We open with a recap of Austin Aries presenting Hogan with Option C which is then followed up with the Claire Lynch saga. AH TNA my bi-polar enjoyment.

That says it all

Mr. Anderson opens the show getting ready for his BFG series tournment match against 4:20 himself RVD, with the blunted one with no pts now would be the time to give him some. Which they do when a surprisingly invigorated Rob beats Anderson with a crucifix pin. Gaining 7pts


The Greatest Man who Ever Lived comes out to recap the recap? But its Aries so its great. Roode walks out and we almost get a rumble but Roode leaves. Oh and he mentions a X Division tournment with old and new faces.

And to compliment that segment they show a clip of the Claire Lynch debacle (of acting) Then they follow that up with Wonder Years (Jason Hervey) interviewing Claire about all the evidence with we were given a explanation for last week but I guess this would be a re-take.

Speaking of that X division tournament we have it. Sonjay Dutt vs Rubix (Jigsaw) of freaking ChiKara Pro. I almost fell out of my seat when I saw this match Sonjay was energized and reminded me why I fell in love with the X division and Rubix definitely earned his keep before being beat with Dutts Moonsault Double foot stomp that looked sick as all hell.

please bring more over

We get a peak at the Judges, Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard making their decision on Taeler Wilde and Joey Ryan is subtley mentioned by Taz.

Bully Ray comes out to begin his weeky attempt to pull in points before Abyss/Parks comes to the ring to distract him. But this time his opponent is Samoa Joe who is second place in the series behind Storm. We see a good match that has Joe taking a beating from Ray only for Parks to come down and slap Bully leading him to walk into Joe’s chokehold. Joe takes 10 points.

Parks wants two weeks to prepare and he promises to take the fight to Ray.Back to Lynch-Gate we see Kazarian who is now the wiser wanting out of his tag team with Daniels. He tries to appeal to Hogan who is having none of it. Then we follow that up with Garett Bischoff who thankfully hasn’t been on television for a while having a chat with Madison where she tells him her crush with Garett smirking and saying Good luck!

So its either D-von or Eric Bischoff? which could be worse. Then its followed up with another segment where Gail tries to bully Brooke only to see her wrath. Gail will get her rematch next week.

Return of the X Division series New comers Mason Andrews vs Rashon “Consequences Creed’ Cameron this match didn’t have the same excitement as Dutt vs Rubix and I guess the more seasoned wrestler won with Cameron going over.

Taeler Hendrix

Gets ready for her Gutcheck. Taz says YES and before Al Snow can get his answer out Joey Ryan stands out in the crowd where he starts a shouting match with Taz. Loving this angle.

After security escorts Ryan away Snow says NO. Leaving Bruce Pritchard who after some suspense says YES. And we have a new Knockout.

Main Event tag match:

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the tag team titles

oh and Claire Lynch and Dixie are at ringside. So we can guess shenanigans. Which does happen after Kaz basically rebuffs Daniels throughout the match he shows his true colors by assisting Daniels with the win. This is followed by Daniels spilling the beans that Styles is the father of Claire’s baby to Dixie’s irratation. Fading to black.



Current standings[62]
Rank Wrestler Points Matches
01 !1 Storm !James Storm 36 04
02 !2 Samoa !Samoa Joe 27 05
03 !3 Angle !Kurt Angle 10 03
04 !4 Anderson !Mr. Anderson 09 04
05 !5 Dinero !D’Angelo Dinero 07 02
06 !5 Hardy !Jeff Hardy 07 02
07 !5 Magnus !Magnus 07 02
08 !5 Van Dam !Rob Van Dam 07 03
09 !9 Daniels !Christopher Daniels 05 03
10 !10 Styles !A.J. Styles 00 02
11 !10 Bully !Bully Ray 00 03
12 !10 Robbie !Robbie E 00 04



  1. Hardy, Magnus, and my pope, your pope, THE POPE look good in the standings alongside the obvious James Storm (barring injury). Like the logical approach for the series this year, even though they already changed the maximum match time from 10 to 15 minutes. That's not a terrible change. Pretty decent episode outside of the bizzaro Clare Lynch story, the telephone editing, and whatnot. Looking forward to Destination X! 🙂 Great review, dude!

    Fucking Claire Lynch… Oobah doobah doo, zertablam. Ok, pregnant drug addict… LOL, love the picture at the start.

    • Yeah like I said you have the good Austin Aries X division vs World title Option c and then you have shotty soap opera like claire but I'm enjoying the push of Daniels and Kazarian regardless and can't wait for gut check and X division participants this show is really picking up in the last couple months.

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