Welcome to ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts for what has been a relatively slow week in the world of Sports Entertainment.  I guess the biggest thing to talk about is the fact that Sheamus is the number one contender for the WWE Championship.  We knew the guy had potential – but who knew he’d be number one contender for John Cena’s WWE Championship just over a month after debuting on RAW?  With the Royal Rumble being the next PPV up after TLC, it’s almost a given that Sheamus isn’t winning this time around, but it’s great to see some new blood in the WWE title picture.

So, being a slow news week and all, I couldn’t really come up with much to talk about this time around, so I decided to kill some time before writing this article by looking through our Google Analytics stats and checking out some of the search terms that people are using to find us.  Of course, there’s always the usual “Raw Results” and whatnot, but there are a few surprising ones.  Some of the search results that have led people here, and the pages they likely landed on, after the jump!

nicole bass nude (also nichole bass nude and nicole bass porn)

The War on Everything (8/5/09 Edition)

Ok.  First of all, who’s the sick freak who wants to see that ugly pile of muscle naked?

The result is misleading, actually.  Legend Killer joked that Nicole Bass was Suicide, and made a mention of Vanessa Hudgens’  nude photo scandal, so the words “Nicole Bass” and “nude” both appear on the page, but not in the same sentence.

alan alda

The War on Everything (11/12/09 Edition)

The dude from M*A*S*H and Fergie were apparently in the same Atari Home Computer commercial, according to Legend Killer.

“leather pants”

Random Randomness (sort of)

Drowgoddess says she’ll apologize while wearing Tara’s leather pants if JT felt she stepped on his toes by writing her own version of Random Randomness while he was away on vacation.

ECW 11/17/09

With Paul Burchill and Katie Lea banished from the Land of Extreme, Jason mentions that he’s going to miss Katie Lea’s leather pants.

best wwe seats to be seen on tv

The life of a WWE seat-filler

BWF reader Gee chimed in to tell us about how he got to attend Monday Night RAW for free and get on TV while doing it as a “seat-filler” for the evening.

For the record, the best seats to get on TV at a live WWE event are the first level (100 level in every arena I’ve been to) of seats directly across from the camera.  That should get you on TV for sure.

buff bagwell nude pictures

ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts (5/30/2009 Edition)

I have to wonder if the person who was searching for nude pictures of Buff Bagwell is the same one who was searching for nude pictures of Nicole Bass.

Much like the Nicole Bass search, this one is a bit misleading as well – I mentioned that Matt Striker may have been in trouble for some alleged nude photos, and that Buff Bagwell said he’d work for WWE for free if they called him.

earl hebner physical pictures

“Impact” Impressions 1/22/09

Earl Hebner physical pictures?  Seriously?  Some of these people need help.  Anyways, Drow’s iMPACT! review contains three of the four words, “Earl Hebner” and “physical,” but not in any way that would construe that we have physical pictures of Earl Hebner.

Ok, that’s enough of that.  I’ve really got nothing else to talk about, but maybe JT does.  He’ll be here tomorrow with another edition of Random Randomness!

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