Hey there, fellow Bored Wrestling Fans!  It is I, the owner, founder, and beloved boss here at BWF, ThinkSoJoE, back with another rare edition of ThinkSoJoE’s thoughts!  I’ve been sitting around quietly for the last few months, a RAW review here or there, but nothing more here on the site, so I figured I’d drop in with some thoughts on the current state of sports entertainment!

The last time I made an appearance here at BoredWrestlingFan was the RAW Roulette edition of WWE RAW.  Nobody remembers that stupid gimmick from that night, however, because that was the night that CM Punk closed the show with the most scathing, blistering promo in perhaps professional wrestling history.  What, did you think I was going to start this off any other way than talking about the hottest angle in all of wrestling right now?  For a week, Punk was gone, with his name barred from WWE programming and WWE.com.  He showed up at Wrigley Field with the title to a Cubs game.   He showed up at Comic-Con with the WWE Championship to taunt Rey Mysterio and Triple H.  He showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live with the WWE Championship to mess with Kimmel’s nephew, a John Cena fan.  And finally, he showed up on RAW.


It’s only been a week.  Milk that shit as long as possible.  I know we’re only three weeks away from SummerSlam and that CM Punk vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship is the huge match that we’re building towards.  But Mysterio & Cena are hugely popular WWE Superstars, and we could have a great match between them at the biggest WWE show of the summer.  CM Punk could come out afterward waving the WWE Championship in the face of Cena, who knows that he’s not truly the WWE Champion, despite officially being heralded as such.  Then we could build to Survivor Series.  Slow builds in wrestling can work if they’re done right.  Have Punk go anywhere you can get him with the title.  Book him on indy shows, book him on late night talk shows, give him tickets to WWE live events and have him sit there with the WWE Championship over his shoulder, taunting the company he walked out on with their own championship.  Let Cena get more and more frustrated with knowing that he’s got to prove he can beat CM Punk by the week, and have Punk finally agree to prove that he’s the best in the world when he faces John Cena in November at the Survivor Series.  Don’t have him “quit” the company and then show up on TV a week later in his wrestling gear, that’s ridiculous.

All that said, I’m very happy to have my favorite current WWE Superstar back on television, and also to have the opportunity to buy one of those awesome t-shirts!

Other thoughts:

I still love the Z! True Long Island Story.  I started watching around episode 10, went back and watched all the previous ones, and haven’t missed one since.  Can’t wait for Episode 24 later on today!  Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

Is R-Truth not the second best character on WWE television at the moment?  If you’ve been on this site prior to his heel turn, you’d know that’s a complete 180 from what any of us thought of him as a face.  He plays the crazy gimmick so well, and I’m rooting for him to get his first WWE Championship sometime after the Punk/Cena feud runs it’s course.

Lastly, I have some recommended reading for you on the topic of CM Punk from former WWE writer Dave Lagana.  In the first part of the article he talks about the WWE Legend who saved CM Punk’s WWE career.  In part two, he talks about how CM Punk went from being a blip on Vince McMahon’s proverbial radar to becoming the ECW Champion.  Part three should be posted later today.  Check it out here.

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