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    Well welcome all and a happy Columbus day for everybody here in the states and abroad if you celebrate it. ┬áSay what you will about but if it weren’t for him, than many of us wouldn’t be here, well at least not the way we are now. ┬áBut since this is a wrestling site maybe I should talk wrestling shall we: (more…)

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    After being involved in the coverage of WWE Extreme Rules this past week. II’m back to bring you my weekly Wednesday column. Now, all links will lead to my favourite racing moments or races or crashes, or just funny moments.


    My opinions of Extreme Rules has already been expressed. So I’m going to comment on other things.

    Umaga was released. A case of a guy who was pushed, then nothing. Pushed, then nothing. He had just recently come back and into the feud with CM Punk. The release comes as a bit of a shock but it isnt a surprise. He was getting pushed and pushed, and yet he wasnt getting the crowd reaction of a main event guy. Maybe he could do better in TNA. Speaking of which, guess where Mr. Kennedy’s going in September?

    Vickie Guerrero quits as General Manager of RAW. Rumour has it, that she is leaving for good, to spend more time with her kids. Good for Vickie for wanting to spend time with your kids. No offence, but it seems, for the most part, you tarnished your late husband somewhat.

    Greatest Race Ever! Find the race on YouTube, theres 12 parts to it, but it’s all worth it, I promise.

    Triple H returns. Yes, the Game, the King of Kings returned on RAW to attack Legacy. Now, as we talked about during our Extreme Rules coverage, Hunter wasnt out for that long at all after the Scott Norwood kick. Shawn Michaels was out months, it ended the WWE career of RVD, and yet both Vince McMahon and Triple H were both out for about a month and a half. Those McMahons must have super powers or something.


    To be honest, I missed iMPACT this week. due to my cable being down. Let’s see what I missed.

    It doesnt look like much at all. The MMG and Lethal Consequences were named as Suicide’s opponents for the first ever X-Division King Of The Mountain. That isnt a shock at all. i’m sure I’ll have more next week.

    I thought I might just put this here.

    I’m gonna finish this column with a reminder to Ricardo Rosset and Taki Inoue. Poor Taki needs to watch for cars, as for Ricardo. Well, thanks for making my night a whole lot better.

    Peace out, or whatever, tune in next week, and read all the columns. Oh, and avoid the beer bottles, we just turned one, so we’re breaking it in. Well I am anyways, by drinking the place dry.