huge site announcement during the podcast, so be sure to listen for that.  If I seem to hesitate mid-sentence at some point during this, it’s because my wife handed me my old keys that I haven’t seen in like 6 months.  Download it below (right click save as).


  3. WWE SummerSlam 2011 Audio Roundtable


    The BoredWrestlingFan.com crew got together earlier today to record their second ever audio roundtable.  Who does the crew think will win at the WWE’s biggest event of the summer?  What other matches do they expect to see?  Just who was the Anonymous RAW General Manager?  And which one of the BWF crew feels that they’re like Vince McMahon when it comes to Podcasts?  Only one way to find out – click the link below!

    SummerSlam 2011 Audio Roundtable

    Also available on iTunes here

  4. BWF Roundtable: TNA Final Resolution 2009


    Hey folks, I’m ThinkSoJoE, and I’ll be your host for our TNA Final Resolution 2009 roundtable.  Ready?  Let’s go!

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship match:  AJ Styles (C) vs. Daniels

    Drowgoddess: AJ retains after the possible match of the night, and some skullduggery on the part of Daniels. AJ/Daniels can continue to build for a while, and Daniels shouldn’t get the win and title just yet. Additionally, AJ is the ideal face of the company, and during this time of major upheaval, taking the belt off of him would be an incredibly foolish move.

    chjpacheco: Daniels wins via DQ

    JT: AJ Styles over Daniels

    ThinkSoJoE: We’re treading water until Hogan shows up, look for Styles and Daniels to steal the show but for Styles to retain.

    Three Degrees of Pain: Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

    Drowgoddess: Desmond Wolfe wins in the third match after considerable treachery. The matches between these two have been fantastic, and the feud should not end yet. Angle pulled out a last-second win at the last ppv, and Wolfe needs one here to keep the momentum and the feud going. A loss here will not hurt Angle at all.

    chjpacheco: Wolfe wins only reason i say that is because of Kurt’s neck

    JT: Wolfe over Angle

    ThinkSoJoE: I think Wolfe will take this one.  I’d actually like to see more of Wolfe vs. Daniels, but I’ll take a continuation of Wolfe/Angle any day.

    Last Man Standing Match:  Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

    Drowgoddess: I really don’t care about this match at all. I’d like to see Steiner win because Lashley is a complete waste of space. However, until TNA decides what to do about Lashley’s MMA career, they’ll likely try to keep him as strong as possible. Steiner holds the only victory over Lashley in TNA right now, so Lashley will probably win here. Kristal will help.

    chjpacheco: Steiner because if Bobby as his wife at ring side she will be a distraction

    JT: Bobby Lashley over Scott Steiner

    ThinkSoJoE: Lashley is likely going to pick up the win here.  I’d love to see Steiner win, but I just can’t see it happening for some reason.

    TNA World Tag Team Championship:  The British Invasion (C) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

    Drowgoddess: Oh. Sweet. Mother. Of. God. This match has gotten zero attention, zero hype, and precisely one promo pointing out the lack of attention given the match. The promo war between Alex Shelley and Brutus Magnus could have been GOLD! That’s as may be. Give the MCMG the tag team title run that they have so richly deserved for the past two and a half years, already!

    chjpacheco: MCM i hate the british invasion they need NOT to have the belts

    JT: Machineguns w win the titles

    ThinkSoJoE: You guys are kidding yourselves.  The British Invasion are not losing those titles tonight, not in a completely underhyped match with zero real buildup against a team that, despite quite possibly being the best tag team in the world, hasn’t been pushed like one.

    TNA Knockouts Championship:  ODB (C) vs. Tara

    Drowgoddess: Tara wins. ODB’s heel turn and recent losses on “iMPACT” have weakened her enough that she would be better as the resentful ex-champ chasing her title.

    chjpacheco: Tara its her time to shine

    JT: No title change here

    ThinkSoJoE: I’ve got to go with Tara.  ODB is definitely in line for a heel turn, and the tactics she’s been using definitely lend themselves toward a title chase.  Tara will overcome ODB and walk out as Knockouts Champion.

    Mick Foley & Abyss vs. Raven & Dr. Stevie

    Drowgoddess: Raven and Dr. Stevie win. Foley will not be focused on this match, and won’t really care what happens. Abyss takes the fall here.

    chjpacheco: Raven and Dr. Stevie i have a feeling that an old friend from ecw is going to show up

    JT: Raven and Dr. Stevie win

    ThinkSoJoE: Raven and Dr. Stevie are really the first victims of Hogan coming in, aren’t they?  They haven’t gotten a lot of TV time over the past couple of weeks because one of their opponents is too busy worrying about Hogan.  That’s also going to be Foley’s downfall, as he’ll be too concerned about Hogan to worry about actually winning this match.

    Team 3D, Rhino, and Jesse Neal vs. D’Angelo Dinero, Matt Morgan, Suicide, and Hernandez

    Drowgoddess: Hernandez lasts the first five minutes against the entire heel team, but will be eliminated after his team enters. The babyface team will get down to either Matt Morgan or “The Pope.” The heel team will outnumber the last babyface. Either Morgan or “The Pope” gets the win for his team.

    chjpacheco: Team 3D, Rhino, Jesse Neal..just cuz they’re better

    JT: Morgan and Suicide surivive!

    ThinkSoJoE: There’s something strange going on, and I can’t quite figure out what it is.  It’s got to do with Suicide.  I’m picking Team 3D, Rhino, and Jesse Neal, simply because I have a feeling in my gut that something will happen with Suicide.

    Feast Or Fired:  Samoa Joe, Beer Money Inc., Kevin Nash, Eric Young, and Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Kiyoshi, Homicide, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, and Cody Deaner

    Drowgoddess: Samoa Joe gets the X-Division title shot, and is furious. He will go on a rampage over this.
    Kiyoshi gets the Tag Team title shot for himself and Bashir against the new champs, the MCMG.
    I thought that Rob Terry was in this match, and I was calling him to get the World Heavyweight title shot, but since that doesn’t seem to be true, Robert Roode gets it.
    Either Cody Deaner or Eric Young will get fired, but Young will be reinstated by Kevin Nash.

    chjpacheco: Cody Deaner gets fired just because he isn’t being used and he sucks feast will be Kevin Nash because he has the money

    JT: Eric Young gets fired, James storm gets the title shot, Roode gets the X-division shot and cody deaner gets the tag shot.

    ThinkSoJoE: Deaner’s getting fired, I think that’s pretty obvious.  Storm is going to grab the Tag Team Championship shot, Homicide the X division title shot, and finally, Samoa Joe the World Championship shot.  No reason for the picks, just really not sure.

    Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  Find out tonight as TNA Wrestling Presents Final Resolution!

  5. WWE Superstars


    We are just 3 days from TLC on Sunday.  Here on tonights show the main event is Jack Swagger vs MVP.  Where have they been lately???

    Match 1:  Dolph Ziggler vs Finlay

    I hate Finlay’s “Hornswoggle” entrance music.  I wish he would go back to his ominous Celtic theme.  Why hasn’t Dolph Ziggler been on Smackdown lately?  Wasn’t he on track to be the Intercontinental Champion???  ECW … or whatever they’re gonna call it soon will be the next stop for him.  Ziggler wins this match with the Zig Zag.

    Josh Matthews interviews MVP. MVP says he doesn’t like Jack Swagger and he needs an umbrella when he sees him to shield Swagger’s saliva.

    Match 2: Hart Dynasty vs Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J

    This is a squash match if I’ve ever seen one.  I assume that’s the only reason why these two have jobs.  Tyson Kidd pins Slam Master J with some type of inverted suplex neck breaker.

    Main Event:  Jack Swagger vs MVP

    Swagger grabs a mic and says he has a certain responsibilty and is held to a certain standard.  He will let the children look up to him.  He then proceeds to say he doesn’t have a lisp and then has trouble saying his name.  Jack Swagger wins the match with his Gutwrench Powerbomb.  This was a good overall match.  Both guys should be in the championship race on RAW.

    That’s it for me tonight.  Remember to check out the Impact review, Smackdown review, and the TLC Roundtable on Sunday.  See ya next week!

  6. BWF Roundtable: WWE Bragging Rights

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    What’s up, fellow Bored Wrestling Fans!  This Monday night, yours truly will be at the HSBC Arena for RAW!  Will I be watching the show that proves to be the dominant brand in sports entertainment, or will I be on the loser show?  Also, will John Cena be on RAW this Monday?  These questions will be answered tomorrow night at WWE Bragging Rights.  Here’s what the BWF staff had to say about each match.

    WWE Championship Iron Man Match: John Cena vs. Randy Orton (c)

    JT: As much as Cen need a change of scenery and him going to Smackdown would be a goog thing, I just don’t see it happening just yet. Cena wins.

    Drowgoddess: Cena wins. I would like to be pleasantly surprised with this, as I’m a huge fan of the “60-Minute Iron Man” match, but I just don’t know if these two can go that long without a lot of stalling and padding.

    RYTMAN: Orton beats Cena (w/screwjob finish.) Cena to Smackdown.

    The Green Teabagger: Cena wins the WWE Title back (yeah, I know).

    ThinkSoJoE: I think moving to SmackDown would be beneficial for Cena at this point in his career, though as much as I’d love to attend a Cena-free RAW on Monday, my head tells me it’s not happening.  Cena is arguably the biggest star in the company, and will most likely stay on the flagship show.  Cena wins.

    World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way: CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista vs. The Undertaker (c)

    JT: Ugh, this shoud Punk’s one on one match, not a fatal four way. Having said that, I’m going with Punk with the surprise win here, forwarding the upcoming Batista heel turn.

    Drowgoddess: A Punk win would please me greatly. The odds are so stacked against him that a sneaky, stolen win would be a surprise. That said, I think they’ll have Taker retain.

    RYTMAN: Undertaker retains, Batista gets pissed.

    The Green Teabagger: Punk wins his belt back.

    ThinkSoJoE: Mysterio will somehow cost Batista the win here, but I can’t see Mysterio winning the title either.  I think it’s too soon for him to lose it, so I’d say Taker retains.

    SmackDown vs. RAW:  The Miz vs. John Morrison

    JT: A loss by Morrison here won’t hurt him but willdo wonders for The Miz. The Miz Wins

    Drowgoddess: The real winner here is the audience. I honestly don’t know that I care who wins this match, I’d be happy with either one. For the sake of a good story, I’ll pick the Miz.

    RYTMAN: Morrison beats Miz.

    The Green Teabagger: Shawn Michaels beats Marty Jannetty John Morrison beats The Miz

    ThinkSoJoE: Because of the chemistry these two have, both as partners and opponents, and because there was no real feud between the two following The Miz dropping Morrison on RAW when he got drafted, The Miz is going to win this one.  Morrison will eventually get his rematch – and his revenge.  I’m calling it – Miz vs. Morrison at WM26.

    14 Man SmackDown vs. RAW tag team match – Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, Finlay, R-Truth, and The Hart Dynasty vs. DX, The Big Show, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henry.

    JT: With the changes being made to this match at the last minute leads me more to believe that Team RAW wins here, at least with the original team there was potential for an upset.

    Drowgoddess: Despite the changes to the “Smackdown” team, I’m pretty sure that the RAW team is winning here.

    RYTMAN: Team Raw buries team Smackdown.

    The Green Teabagger: D-X beats Smackdown when Big Show “betrays” Raw and D-X overcomes it. The other five members of the Raw team will be beaten up either way, and no one will remember that they won too.

    ThinkSoJoE: Given that all of Team SmackDown, other than captains Jericho and Kane of course, actually lost their qualifying matches to get into this match, and that DX is captaining the other team, yeah, it’s unanimous – all of BWF are picking Team RAW.

    6 Diva SmackDown vs. RAW tag team match – Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, & Natalya vs. Melina, Gail Kim, & Kelly Kelly

    JT: Since the 14 man match will be the decider matchup and I picked the Miz, I’ll go with the Smackdown Divas here.

    Drowgoddess: I can’t stand McCool, but I love Beth Phoenix and Natalya, and want to see them win. That said, I’m thinking Melina, Gail, and Kelly get the actual victory when Beth breaks McCool in half.

    RYTMAN: I think Divas match is McCool vs. Melina. I’ll say Melina. (Note:  RYTMAN got this to me before the match was officially announced)

    The Green Teabagger: I don’t give a damn. If there is any justice, Beth Phoenix will just go apeshit and tear everyone apart. Hell, Smackdown wins this one.

    ThinkSoJoE: There is no way in hell that the RAW Divas should be able to win this with Beth Phoenix and Natalya on Team SmackDown.  But of course, if The Miz is going to win his match, Team RAW has to win this one to make it seem like RAW is still the dominant brand.

    Thanks for visiting us here at BoredWrestlingFan.com today, come back tomorrow for an all new Random Randomness, as well as Bragging Rights coverage!