Hey all!  A few days ago, Drowgoddess lamented on the fact that three members of the BWF staff were in the process of moving, including Jamie Kennedy, JT, and myself.  My move took all of a day as I moved from Niagara Falls, NY to Buffalo, NY.  South Buffalo, NY.  Yes, the same South Buffalo you just saw on the Weather Channel for the past two days as we got buried under 40″ of snow.  Meanwhile, back in Niagara Falls, there is absolutely no snow on the ground.  Yeah.  I picked a good time to move.

My car got stuck Thursday morning, and I called AAA to come tow me out (and change the tire I popped).  Twelve hours later, they called to tell me they were helpless to help since they couldn’t get down my street without worrying about getting stuck themselves.  The city towed me the next day, and it took me three hours to figure out where they towed it to.  I still can’t find a spot on my street…

Alas, this is a wrestling website, and I’m sure something must’ve happened in the world of Sports Entertainment this week.  Ah yes, that’s right.  MVP asked for, and was granted, a release from his WWE contract.  Word is that MVP is trying to head out to Japan for work for the time being.

News is also coming out this week that Superstar Billy Graham has officially booked his last public appearance.  Graham’s failing health has led to his announcement that the WrestleReunion event in Los Angeles, January 29-31, will be his last public appearance of any kind.  Graham indicates that the end is near for his “run on this Earth,” and while he’s still with us, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank him for paving the way for the professional wrestlers of today.

Matt Hardy babbled on the internet about somethingorother.  I couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention.  I’m sick of Matt Hardy going online and complaining about anything to anybody who will listen.  He’s an attention starved, out of shape, past his prime crybaby with too much time on his hands.  Shut up, Matt.

Kaitlyn won WWE NXT Season 3.  Nobody cared.  The season 4 pros and rookies were announced.  Again, nobody cared.  Once the show isn’t on TV anymore, nobody cares.  Bring on Tough Enough already.

WWE seems to have decided not to go with the whole “Juan Cena” angle.  Which is probably a good thing.  If you ask me, the whole thing was a work.  WWE decided to screw with the IWC, even going as far as to have the character listed on house show cards and actually debut at one last Sunday night.  Hell, until he attacked Slater and Gabriel after their tag match, we didn’t actually SEE John Cena – just his armbands.  Kudos, WWE.  You got one over on us.

Finally, we’re hearing that Shawn Michaels will be involved in some way with the WWE Tribute to the Troops this year, which takes place at Fort Hood, TX.  Before you get all up in arms about him doing the same thing that Ric Flair did after the amazing retirement celebration WWE gave him, keep in mind that this is more of a promotional appearance than a return to the WWE.  HBK has been a big name in the WWE for the past 20+ years, so why wouldn’t they promote him for an NBC broadcast?

Until next time, take care and stay warm!

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  1. Dude's in Sabreland now. You know I legit sympathize with snow… and the driving adventure…. wrestling website or no, that's a shitty deal.

    Superstar Billy Graham was my first favorite wrestler as a tot. While I never got to see him in person, I'm more content he's been honest about his medical problems. Smarks better recognize….

    NXT 4 is likely to air up in Canada on the Score. I might actually watch this debacle.

    What if the Juan Cena thing is a double swerve on the IWC? Call me paranoid…

  2. Wow, 40" of snow? I don't think I've seen anything like that since I lived in Germany while my dad served in the Army. To be fair, Christmas shopping in 80-degree weather is simply wrong.

    If MVP truly wanted his release, more power to him. I'm just disappointed because I never would have thought of pairing up Kaval with him, and that could have really been fun. As popular a babyface as he turned out to be, people almost forget his initial heel character. I'm convinced that there was serious money in that. David Otunga seems a watered-down version of the original MVP gimmick.

    As derisively as I spoke of "Juan Cena," I really don't think that I would have cared as much had WWE bothered to allow fans the slightest attempt at the suspension of disbelief. Not only does the guy not miss a single tv show, he runs rampant with no difficulty and enjoys himself. At least Austin got arrested when he did it. To all the people who have written and posted that only the most naive/stupid person on Earth could possibly have believed that WWE would keep John Cena off of tv and house shows during the big holiday shopping season because he sells too much merch, I say that it is you who are naive/stupid. With Cena's level of popularity, he could completely disappear for six months, and he would still be the #1 merch seller. Stop grasping at straws to defend a poor decision by WWE and present yourself as superior to those of us who actually bother to express our disappointment.

    HBK doing this is nothing at all like what Flair did. Good for HBK, and more power to him.

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