Ive been a total slacker this week.  I missed ECW on SyFy, which sucks because I wanted to make fun of the name.  I managed to watch SmackDown on Friday Night, and had a review written, but my laptop decided it didn’t want to let me finish it.  I meant to write this article 24 hours ago, but wound up getting caught up in something completely different and forgetting to do so.  And just hours ago, I completely skipped out on a TNA house show.  JT won’t be doing the same later on today, hopefully he’ll have fun.

Anyways, I digress.  There was a lot of shit going on this week, so  let’s get to it!

Since we last left you, the big news has been the injury to Edge’s Achilles Tendon, which will likely keep the Rated R Superstar on the shelf until January.  WWE.com has already covered the story despite the fact that Edge participated in previously taped matches for RAW and SmackDown this week.  How WWE plans to handle the fact that Edge and Chris Jericho are the current Unified WWE Tag Team Champions leading into Night of Champions is unknown at this time.

In more pleasant news, video game company Midway, known for their Mortal Kombat franchise and that horrid TNA video game that came out last year, has been purchased by Warner Brothers, who did not pick up the license to TNA video games in the deal.  Mortal Kombat, however, is safe.  With any luck, we’ll get a MK movie franchise reboot out of the deal.

Speaking of safe, our eardrums will not be for much longer.  Joanie “Chyna” Laurer has apparently signed a record deal with Virgin records.  Luckily, the plans are to release an instrumental album, so we won’t have to hear her nasally, whiny voice.

The Miz and Chris Jericho have been insulting each other via Twitter.  Kinda like we were doing with our pals over at World Wrestling Insanity a few months back.  Copycats.

Rumor has it that a top WWE star has been caught violating the company’s wellness policy and is going unpunished.  Allegedly, this wrestler told somebody else about it and it’s getting around the locker room.  No Superstars were named, but I think I can narrow it down to a list of three people…

I could easily turn this article into a knockoff of E!’s “The Soup,” just by having a weekly segment titled “Matt Hardy goes online.”  This week though, instead of completely bashing alleged critics, he explains his injury, his weight gain over the past couple of years, and how it all ties together – much like his abdomen had to be.

Taz claims he was asked to guest host an upcoming episode of RAW, which he turned down.

I’d talk about WWE’s new marketing director, Jim Connelly, but this is a wrestling website, not QVC.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kim “is famous for having a big ass and a sex tape” Kardashian (see, this could be just like The Soup!) were apparently spotted eyeing each other in Los Angeles earlier this week.  What this has to do with wrestling, since The Rock hasn’t been seen in WWE rings in about 5 years, I have no idea.

Anybody looking to hire an unemployed former referee from a major wrestling organization?  Then get ahold of Rudy Charles, who was let go by TNA Wrestling earlier this week as a part of cost cutting measures.  Charles was with the company from the beginning, and says he has no hard feelings about being released.

Chris Jericho was apparently detained at an airport in the Phillipenes for some reason.

We’re happy to report that Gerald Brisco finally had his heart surgery and is expected to be 100% in a couple of months.

Tomorrow night’s guest host of RAW is Robot Chicken co-creator, actor, and the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy, Seth Green.  This could be interesting.  In a related story, Triple H will be a guest voice on the upcoming Season 4.5 premier of Robot Chicken, airing July 26th.

Finally, John Cena has married his high school sweetheart.  Poor guy.

That’s it for me, stay tuned for Random Randomness, coming later on today!

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  1. I often talk about non wrestling items in my article.

    I bet that guy who violated it has either a C, an H, or an O in his wrestling name.

  2. I see I'm not the only Joel McHale fan here. Whenever I'm asked who Kim Kardashian is, I always say that she's "famous for a big ass and a sex tape". Plus, instead of 'Reality Show Clip Time', we could 'Random Video Clip Time', which is pretty much my column anyways.

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