Surprising releases, surprisingly still employed people, and surprising ch-ch-ch-changes, this week on ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts!

I think everybody reading this likely knows by now that Paul Burchill, Shane Helms, referee Scott Armstrong, Charlie Hass, and perhaps most surprising of all, 2009 Diva of the Year as voted on by fans of the WWE Universe, Maria Kanellis, have all been released from their WWE contracts.  Traci Brooks, Sean Morley, TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion Awesome Kong, and a Knockout that half of us probably didn’t even realize was working for the company, Roxxi, were all released from their TNA contracts.  More surprising still, I saw Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang on SmackDown last night.  Apparently all you have to do to keep your job in WWE is hide behind somebody bigger than you in both popularity and physical size.

What many of you may not realize is that Backlash, the traditional followup to WrestleMania on the WWE schedule for over a decade, has also been let go by WWE, replaced by the Extreme Rules Pay Per View.  More shocking still is the fact that after 23 years, one of the big four is gone – Survivor Series will not be returning this year due to poor buy rates in 2009.  What replaces the former Thanksgiving Night Tradition is yet to be seen, but one can assume it will be another gimmick Pay Per View.

On the bright side, one of the gimmick PPVs that the WWE is considering happens to be WarGames – WCW’s double ring steel cage 10 man tag.  I always loved that event.  In fact, when I got my second Jakks real-scale WWE ring, I put the two right next to each other and said “man, I wish I had a double cage!”

TNA moves to Mondays at 9 on Spike TV this coming Monday night, March 8th.  According to my program guide, they’ll be airing a replay in the traditional iMPACT timeslot, so for those of you who, unlike me, don’t have Picture-In-Picture or a DVR, you can still catch the show on Thursdays.  We here at Bored Wrestling Fan will do our best to have coverage of all three Monday night wrestling programs – that’s right, I said three.  Starting this Monday, will be bringing you coverage of ROH on HDNet along with our WWE and TNA coverage.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about Ezekiel Jackson.  Jackson showed up on SmackDown last night and squashed Jimmy Wang Yang, but he was missing something.  If I won the ECW Championship on the last night of the brand’s existence, I’d be carrying that title around and putting myself over as the last ECW Champion before destroying whatever competition is in front of me.  Alas, Jackson was beltless – and colorless, as he was wearing black instead of the red he’d been known for in ECW.  I guess the Ahmed Johnson comparison finally got to him.

That’s all for me, folks, stay tuned for JT’s Random Randomness tomorrow morning!

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  1. Releases are certainly the theme of the month. I'd hope that the War Games replaces Survivor Series (although, it's sad to see one of the original big 4 die). Charlie Haas was a guy who never really got a shot to do anything after the WGTT concept disolved years ago. Helms was a victim of TMZ. Kong was lost due to that fuck Bubba the Vag Sponge. Burchill was mired in retarded gimmicks.

    I had no clue about Morley… wow, he just played a big part on iMPACT Thursday… odd.

    Good call on the Ezekial Jackson observation, I missed that (but it was like 1 AM when he squashed my boy, Yang).

    We're still hacking out how to cover the new Monday night wars over at wonderboy, and we have no one to do ROH. So naturally, I'll be coming here for results!

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