Open Call Out


Hulk Hogan puts over the Open Fight Night/Open Call Out and the Bound for Glory series tournament before moving on to A Double for his answer. (which has something to do with Plan C-check twitter for his response) Option A would have him hand over the title and challenge Roode at Destination X but if he lost he would have nothing. Option B he would decline and walk away still X Division champion and not be in the main event. And it appears Option C is where starting this year the current X Division champion will be allowed to turn in the belt for the chance at the World Title holder. Hogan is pleased. (So does that mean that if the X division champion loses he keeps the belt and if he wins we have an X division tournament for the title after the PPV? Um-okay.

Roode of course comes out and throws a tantrum saying that the X Division title is a paper championship and that he is the real world champion Austin Aries calls him out and the two battle it out. Security/Referees come out to break it up. Anderson comes down out and announces that basically when they’re done with each other Anderson will be waiting.

Anderson walks down to the ring after the break and calls out a man that is tearing about a family. So here comes Christopher Daniels who is drinking a martini in the back. Mike Tenay announces during the start of the match the ALL BFG series matches will be 10 minutes whether it be Televised, House show or PPV? (That doesn’t make much sense anywhere other than maybe television but okay.) Daniels and Anderson have a good but albeit short match that ends when he hits the mic check.

We go back stage where Brooke is haveing a meeting with a select few knockouts about who should get a chance at Ms Tessmacher (because you can’t say Brooke, there can be only one.) Madison? ODB, Mickie and Velvet are back bickering about how they deserve it. This is basically a female version of what we got several weeks ago with Hulk Hogan, Angle, Ray, Hardy and Styles. (So we can tell who should be seen released in the coming months Knockout wise.) Anyway Madison is eliminated due to her imaginary boyfriend fascination. She leaves to spend time with her BF.


Out in the ring we have Robbie E,  or Big Rob T for that matter.So obviously he can’t be Madison’s crush because she wouldn’t be visiting anyone. So that leaves Garrett, or Devon? Does Madison dig choclate? Inquiring minds want to know. Big Robbie E issues an open challenge to any of the gerbils in the back and guess who answers

Kurt Angle your correct he scores a quick minute and a half victory over Robbie when he German suplex’s, Angle slams and then locks on the Ankle lock for a submission victory and Ten points.

Robbie E jobber of the BFG series.

Taeler Hendrix is our Gutcheck challenger. She talks about her struggles with cancer at 21! and her drive to be the champion of all the women division’s in TNA.

Magnus comes out and calls out a man who sleeps with another man’s woman because thats low, AJ Styles.

Styles comes out and puts a whooping on Magnus before the ladies man turns the table. Magnus ducks the pelle from AJ which is just unheard of. Daniels and Kaz come out brandishing pics leaving Styles distracted for the Brutish one to lay the Magdriver down on the phenomenal one for 7points.

Jeremy Borash announces the GutCheck challenge. Taeler Hendrix plays to the crowd before her opponent Tara is called out. Tara beats on Hendrix for the duration of the match before she fights back with a head scissors, gut wrench slam and fists to the face. Tara comes back and wins with a widow’s peak. Did better than Alex Silva but thats not saying much. Not really long.

Backstage segement with Bully Ray and Joseph Parks. Ray making threats and Parks showing some backbone.

Samoa Joe calls out Storm. Good but again short with Storm wiggling out of the rear naked choke and hitting the Last Call Superkick for the win and seven points.

ODB is eliminated next after her own man distractions.

Bully Ray comes out to call out the Pope. (best part was seeing the reaction on Pope’s face when Ray called him “boy”) D’angelo Dinero comes out to wrestle the Bully and work off some more ring rust as well. Abyss comes out to confound Ray leading to Dinero scoring the victory and Ten points.

We get a preview of the Velvet Sky featured Montgomery Gentry music video. Then Brooke Hogan announces in the back that Mickie deserves the shot. Mickie comes out fighting. Ms Tessmacher puts up some defense but gets owned for some time. Tessmacher able to squeeze out a victory after hitting a sunset flip pin on Mickie for the win shocking and irritating challenger James.

Daddy Hogan makes a match between RVD and Hardy because their both so damn cool. After a spiked DDT and later a Twist of Fate Hardy wins and gains 7points.

  1. James Storm – 20 points
  2. Kurt Angle – 10 points
  3. Pope – 7 points
  4. Magnus – 7 points
  5. Anderson – 7 points
  • 10 points submission
  • 7 points pinfall
  • 5 points countout win
  • 3 points disqualification win
  • 2 points draw
  • -10 points disqualification loss

Then AJ and Dixie came out about thier secret only for a pregnant pill popper to come running down to the ring announcing that she is the reason for the secrecy that she is a good friend of Dixie’s named “Claire Lynch” as all participants attempted to cry but fail. The alcohol abuser and pill poppin momma to be explains the pictures. In the back Daniels is livid while Frankie just looks confused. The heels come out only for AJ to beat the hell out of both of them.


PNT noir OUT!


  1. Overall, this was a pretty solid episode. However, the reveal of AJ and Dixie's secret, not so much. Regardless of the mind-fuck of an ending (did they rehire Russo?), the rest of the program was once again very true to the BFG goal and ongoing stories relating to Park/Ray. I didn't realize Magnus was a heel, but did enjoy him in that role. Wasn't he a face two weeks ago? Maybe a tweener? Not sure. Hendrix was ok, but did nothing to validate a contract. I think she's got lots of upside and can develop into something better in time, just not yet. They can't give out contracts to everyone, and need to make the Gut Check more about the chase, and less about the "gold" if they want to recapture the premise and fix what Flair fucked up on his way out. Great review, as always.

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