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Let’s talk Sin Cara.

We’ve been able to watch the debut of Sin Cara. We know about the trampoline. We’ve seen him take on the various members of the locker room, and share a tagteam spot with the entity known as John Cena. The idea is to put him into a Rey Mysterio position as a lucha, but is it working? Will he get over with the kids? Will Sin Cara get blown off because he doesn’t get over immediately? So many questions, and I want to hear ALL about it from you, noble websurfer.

The poll will run for a week, and you are encouraged to watch tomorrow’s RAW and consider what they do with the draft as well. We’ll find out the results at the end of Saturday, April 3oth… 2011. Or you can jump the gun, and vote now… to hell with that G guy, anyways. That’s up to you.

Consider things like this…

[poll id=”11″]

Let’s hear it BWF’ers. Is Sin Cara “WWE” ready. We know he can wrestle, there’s not a doubt there. But… Kaval? Kaval?

Be the professor.


  1. He'll get over. There's no way they will let HHH's first acquisition fail, that would show that the McMahon family isn't perfect.

  2. RowdyRodimus has a valid point. His masks are already selling well, as we've seen, and Rey's shelf life grows more limited by the day. If anything, Sin Cara deserves a "pass" for managing to screw up as little as he has, given that his time in developmental to learn the WWE style and the English language didn't happen, and he was rushed onto tv with no adjustment time. The guy has done his best with what he was given.

    • It was a subtle implied jab at the way the smaller guys are generally handled in the WWE. Hopefully that clarifies what I meant? Plus I got you talking, which is the point of this poll. 🙂 Don't get me wrong, I want nothing more than for him to succeed.

  3. Kaval/Low-Ki/Senshi/Bad Brandon From the Bronx is his own worst enemy. He has never been happy where he is and has done the least with the most natural talent.

    Sin Cara/Mistico is an entirely different wrestler. There is HUGE buzz on him. I've had followers ask me when Sin Cara's match is on Raw. I have a new follower who speaks Spanish that all we talk about is Sin Cara. The buzz is out there. He has the potential to be what Rey was in '96. The guy is insane in the ring.

  4. After watching the draft…


    In all fairness, my take is based on what the fed will do with the guy. I hear Trips is behind the talent development side of things these days, and this is his "project." As Mistico, before the WWE, this guy is unquestionably fantastic. But it's obvious there's some rough edges in his matches as he adjusts to the "WWE Style" (nothing horrible… yet). And it was the "yet" that scared me, but seeing he got "drafted" to Smackdown, they can edit out any mistakes if need be.

    I'm also glad that Mysterio went the other way in the draft for Sin Cara's sake. The guy will likely get more match time on the Blue brand as that show tends to lean heavier on wrestling, and less on talking. And with the rumored panic about Smackdown's roster needing more faces, he could benefit by default.

  5. I've got to go "pass" on this one. I mark out for Sin Cara, because I know something exciting is going to happen. Yeah, he's botched a couple spots thusfar, but he's managed to look good doing so. I think, given a sustained push, the guy has the ability to make it big in WWE.

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