Yours truly with my live (on tape) Rumble Thoughts:

World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler

Tony Chimel has finally gotten through puberty – his voice didn’t crack when he announced Edge as “The Rated R Superstar”

I absolutely cannot buy Dolph Ziggler as a legit challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship when he still looks like a knockoff dyslexic Billy Gunn (Ziggler has a backwards D and a backwards Z on his tights).

A 16:9 aspect ratio on a computer monitor is wonderful for doing BWF stuff because I can watch the show on one side of the screen while typing on the other, and I’ve still got a pretty decent sized picture.

Can I get the “NICKY” Spirit Squad graphic that G used a couple weeks back for Ziggler?  I can?  Awesome!

Is that a “Let’s Go Ziggler” chant?  What are these people seeing that I’m not?

And Edge kicks out of the FameAsser, or whatever Ziggler calls it.

See Edge, if you would’ve hooked the tights, you would’ve won there.  It’s like Jesse Ventura always says, “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.”

Kelly Kelly??  Please don’t ruin Edge with a Kelly Kelly angle!

Has anybody EVER won a championship with a sleeper?  Can somebody look into that for me?

Hmm.  No Vicky.  No referee.  Hmm.  I wonder what could happen now?

Yep.  SPEAR!  Jesse Ventura would be proud.

Killswitch?!?!?!?  That reeks of awesomeness!  Edge Wins!

And Chimel’s voice cracks, making the first point I made in this match null and void.

WWE Championship:  The Miz vs. Randy Orton

Wait, what?  World Heavyweight Championship match first, WWE Championship match next – it’s gotta be the Royal Rumble!  And an Angry Miz Girl shot in the buildup video!

We get a Miz interview!  Awesome!  Ooh, and a shot at the Patriots!

Hey, they got it right this time – the challenger is coming to the ring first!

I like Miz’s trench coat better than mine.  I wonder if he’d trade me.

Michael Cole’s commentary on the Miz reminds me of Bobby Heenan’s commentary on Ric Flair back in the day.  Back when things weren’t often “Fair to Flair.”

I’d venture to say that A-Ry is going to be in the Rumble match, since he’s in his wrestling gear.

I wonder if the announcers realize that winning a title match at Royal Rumble doesn’t mean you’re going to WrestleMania – there’s still Elimination Chamber next month.

The voice of the WWE?  I miss JR.

Can we get one of those old Batman graphics?  Orton hitting his skull on the ringpost?  KAARRR-AAAACK!

Nexus?!?!?  Holy crap, Mason Ryan does look like Batista!

Nice dive out of the way by Chad Patton.

And Punk with the assist!

King isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand this – I have no idea why Nexus helped Miz win.

Actually, here’s a thought – A-Ry was on NXT with Harris and McGuillicutty.  Perhaps he’s joined Nexus to help The Miz?

Cody Rhodes has dropped out of the Rumble because his face has been shattered by Rey Mysterio.

The fans in Boston think John Cena, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Wade Barrett, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Santino, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston are going to win the Royal Rumble.  Apparently.

WWE Divas Championship:  LayCool vs. Natalya

Ugh.  I just wanna get to the Rumble.  In the wo…

Ha!  Cole got stuck!

And now we’ve got a Fatal Four Way:  Natalya vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool vs… Eve?!?

We couldn’t get Kong?!?

WWE Divas Championship:  Natalya vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool vs. Eve

Why Eve?  Didn’t we start something with Gail Kim on RAW this week?  She couldn’t be in here?  Again, it’s the WWE using Gail Kim in a way that says, “she’s only on our roster so TNA can’t have her.”

Has the Double Sharpshooter ever been done before?  I think I saw Natalya use it before.

Cole and Lawler are acting like they don’t know about Taka Michinoku, when both of them were in WWE while he was.  Indeed!

Wait – so did Eve win?  I’m confused.  Where’s the GM?  Michelle had Natalya pinned at the same time!

Guess he doesn’t want LayCool on RAW either.

Oh look, there’s Gail Kim now!  She’s with Daniel Bryan who is talking about how cool it would be to win the Rumble.  The Bellas apologize to the two of them, then insult them.  Eve is the Divas Champion, and Gail Kim is fighting with the Bellas backstage.  Once again. Say it with me, kids:  “She’s only on our roster so TNA can’t have her.”

Is it time?!?  Huh???  Is it?!?  I don’t care about the Elimination Chamber PPV next month – I just want to see the Rumble match!  Kudos to Matt Striker for pointing out that “Paul Revere” is also the title of a Beastie Boys song.

Rumble by the numbers – that means it’s almost time!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time… for the BIGGEST ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH in history!”  Hooray!

CM Punk is number one?!?  New Nexus has their work cut out for them helping him win tonight.  Hopefully we’ll get Punk cutting promos between eliminations again this year, I loved that last year!

Wade Barrett?!?  Or is it Zeke?  Oh crap, The Corre just surrounded the ring!  Where’s Nexus?  There they are!  WTF is going on?

The GM says to stop.  The only superstar who has the right to be in the ring is CM Punk.  Everybody else needs to GTFO or they’re out of the Rumble.

And a CM Punk chant breaks out as Daniel Bryan makes his way out, a former member of Nexus himself.

How awesome is it that we get 90 seconds of Punk and Bryan?  The fans in Boston love it too!

Justin Gabriel officially in.  Uh oh….  450 on Punk?  Nope, he missed.  Bryan dumps him and we’re back to Punk/Bryan!

Oh, radio, tell me everything you know…  At least I got to hear a bit of Zack Ryder’s theme!  And two eliminations for Bryan – more Punk/Bryan!

William Regal!  More great technical expertise in the ring!  Punk/Regal/Bryan!

The ring’s filling up, who’s number 7?  JoMo!

Holy shit!  Morrison is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

And Regal got dumped by DiBiase in the meantime.

Yoshi Tatsu?  He still works here?

Husky Harris here to help!

Oooh, Jobbo!  Bets on which one goes out first, Guerrero or Tatsu.  I got Guerrero.

Jobbo hits two suplexes on three straight guys, then the Three Amigos on Bryan.

Mizark Henry out next.  And he tosses Chavo.  I win!

And then Tatsu goes, also courtesy of Mark Henry.

JTG is bringin’ the hood to the Royal Rumble!

Lucky number 13 is Michael McGuillicutty, here to join his Nexus mates CM Punk and Husky Harris in battle, and he eliminates JTG.

Harris and McGuillicutty eliminate DiBiase as Chris Masters makes his entrance.

Why would Masters want to jump right into the middle of the New Nexus members that are in the ring?  Of course, he gets Punk in the Masterlock and almost eliminates him before McGuillicutty saves the day.

David Otunga joins Nexus in the Rumble, and immediately, Punk eliminates Bryan, and Masters, while Nexus quadruple team Morrison out.  It’s Nexus and Mark Henry in the ring, and they dump the World’s Strongest Man as well.

Tyler Reks runs into the ring where The New Nexus are waiting.  Thanks for coming, Tyler!

Next victim:  Vladimir Kozlov.  He gets a good shot on Punk, but The Nexus gang up on him and take him down.  Harris hits his finisher, and Punk tosses him.  Nexus still standing tall.

Next victim:  R-Truth.  He barely makes it into the ring before Nexus swarm on him.  Punk his the knee/bulldog combo in the corner, stopping to mock Truth in the meantime.  R-Truth, gone.  Nexus stand tall.

Next victim:  The Great Khali!  He’s back!  He takes his time to get to the ring, he manages to hold his own, even eliminating Husky Harris.  Khali taking care of Nexus as number 20 gets set to come out…

But it’s Mason Ryan!  Nexus is back at four men in the ring, but Khali gets the upperhand.  Momentarily.  Ryan eliminates Khali, and the Nexus stand tall again.


The six time World Champion, Booker T has arrived here in the Royal Rumble!  He manages to hold his own against the Nexus, even hitting the scissor kick on Otunga before McGuillicutty attacks – and gets dropped with a bookend…


Mason Ryan saves CM Punk from elimination and dumps Booker T.  Nexus still strong.

BRRRRRRRRRRRAPPLEJUICE!  John Cena is here to take on The Nexus!  Cena eliminates Mason Ryan, he gets Otunga and McGillicutty, and it’s down to John Cena and CM Punk!

With Punk and Cena down, entry number 23 enters – it’s Hornswoggle!?!

Punk sees Hornswoggle, who tells Punk to bring it.  He catches a knee from Punk who goes back to work on Cena.  He tries to eliminate Cena, but Cena reverses it into an AA over the top rope!  Cena’s eliminated, single handedly, 4 of the 5 New Nexus members!  Cena and Hornswoggle stand tall!

Tyson Kidd has no chance here.  Hornswoggle and Cena double team Kidd, and Hornswoggle hits an Attitude Adjustment!  You can’t see Hornswoggle!  You can’t see Kidd either, since Cena tossed him out.

Heath Slater, no stranger to John Cena, is representing the Corre.  Hornswoggle hit Sweet Shin Music and a Stunner on Slater, and Swoggle and Cena hit a double 5 knuckle shuffle, and Horny nails the Tadpole Splash.  Thanks for coming, Heath Slater!  Cena and Swoggle are rolling here!

BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  Friday Night SmackDown’s Intercontinental Champion is fired up and ready to go!  Cena and Kingston look at the WrestleMania sign, and it looks like we’re set for a friendly competition here.  Kingston’s offense stuns Cena.

Jack Swagger has drawn Number 27, the lucky number in the Royal Rumble match, at least in the past.  He hits Cena and Kingston with Vader Bombs, but lets himself get distracted by Swoggle.  Kingston hits a Boom Drop on Swagger off the back of Hornswoggle.

Sheamus joins the fray.  Hornswoggle tries to form an alliance with Sheamus, to no avail.  He tunes up the band, and hits Sweet Shin Music for the second time in this match.  Cena saves Swoggle, but gets socked by Swagger.  Swoggle gets Brogue Kicked by Sheamus out of this match.

Rey Mysterio jumps in, a former Rumble Winner himself, and he takes everybody out, but gets clotheslined by Sheamus before he could hit the 619 on Swagger.

Swagger gets 619ed out of the match by Mysterio.

Wade Barrett represents the Corre at number 30.

Dolph Ziggler is still beat up from his World Heavyweight Title match earlier as he enters at number 31 – the very first number 31 entrant in Royal Rumble history!

BIG DADDY COOL DIESEL!!!  Number 32 is freakin’ Diesel!!

Drew McIntyre joins the growing number of men in the ring.  A “Let’s Go Diesel” chant breaks out.

Diesel gets hit with a 619 by Rey Mysterio.  And in true Kevin Nash fashion, he no-sells it.

AWESOME!!!  But it’s not The Miz in the Royal Rumble, it’s Alex Riley!

Diesel gets eliminated by Wade Barrett.

The Big Show walks slowly toward the ring, stopping to eyeball Diesel as Matt Striker makes references to Boston Bruins defensemen Zdeno Chara being the tallest player in the NHL and shorter than The Big Show.

Show sends Ziggler packing.

Barrett gets some assistance in the form of Ezekiel Jackson, as Drew McIntyre gets dumped by the Big Show.

Speaking of Big Show, that’s who Zeke eliminates.

IT’S-A HE!  SANTINO!  Beware the Cobra!  He catches a Brogue Kick from Sheamus and rolls under the bottom rope to the floor.

Alberto Del Rio enters the Rumble in a 2008 Bentley, and gets a ring announcement from Ricardo Rodriguez.

Matt Striker mentions that Alex Riley has been eliminated, but I’m not so sure about that.  Randy Orton’s music hits and he attacks Del Rio, who hadn’t made it to the ring yet.  He nails several RKOs before eliminating Kingston and Sheamus.

The two men standing at the moment:  John Cena, and Randy Orton.  They gaze at the WrestleMania sign, but before they can go at it, Kane, making his 13th straight Rumble appearance, enters at number 40!

Hmm.  No Triple H?

Ezekiel Jackson eliminated by Kane.

Kane by Mysterio, followed by Mysterio by Barrett.

Apparently Santino and Riley are gone, despite neither one of them, from my vantage point, being thrown over the top rope to the floor.  The final four – Barrett, Orton, Cena, and Del Rio.

Orton and Cena start going at it with Barrett and Del Rio down.  Cena goes for an AA, but Barrett stops him.

Cena hits the AA on Del Rio, but A-Ry distracts Cena, as Miz dumps Cena over the top rope!  Barrett, Del Rio, and Orton are left!

Orton eliminates Barrett – and Del Rio sneaks up behind and eliminates Orton!

The referee tells Del Rio that he hasn’t won.  Santino was never eliminated.  He nails the Cobra!  Throw him out, Santino!

Santino tries, but Del Rio turns the tide and tosses Santino.  Alberto Del Rio is going to WrestleMania!

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  1. You should've HEARD me when Del Rio won.. then when Santino got back in.. then when Rio won again.

  2. I'm totally watching this again at work tonight… (the rumble match only)

    It kind of felt like two segmented matches… the plague of the Nexus was the first half (would've loved to see Bryan survive, but at least they allowed him to start), and then the stage being set for Del Rio.

    Also, very happy to NOT see HHH. While I think that we will have our HHH/Sheamus Mania match, there are many other ways around this than putting it in the Rumble. Hell, maybe even tonight…

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