So Gee, you know Gee right? He writes those Smackdown reviews that are infinitely better than the RAW reviews. To be fair RAW sucks. Joe does what he can with a bad product. Look at what happened when I tried to review that show. Well anyway, Gee posted a link to a story on Reddit that Punk was pretty much done with the company. He told Vince that he was leaving and, true to his word, left. The story is that Punk is just really, really tired. He’s burnt out and he’s tired of not being pushed and pretty much everything he said in that good old Pipe Bomb promo from years past.


At first I was all “Oh no, not Punk. What will they do without him?” and then I remembered something. It goes against every rule of being an IWC member, and certainly a “wrestling journalist” (I write reviews and fantasy book, I’m a journalist now) but I’ve not been that big on Punk for a while now. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this but I don’t think he’s as big a loss as say, Bryan, would be at this point. Things just really went downhill after the Taker match. The Lesnar stuff was good but the rest of it with Paul Heyman just went on way too long. Punk must have gotten his hands on Heyman about four or five times before that feud finally died.


As I’ve confessed on the show before, I started watching the product about seven years ago. I enjoyed Punk as he belittled Rey Mysterio in front of his family and sang “Happy birthday” to his daughter. The cage match he had with Jeff Hardy was actually the match where Kayfabe died for me (true story). I loved him as the leader of both the Straight Edge Society and the New Nexus (yes I’m the guy that enjoyed that stuff) and of course, there was the legendary Pipe Bomb. He spent a year plus as the champion, he fought guy after guy after guy in defence of the ultimate prize in the WWE; the title. Was he in the main event? No. Of course not. He’s not Cena. Only Cena can be in the main event. Then he lost the title to a part timer in The Rock. He got Taker after that but just wasn’t the same. After that…well I already covered that. I’ll admit that I would have probably enjoyed seeing him face Triple H at Mania if that was the plan. I still enjoy Punk on some level, and I’ll always say he’s damn good at what he does, but he’s just a shell of his former self. I can’t blame him if he decides to quit. It seems the company quit on him a while back.


He’s essentially become what Daniel Bryan could be if things don’t change for him; A guy who the fans love, who’s never allowed to be on top, and has just been put down so much no one believes what he says. He’s the Kofi Kingston of the main event. Whenever Kofi gets pushed, no one believes it. Whenever Punk gets pushed, I don’t believe it. I’ll be sad to see him gone, but I won’t be surprised and like he said in the aforementioned “Pipe Bomb”; “After I’m gone, you’re still going to pour money into this company. I’m just a spoke on the wheel. The wheel is going to keep turning and I understand that”


What should you take away from this? BATISTA RUINS EVERYTHING. A week after he joins the company again and everything has gone to shit.

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