Wow. is celebrating it’s one year anniversary this Tuesday, June 9th.  Normally by this point in a project, I’ve lost all interest and will have not updated in months.  BWF is not one of those projects.  I still love this site and update it as often as possible, and with the cast of characters I’ve assembled here, we keep this place live nearly every day of the week.  But enough about that for now, I’ll devote an article to that on Tuesday.

On to the wrestling news for the week.

The big news still on the radar from last week is the sudden release of Mr. Kennedy as details continue to leak.  Word is that Randy Orton complained about Kennedy’s wreckless nature in the ring.  The story goes that Mr. McMahon asked other Superstars about it, and they agreed which led to Kennedy’s release.  Rumor has it that Kennedy is also now a member of the WWE “do not call” list, which is a very exclusive club.

Almost lost in the mix of Kennedy stories are the injuries that Samoa Joe suffered at a TNA house show sometime in the past week.  The former TNA Triple Crown Champion suffered two broken fingers and a torn bicep.  The injuries couldn’t come at a worse time for TNA, as they’ve already taped every episode of iMPACT! leading up to Slammiversary, where Joe was set to participate in the King of the Mountain main event.  At this point, the only thing yours truly would expect is Joe to be taken out by the Main Event Mafia at the start of the PPV.

Chris Mordetzky, better known as Chris Masters, has apparently re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.  Maybe he stopped taking steroids and learned how to wrestle, and can actually justify whatever push they give him this time around.

Sting is (allegedly) seriously considering retirement following this year’s Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View.  If he does decide to retire, rest assured that he’d probably stay retired, and also bet your house on Sting being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame no later than 2011.

Hey, speaking of Pay Per Views, WWE’s changed the name of another one.  The Great American Bash is now simply known as The Bash.  The reasons rumoured for this change include the old name being too WCW sounding, and the fact that if it’s the Great American Bash, you can’t hold it outside of the U.S.

The highlight of this week in wrestling for me was actually watching SmackDown for the first time in over a month.  There were a few great matches on there that made me remember why I’m a wrestling fan.  Edge vs. Rey Mysterio was a definite match of the year contender in my book.

And since it’s a PPV weekend, here’s my predictions for Xtreme Rules!

Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella: Hog Pen Match

My prediction is this match will suck.  For the hell of it, let’s go with Santina regaining her Miss WrestleMania crown.

CM Punk vs. Umaga:  Samoan Strap Match

Time for these guys to move on from this random feud.  Punk wins.

US Championship – Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal vs. MVP:  four way match

What the hell is extreme about a four way match?  Kingston just won the title on Monday, don’t expect that belt to be going anywhere this soon.

Intercontinental Championship – Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho: No Hold’s Barred

Just as long as Zeus doesn’t get involved, we’re good here.  Rey Rey will find a way to win.  Jericho doesn’t need another IC Title run.

ECW Championship – Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer: Hardcore match

I know the story here about Dreamer getting one more chance at the ECW Championship, getting a one day extension past today’s original date.  I just can’t see him getting the win.  Christian retains.

John Cena vs. The Big Show: Submission match

I predict myself falling asleep.  Two decidedly non-submission wrestlers in a submission match.  Boring.  Technical guys like CM Punk and Chris Jericho can get away with submission matches, not power guys like Cena and The Big Show.  Anyways, why bother, we all know Cena’s going to win.

WWE Championship – Randy Orton vs. Batista: Steel Cage Match

For crying out loud, what is Batista even doing in a championship match?  The guy sucks in the ring, he sucks on the mic, he is NOT championship material.  Never was, never will be.  I just hope he doesn’t injure Orton, who I’m sure is going over.

World Championship – Edge vs. Jeff Hardy:  Ladder Match

Jeff hasn’t re-signed with WWE yet, and they want him to.  Hardy goes over, believe it or not.

That’s all for me for now, JT will be around tomorrow with more Random Randomness, and we’ll have some sort of coverage of Extreme Rules – probably not live but it’ll be up sometime before RAW on Monday.

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