We’re less than a week till Shelton Benjamin and Christian try to steal the show at TLC for the ECW title. We open with Joah Matthews explaining the rules of the match. Vladimir Kozlov interrupts to call out Ezekial Jackson.

He says Jackson walked out on him like a coward and challenges him to face him like a man.

Jackson comes out and they grapple but Regal is apparently trying to save the Roundtable. He literally gets down on his knees begging them to stay together.

Shelton comes out and demands to know what’s going on? No one came to see him on his knees. The fans came for action and since they can’t get along he should let them fight. He leads the crowd in that chant.

Regal tells him it doesn’t involve him and since he’s outnumbered he better choose his next words carefully. That brings Christian and Yoshi Tatsu out.

Christian says he’s helping out Shelton so he doesn’t have any excuses at TLC. Kozlov says something in Russian, to which Christian replies “that’s what she said.”

Shelton challenges them to a match. Regal says they have no authority. That brings out Tiffany and her non-PG music. She’s finally out of the sling. She offers the Ruthless Roundtable a choice. Six man tag or Jackson vs Kozlov. Majority rules. Regal and Kozlov vote for the tag, Jackson wants to fight Kozlov.

Vance Archer gets his first match against a name, taking on ECW original Tommy Dreamer. They can do the body slam into a reverse DDT to each other. Archers elbows out of a waistlock and hits a shoulderblock but misses an elbow.

Dreamer hits a knee lift when Archer ducks his head. Bubba Bomb by Vance. He puts Dreamer in the corner then presses his knee onto his head, following with a hard whip. Rear chinlock. Archer stomps away. Vertical suplex. But he misses a legdrop. Dreamer comes back with punches, a boot in the face and a second rope clothesline, followed by a crossbody.

Dreamer sidesteps a charge sending Archer over the top. A baseball slide then he hits a rolling dive off the apron. Archer crotches him on the top rope

Dreamer blocks a Superplex and hits a frog splash. DDT is blocked and Archer hits a boot. And the finish. Archer wins with his least impressive move.

Replay of the masked man attacking The Hurricane. Now we see him in Tiffany’s office. He even has Katie Lea, which is really pushing is, plus he’s removed the lower part of the mask.

He and the Hurricane are apparently wrestling next week.

Dreamer is backstage and runs into Ryder with Rosa. Ryder calls Dreamer a dinosaur from a bygone era. And unlike guys like Miz and Jack Swagger Ryder used to cheer him. Now he wants to end him

Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta have their second match. They start off pretty basic, Baretta steps up by leaping to the second rope then slamming his elbow into the trapped jobber. Next up he runs their opponent into front dropkick by Croft. Baretta slingshots in, lands on his feet and kicks the jobber in the head. He knocks the other guy off the apron with a dropkick then they hit their finish, which is a knee to the face of their opponent by Croft while Baretta holds them.

Time for the main event

Christian and Yoshi Tatsu come out, then we get a video showing the storyline for the ECW title match then Benjamin comes out. The Roundtable come out together. I figured Jackson would come out separately.

Christian starts with Jackson. Waistlock by the champ. He shoves Christian back to the corner. Elbow by Jackson and a bodyslam. And another. Regal comes in and Christian gets a backslide.

Tatsu comes in with a chop to Regal’s arm, then Shelton comes in with an axhandle. Christian back in working the arm, but he runs into a forearem. Kozlov in.

Tatsu in with a couple of kicks and the rolling snapmare. Shelton in. He escapes a powerslam and grazes the Russian on the dragonwhip. Kozlov backs him to the corner, but Shelton fights out. Kozlov pushes him back and Regal pulls down the rope sending him over the top.

Regal’s working Shelton’s neck. He fights out of the hold, but gets an elbow. Big clothesline in the corner by Jackson. Forearms to the chest. Regal in with a stomp. Forearm by Regal and Kozlov is in. Armtrap headbutts and a belly to belly. He locks in a reverse bearhug. Shelton elbows out. And gets both feet up in the corner. A knee cuts his comeback off though. Bearhug. Shelton tries to drag himself to the corner in the hold. Kozlov goes into a chinlock. Benjamin fights out. Sent to the corner, he springboards off the top and hits a forearm. He can’t make the tag

Regal in. Jackson causes a distraction which makes the ref miss the tag. Jackson in. Suplex. Regal back in. Shelton ducks a short clothesline and hits a backbreaker. Yoshi and Big Zeke in. Yoshi hits a bunch of kicks but can’t knock him down. Clothesline buy Jackson. Kozlov won’t tag in, but as he tried to walk away Ezekial attacks him. Regal tries to break them up but they get counted out.

After the match Shelton dives over the top rope onto Regal and Jackson. Christian and Tatsu get out a ladder. Christian climbs it.

But Shelton springboards onto the ladder and climbs up to grab it.

Great show all around. They need a bit more competition for Baretta and Craft.

I wondered what Ryder would do next. A feud with Dreamer should be pretty good, especially with the backstory. I’m not that familiar with Beauleah but whenever he gets involved in a feud with someone with a girlfriend/valet I always wonder if she’ll show up for a few matches.

Archer still needs a new finisher.

I was surprised they decided to keep Katie Lea with Burchill at this point. I thought they may actually play with is a bit since ECW has a face general manager and all.

Good main event. Tatsu was mostly an after thought though. And walking out on a partner just doesn’t have the same affect as in a tag team match. I was sure that spot at the end was going to end in disaster. THe ladder nearly buckled when Shelton landed on it. Of course that could have been his second mistake. I can see Ezekial deciding he’s more pissed at Shelton for that over the top dive than he is at Kozlov.

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