This is pretty much the only response I have to the Vince/Austin podcast that hasn’t really been said by anyone else yet. It’s my response to Vince’s claim that the guys in the back aren’t willing to push the envelope anymore and while I agree that it’s true, I’m honestly not surprised they don’t.

You only have to look as far as Zack Ryder to understand why they don’t. Remember the broski? He got himself over by doing something that had never really been done before. He did his Z True Long Island Story web series on Youtube. I watched some of them and they were pretty entertaining. I can see why he got over. He eventually became the United States champion. His self push worked for a time. Then…well, we all remember what happened. His show was canned by WWE, and then put on the Network and they censored him and it wasn’t the same. Then it was canned again. Then, of course, any semblance of a push was gone. Kane put him in a wheelchair and it was hokey and stupid. Now he’s barely ever on TV and is out with an injury.


Zack Ryder is just one example of the way things have worked for guys who get themselves over today. Dolph Ziggler is another example. He got over with the fans through his incredible work and the way he cuts a promo. He still wasn’t being pushed for the longest time. Even when they gave him a championship it’s not like they cared. They care now but is it too little to late? I guess we’ll see. Cesaro is another prime example. Vince explicitly mentioned him in the podcast. Austin said he loved Cesaro and then Vince said that he just lacked…something. I think Cesaro was pretty over with the fans. All I hear about him is people complaining he’s not getting a push. That swing is a thing of beauty.


You can say that the talent of today isn’t as hungry. They’re just happy to be in the company because they grew up as fans. You might be right and it’s a major problem. But I think that a bigger problem isn’t the guys who aren’t getting themselves over and making a name for themselves; it’s not getting behind the ones that do, and seemingly punishing them for doing it on their own.

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