Impact recaps Aces and 8’s attack on HH and Sting.


James Storm, who addressed the championship change and how him and Roode is personal and he just wants to kick his blankty blank, he then proceeds to call out Kurt Angle to no avail because the aforementioned group is kicking the olympic gold our of the measuring stick of wrestling.

Samoa Joe comes out cocky as ever and says he’s calling out a man he’s always had a problem with (and with that I facepalm) our Pope, your Pope D’angelo Dinero. After the bell both men come out and have at it. THIS is the match they should of had last year instead of the over convulted mess dealing with a Green Hornet sidekick. Dinero is beating on Joe until he taps out to an arm bar mid punch. Joe gets 10 points. And is back in first place with 47pts as James has 43.

Bobby Roode is interviewed in back by Jason Hervey, and after rebuffing claims that he leads Aces and 8’s talks about how he is calling out Aries. Main Event Title match~!

Jeff Hardy comes out and appeases the creatures of the night, he wants to call out someone that is until Robbie E and Rob T stroll down accusing the other participants of cowardice. Hardy does a battle cry and attacks the heel jobber. After several interferences from Big Rob, Jeff attacks T outside of the ring and allows Robbie to get a count out victory putting him on the board at 5pts.

We see the next Gut Check challenger Sam Shaw, and we shoot over to ODB and EY for some comedy about strange vans that Eric shouldn’t go into but turned out to give him his own show.

The Claire Lynch saga is recapped. Claire says she has proof. Daniels and Kaz weigh in and AJ just confessing to his mistakes.

Sam Shaw comes out and sells himself to the crowd and Jeremy Borash that is right before Aces and 8’s beat him down. Well as they carry him out of the ring, we jump to Mr. Anderson who calls out AJ Styles, good match that ends in some weird roll up package pin giving Anderson 7pts.

Afterwards Claire comes out all “AJ this yo baby” and her proof are more pic of an obviously passed out AJ and Claire smiling at the camera. Please just end this already and move to the end or give Daniels free reign to say whatever because he’s funny.

Sean Wheelock of Bellator comes out to announce RVD vs Daniels. Daniels cheats and uses the ropes to win moving up 7pts. What no “Bob Van Dam” sound bites ah come on TNA.

A Double addresses the fluke comments and says that Roode’s win was a fluke and his was a brainbuster in the middle of the ring 1,2,3 win. He grabs his cape when an Ace’s and 8’s card falls. A Double is not impressed. Like the Dark Knight Rises they give away the ending in the middle.

Brooke Hogan is contacted via phoner about her dad’s back surger…I mean attack by Aces and 8. Garett Bischoff is backstage talking with Joe Park about Legal stuff only to call out Park for his Abyss like behavior. Park accuses Garett of a head injury.

Magnus and Ray have a match by default since they are the last two men in the back. Bully scores the win for 7pts finally putting him on the board. Which then jumps into a Chavo Guerrero promo announcing his presence into TNA next week?

Bobby Roode calls out Austin Aries and they proceed to fight. Tenay clarifies again that this is a match but not for the title that will be at Hardcore Justice. Okay didn’t Hogan say on Open Fight Night any champion called out will have to defend their title? well whatever. Ace’s and 8’s come out and beat down the champion just when he was in control and right as they tease a Roode conspiracy the group beat down on Roode.

Eh. A serious where everyone gets beat down by a group with mysterious backing it for right now looks better than Immortal so….PNT noir out.



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