Your Empress of “Impact” has waxed obsessive lately in regard to Ultimate X matches. After watching several on dvd for the gazillionth time, I actually e-mailed TNA. I asked if they had ever considered releasing a dvd of every Ultimate X match ever done. With Dixie Carter’s promise of a renewed focus on the X-Division, not to mention the upcoming Ultimate X match for the X-Division championship at the “Destination X” pay-per-view on March 15th, now seems a ripe time to release and heavily promote such a dvd. Sure, it’s mainly because I want one. So what? It would be a great dvd. While trying to compile a list of every Ultimate X match ever done, I discovered that TNA actually beat me to it. Here is a list, from, of every Ultimate X match ever. Check it.



ULTIMATE X1                                                                                  August 20, 2003                  Nashville, Tennessee

Michael Shane defeated Chris Sabin (c) and Kazarian to win the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X2                                                                                  January 7, 2004                   Nashville, Tennessee

Chris Sabin defeated Michael Shane (c), Christopher Daniels and Low Ki to win the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X3 (Finals of the 2004 World X Cup)                    May 26, 2004                      Nashville, Tennessee

Chris Sabin (Team USA) defeated Petey Williams (Team Canada), and Hector Garza (Team Mexico) to win the X Cup


ULTIMATE X4                                                                                  July 28, 2004                        Nashville, Tennessee

Michael Shane & Kazarian defeated AJ Styles to become TNA X Division co-champions


ULTIMATE X5 (Best Damn Sports Show Special)                   November 10, 2004            Orlando, Florida

Chris Sabin defeated Elix Skipper and Sonjay Dutt to become #1 contender to the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X6 (Final Resolution PPV)                                      January 16, 2005                                Orlando, Florida

AJ Styles defeated Petey Williams (c), and Chris Sabin to win the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X7 (Destination X PPV)                                           March 13, 2005                   Orlando, Florida

Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles (c), Elix Skipper and Ron Killings to win the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X8 (Bound for Glory PPV)                                     October 23, 2005                 Orlando, Florida

Petey Williams defeated Matt Bentley and Chris Sabin to become #1 contender to the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X9 (TNA IMPACT!)                                                 November 3, 2005              Orlando, Florida

Petey Williams defeated Matt Bentley and Chris Sabin to become #1 contender to the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X10 (Destination X PPV)                                         March 12, 2006                   Orlando, Florida

Christopher Daniels defeated Samoa Joe (c), and AJ Styles to win the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X11 (No Surrender PPV)                                         September 24, 2006            Orlando, Florida

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels defeated the Latin American Exchange to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship


ULTIMATE X12 (Victory Road PPV)                                         July 15, 2007                        Orlando, Florida

Christopher Daniels defeated Jay Lethal, Kaz, Homicide, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Elix Skipper, Puma, Senshi, and Petey Williams to become #1 contender to the TNA X Division Championship


ULTIMATE X13 (Bound for Glory PPV)                                   October 14, 2007                 Atlanta, Georgia

Latin American Exchange defeated Triple X to become #1 contenders to the TNA Tag Team Championships


ULTIMATE X14 (Final Resolution PPV)                                   January 6, 2008                   Orlando, Florida

Team 3D and Johnny Devine defeated Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machine Guns


ULTIMATE X15 (Victory Road PPV)                                         July 13, 2008                        Houston, Texas

Volador, Jr. defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kaz, and Naruki Doi to win the 2008 World X Cup for Team Mexico


Coming soon:

ULTIMATE X16 (Destination X PPV)                                         March 15, 2009                   Orlando, Florida

Alex Shelley defends the X-Division title against????



While looking over this list, I noticed several things that seemed worth sharing. You obviously agree, or you would not be on this site. Here are ten Ultimate X Fun Facts.

1. The first Ultimate X match took place on August 20, 2003. It was an X-Division title match between Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, and Chris Sabin. In terms of story, Sabin, who was the champion at the time, had continuously interfered in matches involving both Shane and Kazarian, causing the status of the Number One Contender to the title to be in dispute. The Ultimate X match was proclaimed to be “the brainchild of TNA officials,” designed to determine who the X-Division champion should be, once and for all. In a sense, then, the Ultimate X match is Chris Sabin’s fault.


2. Speaking of, Chris Sabin has competed in more Ultimate X matches than anyone else, eight out of the fifteen total. Second place is a four-way tie. Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, AJ Styles, and Matt Bentley/Michael Shane have each been in five Ultimate X matches. Frankie Kazarian and Elix Skipper have been in four Ultimate X matches. Low Ki/Senshi and Homicide have been in three. Sonjay Dutt, Hernandez, and Jay Lethal have been in two.


3. Christopher Daniels has won the most Ultimate X matches, with four victories under his belt. Chris Sabin is right behind him with three.


4. Of the fifteen Ultimate X matches so far, six have been for the X-Division title.


5. Of the fifteen Ultimate X matches so far, four have been to determine the Number One Contender to the X-Division title.


6. Two Ultimate X matches have been finals matches for the World X Cup. Team USA and Team Mexico each have a win.


7. Of the remaining Ultimate X matches, one has been a Tag Team title match, one has been a Number One Contender for the Tag Team titles match, and one has been a 6-man tag team match.


8. When the X-Division title has been on the line in an Ultimate X match, the champion has never retained the title.


9. Only two of the fifteen Ultimate X matches have not taken place on some form of pay-per-view.


10. Of the fifteen matches, eight have involved 3 wrestlers. Three have involved 4 wrestlers in singles competition. Two have involved 4 wrestlers in tag team competition. One has been a six-man tag team match. One has involved ten wrestlers. Think about it.


So, what does all this mean for the fast-approaching Ultimate X match at the March 15 “Destination X” pay-per-view? Alex Shelley will defend his X-Division title against a (rumored) large number of opponents. Supposedly, the TNA “creative” team still wants to throw seven or eight guys into this match. Five spots are given: Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, and Suicide. If you’ve watched “Impact” over the past month, you know it’s true. Look to see Homicide, Eric Young, and possibly even Sheik Abdul Bashir added to the match. Shark Boy could even be tossed in as well, and as much as I would love to see him work a ppv right now for personal reasons, he really doesn’t need to be in this match. The same can be said for many of the guys who will likely be in it, as Ultimate X functions best with three guys when it isn’t a tag team situation.

Chances are, Shelley’s losing the belt. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t WANT him to stop being X-Division champion, but history is just not on the side of Total Nonstop Alex. The real question is to whom does he lose it, and under what circumstances? Assuming that I’m right about who actually competes in this match, several scenarios could play out that would bring glorious happiness and much rejoicing to wrestling fans who long for TNA’s glory days to return.


Scenario A: Suicide wins and immediately unmasks as Christopher Daniels. It would be especially cool if one of his final moves in the match were a Daniels signature move.

Scenario B: Jay Lethal or Consequences Creed get within a hair’s breadth of winning, but Chris Sabin pulls off a last-second miracle to keep the title in the Motor City Machine Guns and gets his 5th title reign.

Scenario C: Homicide is not actually in the match, but just before it starts (after all the other entrances), he cashes in his title shot. He wins while Lethal Consequences and the Motor City Machine Guns are busy fighting each other.

Scenario D: Alex Shelley pulls out an unprecedented win, and becomes a living god in his own mind. Again.


These are really the only outcomes that I care to see. A renewed focus on the X-Division only means something if that focus is on positive things. I’m holding out solid hope for “Destination X” as a ppv. Even if they never do put out my dvd.


  1. Alex Shelley is the X Division Champion?!? I could've sworn it was Sabin! Shows how much I've been paying attention.

    Anyways, I love the Ultimate X matches, the ones I've seen thusfar anyway. They're highly entertaining. I'd definitely buy a DVD if they put one out.

  2. The Guns facing each other in the finals of the X-Division title tournament? You seriously weren't watching at the ppv when Shelley faked an injury to beat Sabin for the belt? Boss, I'm ashamed.

  3. Generally speaking, Shelley has shorter hair and often has the black line under one eye.

    Hey, at least you appreciated the greatness of the match, so you can be forgiven for this oversight.

  4. I think the problem is that I started watching TNA around the time they were doing the stupid thing with Kevin Nash and the X Division, so I really didn't know who was who because they were stuck doing something stupid together. So for Shelley, Sabin, and Austin Starr (or Austin Aries or whatever you want to call him), they were all just these guys hanging out with Kevin Nash and pretending to be Jackass when Johnny Knoxville was showing up on RAW every so often.

  5. besides, at least I knew it was one of the Guns! That and I was one of the people who really appreciated how great that match truly was. Just didn't remember which one won.

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