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  1. Merry Christmas!


    It’s that time of year again ladies and gents. The time of year when Mr. Santypants decides to amble down your chimney with all the grace of Big Daddy V after one too many sherries and leaves all those shiny new presents for you to open come the morning. The day when family members converge upon your home as if their lives depend on it, shower you with gifts, get hideously pissed and fall asleep in YOUR seat. Ahhhh how I love the Christmas season.Not being religious in the slightest (and actually hating the bloody waste of time), Christmas doesn’t mean what it probably should in the Kennedy household. In saying that, how many families actually use it as a celebration of the birth of Jebus? Certainly not the McMahon family, for as we all know – they are Satanists.

    Your friendly BWF-community nonsense-spouter merely wished to drop by and leave his best wishes to each and every single one of you for the holiday season. I’ve managed to Facebook quite a few of you to wish you a happy one but for those I haven’t managed to get a hold of, have an utterly fantastic day. I really hope there are countless goodies for you to rip open come the morning and that there are no nasty, unwanted surprises in there. Yours truly has actually been pretty damn lucky in that regard over the years. I tend to have family and friends with awesome taste who give me presents which never fail to leave me smiling. May you all have the same luck as I!

    In all seriousness however, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy again. Have a drink, be merry and for god sakes keep your clothes on. Nobody wants to see you in nothing but the Santa hat..

    There will be a new and fresh article descending upon the homepage very soon but for now, I’ll sign out and let you get back to stuffing your turkey. Ooer! TAKE IT HOME!